1. If they can take a man off the street and he had all this in him..Yes him fi low out Ninja but this is a real story here..Motivation fi all who feel they are at the end..Mi sure him never dream this would ever happen to him

        1. Met look yah u tek a man offa di streetand it hard enoguh fi dj but fi him do it wid di bands man and follows di tone of the instruments not easy just go ask masicaka and alkaline ……it is very hard him do it widout no teeth ….ppl di man do great di man perform like someone weh do this fi years talk di truth

  1. Him certainly did way better than poor Macka Diamond, because she looked like a fool on the stage, and she do it all the time. He has good stage control, and he worked like a pro.I know him could not test the Ninja, but he did very well.

  2. Ninja is the original stage show king; however, Gully Bob did a great job and he took power from his audience. Power is not given, it’s taken and he took it! Jamaica has a lot of talent and skilled people, we have to celebrate a success like Gully Bob’s. I hope he remains clean and focus on crossing over to the bigger countries where the real money is and the wider audience. Gully Bob nuh badda go tek di money mash up yuhself sar, we are cheering for you. Well done! Me still nuh fond of the host, ole murderer boy.

  3. Bwoy Bap mi glad fi u but mi tiad ah u “sexual prowess” innah and outah bed now. Mi want to hear sinting else. Mi nevah si u teely weely yet and mi tiad ah it. Gwan tru and kumm wid sinting else please, thenk youuuuuuu!!!

  4. Bop comeen like cornmeal porridge widout vanilla, nutmeg and condensed milk. Dere is hidden talent but him need fi focus on honing his craft. Dis overnight sensation ah mess up him head weh nuh good from mawnin. Him need fi come offa Ninja man name and pen some well meaning lyrics. Mi nah dis him all di way, but him affi memba seh talent and longevity = success. Ah one props mi affi gi him doe….keep holding di mike very close tuh yuh mouth..:travel

  5. Of course him a guh have di crowd, him did done have dem b4 sting from di huge buzz him creat, it was easy to feed off dat energy him did a good job promoting himself suh him was di most hyped artis goin in, however him nuh have nuh lyrics bay recycle gimicks like i sed b4 di same shit ova an ova, i see dis clip clearer an nearer and I still don’t si a ounce a talent

  6. After anno the first time him do sting….”country man” 20 years back. Him need to stop ride ninja, every gal want a wuk offa him, but a ninja it seems him want a wuk offa, lowe the man name rass…..mi just no impress

  7. I was fully entertained! hope he focuses on doing some good music and nuh mek d overnite fame get to him! Happy Holidays Met and JMG bloggers

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