20 thoughts on “CLANSY NESS

  1. Mr.Bigman in that case u beat even @realjohncrowbelly! Met gwaan stockpile dem special spellings and sayings pon JMG. Likkle more release a book of them for jmg 10th anniversary.It will be a ney York times best seller oo!

  2. With a body like hers (assuming it is all natural), we care zero what her kitchen looks like. Would want to go to her house though. She is fine!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Di spelling thing deh really deadly… Is that really that girl’s kitchen? If yes, I would not touch her with a long pole. years ago I went to a catty’s house in Mt Vernon and when it was time for us to hit the road, she dipped into her laundry basket for an outfit–that was the last time she saw me.

  4. Pssssssstttttt can I whisper sumn in your ear???? Mi tyad a the jankrowbelly jokes….it hasn’t been funny in months and won’t be funny in months to come…….no offense intended here because I truly do like you BUT enough already.

  5. Why didn’t she fix her hand because fingers and the back of her palm appears swollen? Her calf muscle is on the side of her right leg :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. I notice they getting this dirty style fi use ppl pics as funny meme that has absolutely nothing to do with the person whose pic they use. If this is not really her kitchen then that’s a real fcuked up thing to do

  7. She a try dun a gal an dun harself inna di process poor ting…..all Mi can think bout when Mi see di Clancy a Tom Clancy from di San Andreas grand theft auto game thing

  8. Everybody all over the world carry den dutty plate come put dun in a the girl kitchen sink.. undo too wicked.. OMG

  9. Back in the days whenever I go to a girl house I ask to use her bathroom and if it’s not clean that’s it for me…my mother tell mi seh the same way a woman tek care of her self is the same way she tek care of her this case I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom..

  10. Di ongle way she get my tings is if I never see her place looking like that. No sah, dats a BIG turn off. As fi di missy, she look nice inna di pikchur. Hope she still looks that good after mi done bayde her off wid mi Carbolic soap and warm water and put her under mi black light.

  11. Met – I had a childhood friend named Trina and let me tell you this she made me the way I am today with the cleaning! As I entered her home there was a group gathered at the door as if they were rapping things up to go! I sat at her table waiting on her to finished dress so we could hit the road all in a sudden I felt like someone was running their hands through my hair as I brushed my hair back with my hands there were several roaches crawling off of my head and hands! I looked up at the ceiling to see the a more larger group of roaches gathered tightly together as if they were plaining a drive by shooting! I got up quickly and ran upstairs to see where she was and peeked into the bathroom to see several other roaches on the toilet seat as if they were waiting on a watercraft for a park water ride! I have never in my life seen so many damn roaches! Ever since then I have not allowed anything dirty to stay around my home I think this is the reason I have been diagnosed with OCD.

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