THE local church community is vowing never to sit idly by and allow homosexual lifestyles to infiltrate the Jamaican society.
This was the consensus of thousands of Jamaicans, including members of the Muslim and Rastafarian communities and secular members of society who gathered in Half-Way-Tree Square in St Andrew, Sunday, for a mass rally organised by the religious coalition- Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE).
The aim of the rally was to register the Church’s disapproval with any plans by the Government to repeal the buggery law, denounce homosexuality and to speak out about the growing threat to fundamental rights and freedom, in particular freedom of expression, conscience, and religious liberty posed by legalising homosexuality.
And with each speaker from the very long list the message was clear and well received by the throng of flag-waving Jamaicans, who for the most part were attired in the national colours.
“I am not afraid or ashamed to say that homo-erotica is wrong, unhealthy, unnecessary, and is unworthy of state support,” main speaker, Dr Peter Garth, said repeatedly amidst thunderous cheers from the huge crowd.
He said there are plans by different groups in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries to impose the homosexual lifestyle on the region but the Church would not allow it.
“Tolerance and diversity have taken on a new meaning in the social reorganisation, and bodies are meeting in the Caribbean to reorder and reorganise our lives and we say stop your nonsense,” said Rev Garth
According to Rev Garth, “There are no plans for any change by ‘straight’ Jamaicans, and no possibility that the church will sit or stand idly by and allow homosexuality to infiltrate our homes and schools and to go after our children.”
At the same time, he said, the church was not discriminating or advocating for violence against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.
“We want to stand up for justice and for what is right, it is never about hatred, it is straight without hate, it is never about preaching that you are to attack persons, that is a lie from the devil,” said the reverend.
Meanwhile Pastor Michelle Smith, who had been a lesbian for 26 years, told the crowd that there is nothing good about the gay lifestyle and that it is a demonic movement
Smith said she became a lesbian after she was molested at age nine by a girl, raped at 13 and again at 19 by her sister’s husband, but God delivered her.
“I am here to tell you the truth about the gay lifestyle. There is nothing gay about it because it is a dead-end lifestyle, and J-Flag (The Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays), you need to talk the truth and I need to raise the awareness because out of me came 40 demons,” she said.
“Most of the people that I roll with in the gay community contracted AIDS and died in public hospital. Where was the gay community then?” she asked.
She also rubbished claims that individuals are born homosexuals, noting that it is a behaviour that is learnt and is caused by some dysfunction in an individual’s life.


  1. Nice read Met. I don’t comment on this particular topic anymore but I have to say this was an interesting perspective. It is an alternative view that I had to look at a while back and I always wondered y when those who are against homosexuality are arguing they never say things like this. Not that I agree but this is a strong argument.

  2. Tears
    Smith said she became a lesbian after she was molested at age nine by a girl, raped at 13 and again at 19 by her sister’s husband, but God delivered her.
    “I am here to tell you the truth about the gay lifestyle. There is nothing gay about it because it is a dead-end lifestyle, and J-Flag (The Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays), you need to talk the truth and I need to raise the awareness because out of me came 40 demons,” she said.

        1. How long ago was that real, and do you know if it will be repeated. I would be an interesting viewing. This just goes to show that no matter ur circumstances, there is always hope and if u have faith, u can overcome.

  3. I am very happy to see the unity and togetherness of Jamaicans supporting a worthy cause. Homosexuality is NOT right, and a dat mi say every time.

  4. Homosexuality is demonic. It goes against The Creator and worships The Creation. Struggling with it is real and it needs more exposure. I believe that I struggle with sexual perversion/promiscuity which is equally as harmful. (Just integrating from a previous post I read on here about generational curses).

    1. I hope u get the help u need to deal with ur struggles Puddie.It takes strength and courage to admit that u have a problem. Acknowledging that there is a problem is a step in the right direction. Have faith in the Father, and he will give you the strength u need to overcome ur struggles. You will be fully restored and no longer have to deal with those issues. I wish you all d best.

    2. I hope u get the help u need to deal with ur struggles Puddie.It takes strength and courage to admit that u have a problem. Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step to recovery, and a move in the right direction. Have faith in the Father, and he will give you the strength u need to overcome ur struggles. You will be fully restored and no longer have to deal with those issues. I wish you all d best.

    3. I must add. That due to my love of sex; I’ve been celibate for a couple of years. But I’m still a h*rny chica! Just being real.

  5. If this wasn’t a serious issue I would just laugh non-stop. Not only are these people spreading hate, they are spreading ignorance. But that comes as no surprise as that is the chief mission of the church, to spread ignorance so they can keep their flock mentally immature. You tell me now, why on earth would someone choose to be gay when there are so many hurdles that are in your way should you happen to be gay? Does that make any logical sense at all? If we are going to believe the farce that people choose to be that way, then might as well we start saying people choose to become handicapped or they choose to become autistic. We need to stop letting the church get away with spewing nonsense. Furthermore, after all these protests and pronouncements, you know what? Tomorrow when we wake up there will still be gay people among us and more gay people born tomorrow.
    We need to stop being so silly man. There is only one way to ensure that there are no gay people in Jamaica. It is a two step process. First you have to identify all the gay people and kill them all. Secondly you would then have to ensure that nobody ever has a kid in Jamaica, that way you can ensure that not a single gay person is ever born in the country. Short of taking those two steps, the one certainty is that we will have gay people among us.
    Don’t let the church prescribe a stupid agenda for you. The problems of the country have nothing to do with homosexuals. Crime is a bigger problem for us as people constantly live in fear of becoming victims of criminals. Adult men f*&@ing our underage girls and getting them pregnant is a bigger problem. Our messed up education system is a bigger problem. People’s inability to find work to feed their families is a bigger problem.
    Let us focus on these more pressing issues and stop wasting our time and energy on something that poses zero threat to any of us.

    1. Because of the many extensions of homosexuality is the reason why some people can say it is learnt and it is a dysfunction ..some people claim they are born gay some say they were raped or influenced…they do have a point and you cannot disregard that.. Some gay men like men who dress like men some like manly men some of them say that gay people who dress like the opposite sex are weird …it is a dysfunction and not normal as people would like all of us to believe. The church distinctly said they are not preaching hate but tolerance has taken on a new meaning in regards to homosexuality..can you dispute that? And please do not say zero threat because if it were so everybody would be too busy going about each other’s business but it is not so

      1. Because they say they are not preaching hate, doesn’t make it true. I tend to watch their actions more than their words and the two are quite incongruous. You cite people saying they became gay in different ways, but again because they say it doesn’t make it the truth. We always find different ways to justify different things, it doesn’t follow that said justification equals truth. You only think they have a point because it is in direct agreement with what you believe. What happens to those who have been raped but didn’t become gay? Should we disregard them? I think you are confusing fetishes with being gay, they are two distinctly different things.
        I will continue to say zero threat because that is the truth. In Jamaica, you are far more likely to be a victim of crime than a homosexual person doing anything to you. However, for some reason we choose to see homosexuality as this thing thats threatening us when in fact it is the complete opposite.

        1. How u mean it doesn’t make it truth??????????? I have gay friends so I can say this I know for a fact mi nah cite bull so please dont go there. What fetishes am I confusing with being gay? A woman who feels she is a man inside is what?

          1. You having gay friends doesn’t really mean anything. Only thing it really means is you know some people who are gay, doesn’t make you an authority on people who are gay. For the record I am no authority either. You many not be citing bull, but you know a handful of people, doesn’t mean their experiences/reasons are symbolic of the entire gay population. So you can really only speak for those friends.
            It doesn’t make it the truth, because it just doesn’t. Suppose I wake up tomorrow morning and said something bad happened to me because somebody obeah me. Because I said it doesn’t make it fact.
            You said: “Some gay men like men who dress like men some like manly men some of them say that gay people who dress like the opposite sex are weird”, I think that’s describing fetishes more than it is describing dysfunction as you put it.
            I couldn’t tell you what a woman who feels like a man inside is at all. All I could call that person is a human being.

          1. When since does the church need a reason for anything? They believe themselves to be some authority, so they can ascribe any reason they want. According to many articles I read, they are supposedly protesting against the repeal of the buggery law and supposedly people trying to suppress their freedom of speech and religion. But I may be mistaken.

          2. Hehe, as always when one doesn’t share a particular viewpoint, easiest thing s to say, I can’t be bothered. Don’t blame you still, that’s much easier than making a cogent, rational argument.

          3. no because if u can say that then it makes no sense to argue..your argument wasnt rational

        1. And how would everyone be gay? That’s such an irrational thing to say. The world will never be populated by only gay people, neither will it ever be populated by only heterosexual people.

          1. you were making suggestions on how to get rid of the entire universe and I was just stating another way…………..but as usual you are thinking about self and this usually brings destruction ….within in the prison system u cannot be a transgender and enter your prison of choice…… u have chosen to be male or female …………you will have to go as a male if you were born a male……….and this has not altered one bit but people like yourself go around and pretend that all is well and Jamaica is backwards……and the west is forward and will never find a transgender male tried with his female name he will be tried as his birth gender

  6. Metty Im trying to respond to Puddie’s comment and Im not seeing my comment and when I try to repost it Im getting an eroor message that my comment is duplicated yet even though Im not seeing the comment I posted.. can u check on this for me please. Thanks in advance

  7. I would like to make it clear before I start writing that I do not hate anyone who commit this act. However, many people seem to be unaware of certain elements. One person just asked the question why would a person do something that they would get so much backlash from if they were not born that way. That is the exact reason why they were not born that way. If you want to dispute that all humans have a right you are absolutely correct. People have a right to not accept the belief of another person.

    1. Seriously, do you know anybody who “chose” to be gay? I also love people who preface their statement by saying, “I would like to make it clear before I start writing that I do not hate anyone who commit this act.”, of that’s the case, why do you care so much? Just ignore them then.

  8. So Tall Man I wonder if you was the man jogging along Queens Hill that unfaithful morning that was being held by knives and gun point and was forcible raped by 2 men like yourself, I wonder if you would be singing the same song and dance to it, I just wonder how you would feel, if you had any relative in one of those children homes that was being pre meditated to infiltrate a doctrine on those poor unfortunate kids. That is the reason why I often listen to Candy Statten song, I Was Born And Raised In The Ghetto, I really want to know if your heart beat with shame, or it beat with pride. Homosexuals is the most lying set of people in the world, and if that alone is not harmful, then I don’t know what else to say

    1. Really, homosexuals are more lying than heterosexuals? What if you were one of the thousands of women raped every year in Jamaica, would your concern be about homosexuals? What I am more concerned about is the rampant crime in this country. 1,600 plus people killed on an annual basis. I could become a statistic tomorrow morning. That worries me far more than whether someone is homosexual or not, or whether some pastor approves of that lifestyles. Big men fu$#*ng little girls, getting them pregnant and society turning a blind eye. That irritates me more that is a man likes another man or a woman is with a next woman.
      If I had a relative in a children home I would be more worried about getting them out of that environment than being worried about what was being taught to them.
      I am sure you are aware about all this gay stuff in society, but you have never chosen to become gay, I wonder why that is? Wonder if that’s because you weren’t born that way, could it be that? Or is it because you chose to be heterosexual?

        1. Not wasting keystrokes. Thought we were having a discussion. Sorry, no, I have read Proverbs before. Is there something in particular you are pointing to?

          1. Yes the one about wasting time.What you said about not being concerned about what is being taught and removal from home doesnt make sense so Im telling real to quit because abuse is abuse in some cases of brainwash it is worse than physical abuse

        2. But abuse is not only visited on society by gay people. That’s a ridiculous assertion. Majority of the rapes in society are by heterosexual people, most of the paedophiles in our society are heterosexual and most of the incest that occurs is also heterosexual in nature. The statistics bear that out.

          1. Please do not twist my words. You mentioned about teaching and home removal and I said both are bad because teaching can equate to brain wash which is sometimes worst than physical abuse…I did not mention anything about gay there

  9. And yes I know people who choose to be gay, because of greed and licky, licky, and by the way, do you actually know gay ppl, or you just hear of gay ppl, because you really don’t seem to have no real knowledge about them.

    1. Are you sure they are gay? Or are they just doing something to get money? I am sure you would agree there’s a difference between the two. Yeah I know gay people, but the thing I don’t do, is to equate knowing gay people with knowing how difficult it is to go about their day to day lives. They didn’t ask to be born gay, same as how numerous being didn’t ask to be born blind, deaf or dumb. But what they all have in common is that they have to live with the limitations that come with being born that way. Trust me, all the knowledge I have about them is real as I don’t leave it up to any hypocrite pastor to tell me how to think about things. I live in the real world, not some idealized manifestation that they dream up.

    1. Never saw a question sign, so didn’t realize you were asking a question. Why would I sing a different tune if I was raped? The truth will remain the truth irrespective of what happens to you. So I would sing the same tune, people are born that way, they do not choose to be gay. Further more rape is a crime and as I said before crime is a far more pressing issue. Did the guy who got raped turn gay? Or am I missing something?

      1. not all people who choose to be gay were born that way…u continue to ignore the other cases and have stuck to one

        1. What other cases? This pastor woman who claims she was gay for how many years? Why is it that nobody takes the stance that maybe she is lying and could be pretending that she is no longer gay? No because seemingly anything that she utters must be true. She is a pastor now such she is totally honest. I don’t buy anything that woman is selling.

          1. do you know if she is lying? the woman said she was raped several times…her example are the other cases I am referring to which you have decidedly decided not to understand. This is why I said it is a waste of keystrokes

          2. I did not say it was a lie. I am just not going to jump to believe her without more proof. Her just saying it doesn’t make it true.

        2. No I don’t know if she is lying and by the same token you don’t know either. No I truly understand what you are saying, I just don’t buy that explanation. On the one hand you seem to be saying people choose to be gay, on the other you are saying not everybody is born that way. Which is it exactly?

          1. Not at all I said there are many extensions / divisions/ sects to this here homosexuality that is all I have said really and have been saying

          2. One more thing…u believe no one the church said they are not preaching hate u said thats a lie…the woman said she is a reformed lesbian and u have also said that is alie. We cannot discuss anything because you are only open to what you believe

  10. And look here, is because they want perverse the woman and woman thing, because man and women were married at age 15 and 16 in the olden days, nothing is wrong with that, if history is right, it is said that mother Mary was 15 when she conceived the Christ, and if it was natural Job wouldn’t offer the men his 2 daughter when the sodomite them did try to tear do his house for the angels, that they thought were men, you would talk till thy kingdom come, 2 women not to go together likewise 2 men it wrong because a suh Jah Jah say, and there is no disputing or contradicting, or opposing that.

    1. Lol. You are funny (not in a gay way though, lest you be offended), wasn’t that the same book that said love your neighbor as thine self, or some crap to that effect. The thing is whether you believe that or not it is still a fact of life throughout history, so you will have to live with it.
      Are you talking about the same Jah who allows all these people to be born? Jah sound like a contradictory person to me. But it seem like you now Jah better that me still, so you would know.

  11. Yes I know him better than you, what purpose does a gay person serve? if it was just up to them, you definitely would not be here, much more to be advocating like the devil for them, this is not the will of God, they are demon possessed to extinct God creation for increase and multiplying the earth, just like, murder, lie, and sodomite is a dangerous sin being organized by the dragon that come to manipulate and destroy humanity, and it starts with the mind, no one was born gay, it’s a thought manifested through the flesh.

    1. They serve many purposes. They may be our bosses, pastors, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, classmates etc. But that’s the thing, it’s not up to them and you seem to be missing that. People are born gay. What they are not born, is Christian and other such religion. That is what is learned. These beliefs in demons etc, people are not born, they are taught those various forms of nonsense and hatred. “It’s a thought manifested through the flesh”, what a load of crap.

  12. Till the day i die, i will hold firm on the belief that “PEOPLE ARE BORN GAY IS BULLSHIT”. Who tell unu say anyting guh suh?? What scientific evidence is there that points to this fact? @ Tall man u can say whatever you want because from your line of argument, you hold one belief and u have severe tunnel vision. You dont need to address me cause, whatever you’re spewing i have no interest in. Please dont feel like everybadie a “DUNCE” cause i disagree wid your argument and feel your only agenda here is to bash the church and pple personal religious beliefs…No one is born gay since we are all made in the “LIKENESS” of God. And as far physical disabilities, homosexuality is NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS OR DISABILITY..

    1. You are ascribing to me tunnel vision when you are the one admitting to it. You don’t see the hypocrisy there? That’s why I have no time for the church, it’s the same type of hypocrisy they constantly display.

    2. Also at no point have I referred to anybody as DUNCE, neither did I imply that. I do take offense to that as I have been respectful to everybody’s point so far, even while being in disagreement with them. I have launched no personal attacks on anybody.

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