1. Gm , met and metters :peluk congrats lady and we will continue to pray for you and your family ,, cause no weapon that form agains u shall prosper we bind every evil spirt in the might name of Jesus …. Be bless

  2. See it ya. Pushed out over 9lbs alone is a miracle Bobette and crew a Jah works! Blessings to Samar and har daughter happi wright. Obeah and the likes is no match for god.

  3. Congrats on the baby.
    Was the part about the man a subliminal message to the mate? The babyfather must travel very regulah (in my Oliver voice)

  4. mAWNIN,
    wHAT IS DI BABY FADDA dANCEHALL NAME?? MI ONLY KNOW PPL BY THAT NAME NOW ADAYS. I’m shock she even knows his real name.lmao

    1. why would you be shocked de gurl?!?!? she neva have a wan nite stand wid him she actually av a relationship wid de yute wi mite mouth har nd gwaan wid wi antics but she neva once throw rope pon him nd haul him fi deh any nd almost every weh wid har..sumtins must give
      gwaan guh enjoy Happi samar.

  5. Same as my daughter’s birthdate 23 years ago…Congrats Samar and may God continue to *and always* protect and watch over you and your sweet sweet baby girl. You are going to absolutely LOVE motherhood. We are all so very happy for you :peluk :angel :babygirl

      1. Hey mi girl :peluk, thanks mums…she and mi good up son in law gone pon cruise as them birthday present cause feem birthday was August 9th and fe ars was August 19th. Dem did want me guh wid dem; Yawdy, mi jus politely decline…if ah nuh bade mi ah bade I doe wa deh roun no body of water; furda more mi cyaah swim?! :hoax2

        1. That’s nice :peluk Next time try find yuhself pon di cruise, dere is more dan swimming tuh be dun. Jus put on yuh bathsuit and strike ah pose wid yuh drink in hand :ngakak

  6. Blessings in abundance to that child. May the guardians surround her and protect her from all evil words and thoughts.
    For every evil whispered let them return to sender in multiple folds, for that is the just reward of all wicked. Selah!
    Mother of the child, YOU need to set your self anew, change the road you walk and the company that you keep and meet upon your life journey. Selah! to you in all good spirits.

    1. Hi mi nex favorite girl :peluk…exactly Phantom!! She fe puddung dancehall and pick up motherhood full time…before she know it, she is NOT gonna miss anything about dancehall…girl, be there for your baby’s first step, her first word so you can capture/ video every precious moment…really happy for you Samar :kiss

  7. Congratulations Samar, blessings to you and your bundle of joy! Please tuh read and meditate daily pon today’s Daily Devotion, cah yuh surrounded by more evil dan yuh coulda ever imagine. Nuh mek thiefTin Bobbette tun godmother fi yuh baby….as ah matter of fact nuh invite har ah di Christening…..:travel

    1. Dat batta face gal Bobbette can’t even come nuhwhere near mi inna mi dreams, much less real life…Samar, cut ties and burn bridges with those people who mean you no good..nothing gained, so nothing lost..keep your family and loved ones dear and near to your heart and your enemies at a distance..God see and know everything mummy..

  8. There is power in the name of Jesus. There’s an army rising up to break every chain. God’s Blessings to you Samar and your Happi bundle of Joy.

  9. Congratulations pray and love God because he has shown you that only he alone has power over evil or God. May God protect us all in Jesus name. Amen

  10. Samar stop call bobbette name something they pon you fe somebody out them right mind work voodoo pon you & the jacket daughter first all you ugly the man & you beg beg Lennox family already love wrk voodoo why must bobbette waste her time bring you go voodoo man when down ugly you & the man don’t make one big black Wales stop post up shit like your relevant bitch your not Lennox broke lick lick you make seem like you & him grow good chicken back Lennox lick lick

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