Ele whey day yuh a talk bout Beenie and now look pan yuh hair side and front…di way it clean it look like a smaddy use one Pumice stone and rub out wha hair did deh deh because dem did tink a yuh foot battam..Di false hair baily a katch pan di top..Mi nuh tink obeah cudda reach suh fass

0 thoughts on “CLEAN SWEPT

  1. Mi think wen ppl face below average looking dem nuffi bring attention to demself wid dressing.Ele u have a very nice body, dress the part suh it can tone down ur face.U look like a clown

  2. Ele looks like he escaped from a zoo. I’m sure that he can make himself look less ugly. Like, how about dressing ‘normal’? You know, it’s summer time, a nice white tee and some shorts with some sneakers and normal hair? He needs to wear white since he’s soooo tanned and his clothes need to be less tight since he’s soooo stocky. I understand that he’s no Tupac but come on, Ele, you do yourself a huge disservice with this buffooonery type look.

  3. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    2mrw on 106 nd park it’s him,qq,gyptian,kranium and 2 more smaddy mi caan b-lev mi nuh memba de next two

  4. Dis is a walking abomination! De man dem whey have him inna bend dung position a pull out him dead hair! Insipid black man.
    Morning Met.

  5. hi can lef out som a di ornaments dem to. hi mus be a damn cow, a how much chain dat him have on, wid all bicycle pan him hand, plus gloves. mus a mechanic look him a try pull off. den uno si di bow tie

  6. Bow tie, cow chains wid leather/leatherette jumpa, long sleeves rolled up below elbow, leather/leatherette fingerless gloves, assortment of gold bangles and gold watch closer to elbow dan wrist. Not tuh mention di bantu knots. Ele I know your Mumma question harself ebry time she see yuh :bingung

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