1. Mi tyad fe tell unu weh fe duh…senda you ah dumb ass just like he is for not filing for court ordered payments cause if ya did you wouldn’t have dem typa headache ya..

    1. Yep it no really mek sense if dem no have no legit job enuh…no job equal to $50 a month

      1. Hotty, it sad bad when yaffe tell ah man or force ah man fe mine him owna flesh ah blood sake ah hatred ah bad mine smrch..

  2. Real fact that..low life boy inna party a pop bottle and a keep big dance and not even a di 99 cent store u could a go and buy u child a my..and the courts just as what I see them order some of these fathers to pay can’t support no child..however, it’s better than nothing..them tings ya bun,uppppp

    1. #FACTS!!!…when yuh bring proof of them extracurricular activities *wid dem face pan flyers as a club promoter, which is a paying job* guh ah court show the judge, the judge will order an amount he/she sees fit for the deadbeat tuh pay *as a club promoter*, on top of taking a percentage of his regular wages….

  3. The problem is dem dancehall, careless man yah nuh have no papers. So if dem even carry dem go court them doe have a job on the books and the system cah track dem widout a social security number so wen dem say dem nah work (and the court knows its illegal for them to work) there is not much the court can do. Das y dem mus know who dem a breed fah. Dem wutlis same like the man cux not one a dem nuh rich an she did inna a the dance couple months ago a pop bottle to instead she tell him save fo a rainy day

  4. Not dude at all but I’m quite sure when you guys was good him neva did a do shit same way and you didn’t put him on blast. You knew what kinda dude you was with before you breed so why you putting him on blast now, unnu just careless and make the world know it. You all need to grow up.

  5. Tashine SHUT UP! U knew he was a dog but U was still with him and U still have him up in UR house so war ever U get h take it! Don’t go on FB a dun the man cause UNU still a f**k each other! U AND UR POP DUNG MAN NEED TO GO SIT TBE F**K DOWN!

  6. No concert! You lay wid dog you catch fleas go sell dem. Glad I’m not the type to pick up shit so we no have dem shituations yah smh

  7. Yashine need to sit d f**k dun n tek d boy buddy out har mout b4 she chat caz u been knw d boy ain’t shit n now u wa lick out on d boy. A u did wa d gift but caz u nuh get none it hurt u doh.

  8. Why these girls continue to bring children into this world, for these wuck liss no care man.? I’m sure she knew he wasn’t shit, before she breed. How did he treat the woman or baby mother before she? Leopard no change dem spot. Unnuh fi tek sleep mark death. Use better judgement. Some women take more care in picking a outfit, than picking the father of them child, sad bad.

  9. How the f**k shi a cus bout the boy not giving shit REMEMBER a you ever a mine him!!!!! A you ever a pay fi everything fi him. A you give him money fi party and fi buy clothes, so stop act as if him did been have it. Bitch plz!!!!!!

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