Spice in France for show, tells how she was affected
Dancehall artiste Spice, who is currently on tour in Paris, France, was five minutes away from the deadly terrorist attack by alleged Islamist militants, which claimed the lives of 12 persons yesterday.
The masked men entered the weekly French publication, Charlie Hebdo, at 11:30 a.m. (5:30 a.m EST) and opened fire on the staff members after a series of cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammad were published. Among those killed in the incident were a magazine editor and a police officer.
Spice says, “This is my first experience with something like this and it happened just five minutes away from where I am. It’s really scary. I just cancelled my radio station interview which was scheduled because I really don’t think it’s safe to be travelling on the road right now while police are looking for armed men, so mi nah take no chance.”
France has since then, raised its terror threat and declared Thursday a day of mourning.
“I am grieving for the families and friends of those affected. It’s frightening and so sad. I currently have two shows left this weekend. To be honest, I wanted to cancel, but the promoter has tried to reassure me that the attack was a specific target. He says everything should be OK for the shows. It’s all very sad and my prayers go out to all my new friends here in France,” says Spice, whose correct name is Grace Hamilton.
The French police are currently searching for the three gunmen who fled by car.
Yesterday afternoon, the Associated Press reported that the French police had released the names of the three suspects involved in the shooting. The suspects have been named by police as Hamyd Mourad and brothers Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi.It is the deadliest terror attack in France since 1961 during the Algerian war.
President Francois Hollande said it was an act of ‘extreme barbarity’, and many foreign leaders have also condemned the attack.


  1. Didn’t kno it was on d gleaner actually read it on a foreign paper.
    But I mean she mus b traumatized to experience something frightening like that. According to her instagram it happened less than ten minutes from where she was staying. She kept posting oh my gosh. And if u watch d videos u can see like she was really in d area filming and sight seeing just a few hours or day before.
    Glad she ok. Sorry for d deaths of others.
    Paris girls dem really love Spice though, d videos like dem can’t get enough of.
    If dem fanatics killer did see Spice performing in her sexy outfit
    ( panty), she surely woulda dead

  2. Splice sorry to say but the killers did not have you as their target, so no bodda look no hype offa it. U well safe where u was

  3. Live on power 106fm …..Spice. She said she was scared because she could not ask anyone what’s going on because everybody in Paris speak French. She was also scared because her “fiancĂ©” Nicholas was nowhere to be found, and she refused to go look for him because she’s too scared. :ngakak

    1. Good Afternoon Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
      more time it’s really gud tuh be seen nd not be heard weh she mean by everybody over there speak french yet she had a radio interview…. wat! they were gonna do was ask her questions in french cuz she only knw “wi misor or merci.” smdh
      nah seh it nuh frighten har cuz mi wuda fraid tuh be she a OD nung

      1. Her exact words. She had to asked the receptionist what’s what’s going on…..what do u know…..the receptionist speak English :ngakak

  4. i dont see how she is capitalizing on this?..she is a public personality and so she can publicly state her opinion and voice her feelings can she not?….and anyone who looks outside the very small box colored with rose tinted glasses and distorted by the myopia of arrogance that tends to befall the ignorant who think jamaican dancehall is the be all and end all will realize france has a very large and vibrant dancehall fraternity…..anyone with the time and and curiosity enuff will realize there is an entire youtube archive related to the french dancehall scene…and for the idiot who asked how will they interview her….newsflash stupid…they speak english there too……lmfao..and here is a link…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlldCpTrkJs

    1. luk ere from yah blog yah till nung mi neva once cum at yuh cuz yuh gwaan like yah mr.bloodclaat knw it all nd yuh more intelligent dan de norm ….suh guh read back mi comment wid yuh above de rest understanding self,honey seh she claim no ONE THERE SPEAKS ENGLISH,suh mi seh den if a suh be the case how de hell she did ago duh har interview…translator deh every muma rassclaat weh suh weh she seh nah cut nuh phuck dash a beg yuh gwaan chue yuh ere’ kmft…

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :2thumbup :2thumbup A really u dick r harde a stop wid & a refer to as idiot Simpli???? Mi love how yuh stop him inna him tracks, damn outta order!!! Come to think of it a d 1st topic dis weh nuh have nothing fi do wid battyman mi see him comment pan. God a come???!!!! A bare battyman topic mi see him comment pan. As mi see d post dem bout battyman mi seh to miself a can bet anybody & win seh dick r harde affi comment pan it. Yuh damn arse hole mussi a scratch yuh!!!! Lowe Simpli alone man, kmt

    2. A lot of Jamaicans underestimate people like Spice, Alaine and Etana. They think that these women career stops at Norman Manley or Sangsters airport, when the truth is they are even more famous abroad and make more money oversees. Spice is like our Beyonce. Leave the lady a time now she get her props.

  5. I read her instagram and she mentions that she still has 2 shows on Friday . But someone commented about she have 2 kids to come home too. She should really leave the country because France is still dealing with other terrorists still on the run. Met check your email I have the instagram from her tour links in there.

  6. she should come home??……really…..so because she is now afraid she should leave the country….terrorist 1..idiot 0……lol

  7. @Dick, u very rude and u need fi behave…That’s not nice!!. You are intelligent but arrogant and pompous as well….Enough, there are better ways to get your point across and voice heard..

  8. Yes @ dick r harde go at dem same way cause some a dem too buff an love run een an nuh ave a mind for themselves, jus to belittle or berate someone dem bypass fare judgement and use personal feelings fi say weh dem a say!!!

  9. yes i am rude, arrogant, pompous, mr know-it-all, exceedingly intelligent and very condescending to all and sundry………but i dont pay your rent, cook your dinner, or dick slap you across your face at nite so take what i say with a grain of salt and laff it off….cause tomorrow you will be laffing at some shit i said to someone else…….

  10. Rip to d victims. Go through & do yuh thing Spice!!! Cauz if a never fi this mi wouldnt even know seh yuh deh a Paris a duh yuh thing. Yuh nah lef out d blue hair a tall eeehh?! Mr. Nicholas Lal him start behave him self now doah???? Yuh appearance improve drastically sah mi nah lie it tan gud!!

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