10 thoughts on “DI SMADDY SEH IT SMALL

  1. What’s the point really don’t get your suss???? some man have little dicks and somedon’t have big ones.. Imagine if all men had 11″cocky…

  2. Dude, he still doing that? Back in the days when he used to drive through the campus in the Bimma and pick up and drop off the hype-life-chasers in shifts. Lol, come on now Greg, tell me she lying and hating cause you way too old now to still be doing that.

  3. Me say me curious as to how much young gal money mike breed and have the whole a dem feel like them a wife

    greg just a learn from him father. bere lil brown girl him sleep wid and spend pon them then drop den after a while. him a bout 30 now. its disgusting

  4. This boy and him bredda, they are so cocky it is not even funny and yes heard him teely really small ..lol a guess the saying his true that most men weh full a demselves have small poppings !!!!!! lol Greg yuh penis has been found guilty of lacking lengths and width too bad money cant buy a good side dick.

    Money mike there is now mi fraid a obeah so mi nah call fi him name….run gone

  5. Ispy come back here deh. Whe yuh say about money mike because me inquiring mind need to know about him and the sons dem. Plus I heard a bare young gyal the daddy breed, but does the wife know about the outside kids are what. What is money mike and his son claim to stardom apart from the apartments. People come and talk n please speak facts

  6. Back in the 90’s Money Mike was a big time hustler, making crazy money, which is where is name derive, he was among the smart ones to turn the dirty money into long lasting profit which are his apartment schemes. (FACTS)I’m not sure if he’s still in that line of work, but what I know is, when u enter drug life any coming out is through death or jail,so my guess is that he’s still in the drugs world (SPECULATION)

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