1. Lawd ghad she used to do mi hair. She have a kid fi chuck fender and jes have a likkke girl fi a young’un. She eva look ggood and mek gud money so y? She have a rass shape deh. And I think a pavel she name but ppl call har pavel.

  2. Well if har party a kip tomorrow and she no turn up then she in Jail. What a thing with these folks? Unuh red eye going to be the death a unuh.

  3. A same so me go Bloomingdales lastnight an see two of them an them a try return Burberry flip flop. The cashier say unless you have the receipt I can’t take it back., it’s not coming up in system. Cause it wasn’t bought from here. So me think they left the store. When me look they at the Michael kors counter a return handbag. And when you look they have a big brown bag full a items. They just never learn an so brazen to go in the stores. Like even if they don’t catch them now they still on camera for later

  4. cavel go pawty fi keep pawty r baby fada work furniture store a mt a ppl dem credit dem a use.hope she get r pappers

  5. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwdd ppl nuh easy eh nuh…. Cavell nuh mix up inna dem deh tings deh… anyone that knows Cavell know good and damn well she fraid ah jail like poison… nuff time we run joke bout that in the shop bout how she fraid a trouble.
    Cavell nuh fool fool… and yes she have her papers them for the above inquirer.
    Anything she have… she purchase inna store or she purchase from the buttereeeerr dem (like many others).
    She’s a girl that have noooooooooo problem spending her hard earned money!

    1. Question to You is, Is she in Jail or not? We asking to confirm. Is this person who is good up and stay good and not in the mix of of teefing in Jail or NAE?

    2. Thanks fi run har “Impeccable file”…..Muchas gracias. But since u seem fi know har well….where did this jail argument come from. Cause it mus a come from some weh an if u know har pls do tell. Thanks. Cavell nuh beat breast cancer weh day an did all haffi cut off one a di breast dem (allegedly) ?? Mi surprise when mi see har back ina pawty. An di person up top weh say she have a raas shape….yes she shape good but fi ass isn’t real. An mi nuh see weh she have up no wicked champion body shape either. No…..I’m not a hater neither am I badminded. Thanks.

  6. Dem teef suh till all when dem nuh eena need dem jus haffi teef. Well if di party is on minus har, den she eena di people dem jailhouse. Dyam red yeye…:travel

  7. I know cavel fr ja she a nice girl but she came to america and take up the party lifestyle.shes a nice person over all.I only hope this is not the case

  8. Well Mr or Mrs BBC, I do hope she is good as you say…It would be sad to know she end up deh suh..As smaddy juss say, AND PPLE HAVE DI NERVE FI CHAT OPHELIA OVA HAR SHIRT WHA SHE HAVE PON REPEAT LIKE ANUH FI DI UMAN OWN, DA BRITE..

  9. Dat is ah next ting… Yuh damned if u do and yuh damned if u dont…. How u fi ah done smaddy true dem wear THEIR OWN clothing more then once… kmt… mi have some clothes weh mi just love.. as me wash dem mi put dem on… Mi nuh inna compitetion with noooooooo body! dem lifestyle deh dare bad bad bad!!!
    But yes “Highly” she’s a chill girl.. no joke.. I know ppl always advise not to swear for ppl but I can attest to her morals and ethics… Cavell would die slowly at the thought of losing everything she’s worked so hard for….
    Now if this is true (Which of course I doubt.. especially seeing that she was active on FB today & IG) Its just another sad day in Dancehall “celebrities”

  10. Mamacita… I didnt run her “impeccable” file… Nor am I here trying to say that she’s above anything.
    I can’t say where the jail argument came from.. I saw it for the first time right here on pink wall like many others….
    and no she did not have breast cancer, after giving birth to her daughter she was diagnosed with cancer in her lymph nodes….
    Her ass is probably one of the only real asses left in the Bronx.. everyone knows that… If you’ve seen her mom.. there’s no doubting where she got her shape from… I member when cavell first come to America.. always had that shape…
    Checkout Dancehall Queen the movie… Her ass is the same as it was before like it is today!

  11. *********************** Cavell FB Status****************
    This is a new year I don’t have time for Haters and low life people …so who ever is spreading rumors on me about going to gail for cridit card scam you all need to go get a job… god gave me a talent and I utilized it I work very hard for my kids and I and will not go out my way for vanity so get the fu*k off my name and stop wishing bad for me I am cover under the blood of Jesus so get behind me satian!!!!! And I didn’t even know sey the dutty people dem put mi pon pink wall this is crazy!!!!!! Who ever is trying to sabotage my party can go to hell because it’s gonna be a movie on and popping so to all my fans come out full force and party with me a night called (( CAN YOU HANDLE THIS))!!!!

      1. Mi nuh like yuh anon _______________. DWLLLLLL. Mi see it too. But mi granny always say “Gail nuh mek fi dog”….Lol. But BBC I wasn’t really bashing her. Sorry if it sounded that way but I’m at a point now where I swear for no one. I heard her ass was fake and the person said she confirmed it too. Again….that’s heresy so it may have just been a lie. Since she updated her status and seems to be active on Social media then I hope it’s a lie. It’s just that no matter how much money you make, when you live a certain lifestyle. …..It’s never enough. I hope it isn’t true.

    1. BBC, wah mek u bring di woman status come ovah yah wid all dem misspellings yere? You is a satian fi deh utilized har like dat..u yere me, u is a SATIAN… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
      BTW nobody nevah seh a gail she gone, although mi undastand seh she cover unda di blood, dem seh she get lock up (jailed perhaps?)
      :ngakak :ngakak

  12. nobody has frenz,supporters or associates no more…all of a suden dem have FANS. *shrug shoulders*
    all i knw ppl dont know how tuh capitalize on dis case if i was cavel i wuden reply or write any status for de day on any media site,cuz more ppl wuda shub out fi c if wud show up which wud have put more money in her pocket..suh it back tuh was gonna show up in de first’s 2015 know how tuh win ur battles with SILENCE …find a next chead as i stroll down dese mix-up reading road

  13. Fans???? So if me get bored n decide fi go a 1 party I will become a fan of these ppl dwlllll good thing am not in these delusional dancehall ppl circle

  14. Damn @Simplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! She spoil the raas surprise, she shouldda juss keep quiet till tmro cho!!!

  15. Cavell I must say good publicity stunt but u fall short when u answer so quick u should have shet u mouth likkle longer ohhhhh n don’t figet FI MECK out a cheque to JMG FI the free promo mi no put nothing pass unnu dese days smfh unnu very bad

  16. The family shape good her granny Monica wey dead noh too long an aunts pallet, when she did look good dem shape naturally..she use to do my hair when she was pregnant with her first child ,haven’t seen her for years she was skinny then ,determined and a very hard worker yea before fender buss..

  17. Cavel u sound like u r a good person let me tell u this be carefully of your friends is one of your friend do this they are jealous of u be carefull and pray every day u get up GOD BLESS YOU

  18. I’m just wondering… Both Cavell and Lava (aka Girlie) having party on the same night…Maybe it’s him start de rumor fe sabotage de girl ting… I can not wait for the day when he starts to d.j inna fe him tall boot…dwl

  19. I didn’t laugh all day until me come pon JMG, LOL, Me no know if Cavelle is a nice person or not, but me know if she can spell or not. LOL, Met your site is the best, one more ting, when spell check give them three word whey it think dem want write, whey dem do, play eenny meeennyyy mmiiiiinnnyyyy mo. LOL

  20. All I have to say is that she’s a grown woman and she can’t together a complete word, all these grown ass Jamaican men & women into name brand and can’t read and write for shit that’s all it is a design and competition in this party world they can’t read and write my advice for you all take that four hours party or three hours to use that and take an English course in America so you guys could Be better off Urself big woman
    “satan” it’s just 5 letters
    “Jail” it’s just 4 letters
    And the list goes on f**k the party because you guys can’t even take a placement test to attend college for four years for a degree because you cannot read and write so how can I look up to u please I don’t support people that cannot read or write especially if ur older than me you supposed to be my Idol this is something big woman cannot read laughing my ass off it’s sad that

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