Trump hits back at criticism following summit with Putin

US President Donald Trump has hit back after facing fierce criticism regarding his summit with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

He said the meeting had gone even better than the recent Nato summit.

After talks with Mr. Putin, he contradicted his own intelligence agencies by saying he could not see any reason why Russia would meddle in the 2016 US election that he won.

The remarks have angered even some of his supporters.

In a tweet, Mr. Trump alluded to last week’s Nato summit, which ended with him saying he had secured extra money for defence – something disputed by allies in the Western military alliance.

2 thoughts on “CHUMPX HAVE DI NERVES

  1. Him never secure nothing and the members being paying the agreed amount and more per their GDP.

    Cheeto is up to something VERY nefarious to get riches.

  2. Now he’s gone back on his statement and he’s now saying that it seems that Russia has indeed interfered in the election. Trump is such a buffoon, the world is laughing at America and his idiotic supporters who’s still making excuses for him.

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