Hi good night. Can you post this video on your wall for me please.
In the video is my cousin talking about her mom niece who kill her brother years ago

Mix up poison that they used to spray coffee and bleach with milk give the baby to drink


  1. So how yuh just a talk dis… A muss Jamaica dis happen if it true. A only Jamaica Mi know yuh bady can get dash weh an nothing no come outta it. Cause if a foreign an is a cold case dat trust me dem ago do some investigations…. but Mi still affi dwl doe :ngakak video funny

  2. It’s Jamaica it happened she mentioned all barrios in her statement and who knows what and who can back of up she is saying. I can’t believe that your own family or whom so ever she is killed a innocent child out of hate… I hope she has received her Karma or her Karma is coming or something because if she did it she’s a murder and deserve what she is getting or about to get… I just don’t see how something like that is unsolved and why she’s not in jail from the time it happened. This is crazy but I feel for the young lady though… May her brother soul rest in peace…

  3. I strongly disagree…no every gyal a suck koki nowadayz.I’ve been told no several times and me haffi jus kool and respect that.Moretime me wish me did kno latty Inna real life!!big up urself Latty!

    1. Cool nuh big up to eno… but inna real life Mi nuh think yuh coulda manage dah mouth yah Mi mek man hood come inna real life

  4. Yardie….Latty seh fi har ting nuh free. Weh day mi see di big chat an mi guh fi ax har how it price, but to how she a gwaan, yu Scotia book betta big like Brittanica…LOL!

    1. Hail little Willie,you know a di same thing me did a pree and same way LaTty a gwaan bout no freebie,me kinda simmer.Chick mek me timid and a 2nd guess miself if me can really conquer a mouth deh!!I wonder if I can pay yuh Latty Inna multiple-orgasms guranteed??

      1. If Mi laugh a kin ova tuh rass :ngakak unnu nuh easy a free suckings unnu want. No sah! when Mi good dung money shell dung! yes Mi love it cocth off inna Mi mouth yes… but if money can mek why Mi fi suck fi free

  5. Unnu???!!!… Latty. It are di YardThug want mout action but chue mi nah tek nuh chat yu can keep dat mout. Ef yu batty big like Tawkchuet own an a nuh mawga front yu have den yu can come a di Lab fi participate in a study I’m now conducting. Housing market slowly rebounding but punny stock has tanked. Too much on the market. Seet deh fi yuself, di woman dem a fight ova battyman fi get likkle sawka sawka. It are a shame.

  6. Ok me get up offa di grung and brush off miself clean…no more spreading out fi tiday!!whats wrong with the opposite though??laTty we will work wid the fat up pum tun and mawga batty.not a problem,no way,no day.Lil Willie remember a u same one sey punny stock down and batty stock a become blue chip.

    Jamaica a follow America and a become a nation of batty watchers and lovers! Women and men a show off dem batty..fake,real,deformed fi attract who me??No sah gimme the mawga and fat tun tun and brain specialists girls 4ever!!Big up Cheut wid di big bumper differently still!

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