Dear SIR/Madam

please we are asking kindly to remove the photo from the this topic the man in question (Edited) is a in the street man and do have a lot of enemy who dont know HIM but willknow him now and this pose a serious danger and threat to his life .

With all due respect we ask kindly to remove the photo

Thanks in Adance
lexington and Associate at law

8 thoughts on “ANYONE NEEDS A LAWYER?

  1. Metti, I thought we had disposed of the ghetto street lawyers years back. An Associates degree in thuggery is not admissible in the court of JMG. I kaint with these people :travel

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak You know you really need fi go siddung ’bout you using the people dem good good name though? Father God, you really nuh easy enuh…All the same, nowhere no name “lexington and Associate at law” so gwaan through and do your thing. One thing me can tell, you have no business touching any form of electronic item if you cant spell “AND”. (((See me tell unu seh a lot of these duppies want talk like yankee and a embarrass themselves?)))

  3. To anyone talking about the spelling in the letter, it may have come from a legit legal firm. Also, it may not have been a lawyer of the firm who sent this, could be his secretary or someone in the office. The gentledon in question I was surprised to see him cuz nuff ppl nuh know him or his status, very quite and unassuming, usually don’t take party pics or get caught on video light, very humble too.

  4. Mi naw lie dis funny dwpcl… a thanks in advance him did a try say? dwl… I guess this is the (End) of his lawyering lol

  5. Main question is,who spell de big word dem fe him? Seems like dem left him all by himself with the small word.

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