1. Met howdy a u run things . I am very disappointed in Ava with her married man she’s delusional can’t believe all her life after give birth to 3grown boys this is the only man that treat her good good all her entire life . That’s what happen when u never get a swiper before over 40 & just get the first swipe from her prison bud .

  2. Then Ava nuh one big ole woman?! When dem ppl yah ago get sense?! Mi granny woulda say them bawn inna bakkle and them nah go further than the head.

  3. Love comes unexpectedly. Old, in between or young. You never know.
    Let’s just allow her to live in her moment.

  4. Met the Man have a wife , one white woman that been there for years oooooooo she not leavening him a smaddy husband the Leo she crying for everyday the swiper . Ava is a salt woman who no dead gone a prison met as she get man something bad happen to them while Leo get lock up one of the sun pupa just land from prison .

  5. ah true talk sum ooman everyman dem tek end up a prison or dead she need fi guh get a spirit cleansing fi rinse off da saltiness not trying be funny jus my advice

  6. she salt bad bad bad. all a the man dem from 90s wey she run down all da a prison.she is a big waste. look how she go pon fb and dun her too son dem wey always have her back. she make chev bm left him she mek prince bm left him, she dont want no good for her son dem much less a somebody else son go sit down bout married married my ass the man know sey him a get deported so him a secure barrel shipment from now. I would be a shame of you if you was my mother.

    1. dwfl no that was funny. not even wid yuh enemy cocky? lmao. Ava need to go sit har old ass down. as soon as she tek the ooman husband, him gone a jail, a di first man Ava ever tek who want to be seen wid har, suh she happy bad, smh, poor Leo , str888 a Jamaica him gone now, it nuh Mek sense him married Ava, cuz not even out a JFK she can guh, sad ole big red bitch.

  7. Leave ppl business alone she is entitle to do whatever she wants with her life. Gtfoh Hating ass bitches

  8. IF THE MAN IS SO CALLED MARRIED I WONDER WHY HIS WIFE IS IN HIDING BECAUSE HE SURE AS HELL DONT HIDE AVA. Come again with a better story y’all waisting the website time with these bs. Bitch you don’t like ava and there is nothing you or anyone you associate yourself with can do about it. Get a life Leo and ava is happy together and you still mad.

  9. Met a lot of people come on your site to talk bs. Yes the ones that are lack of education I’m talking. I’m reading and I see someone say the men go to jail because the woman is salt SMFh . if a man commit murder, sell drugs or do any crime You really think you him or anyone can go in the ccourthouse and say the woman he was with is salt?

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