After serving as acting principal at Christiana High School since September, and holding a substantive post as vice principal, a staff member in the midst of a sex scandal today tendered his resignation from the institution.
The resignation letter was sent to the school, which had prepared to convene a meeting with members of the school board at 10:00 am this morning, to determine his fate.
“The signature is authentic,” board chairman Calvin Lyn told OBSERVER ONLINE.
The scandal was triggered by photos circulating on social media, allegedly showing the acting principal engaging in homosexual conduct with a younger man.
He reportedly said that the photos went viral after his phone went missing and claims the photos were tampered with to add the homosexual element.
The matter, he said, would be placed in the hands of the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, according to a report from one media house.
-Alicia Sutherland

0 thoughts on “PRINCIPAL RESIGNS

  1. Dats why right here now di ongle pictures in my phone is 4 sheet set weh mi was sending mis sis fi decide which one shi want. Imagine anybody could find your pictures and Photoshop it fi look like you u is something you ain’t, cause stress pon u till you haffi resign you wuck and destroy you life. Some ppl evil no fck, and when dem get theirs dem a lament and look sympathy. I hope the principal is fully exonerated and di culprits face justice..playing wid ppl life fi amusement.

  2. if those photos are Photoshopped i want to meet the person who did it,,people dont let dem fool uno ,those pictures are real,,,very,,,very,,,very,,real, i am sure this principal been hiding his lifestyle for sometime now, people dont be fooled

  3. The photo I saw never look photo shop but the boy took it while he was sleeping, so since he claiming his phone lost I assuming the young man used hisphone to take the pic hoping his wife would have seen it smh

  4. Kmt! Anybody who believe this nigga bout photoshop is an eediot! Ppl great at photoshop but there’s no one on earth good enough to photoshop a pic that good. Not only dat, there’s no software on earth that’s good enough at making a pic look that real. Wheel and come again with dat!! A photoshop mi use fi a living so mi can tell u. It’s easy to photoshop 2 ppl standing upright in a pic and even then, no designer is good enough to do that flawlessly(you ago see certain abnormalities in shadows, lighting, skin tone, etc.). It is next to impossible to photoshop 2 people laying down at that angle so perfectly. Come again BattyBway teacher!


  6. Well I hope that young twink in the photos now knows that he has nary a chance of bagging another down low man with a career. He’ll only get the scrimmage that come from foreign who’ll use and rinse him before they depart for their homelands.
    Battyman or nay, whoever released these photos is a bitter person who was only thinking of themselves and the way their skin catches on fire when they see people lives mash up.
    This teacher should apply for asylum in Britain. He has been forced to be unemployed with children to provide for. This is one battyman who deserves asylum,according to the criteria set.
    Meanwhile, Jamaica can carry on with its number one preoccupation. Front and battam watching. I mean, let’s take our eyes offa the overt paedophilia problem that is so large in such a small land. Let’s take our eyes off the fact that poor,black people are denied one of the privileges of being poor and living on a tropical island; the ability to bathe in most seawater that surrounds an island. Let’s take out eyes off the fact that there seems to be some cognitive dissonance between the bag of religion that penetrates the island that doesn’t seem to conduit itself into empathy and love for fellow humans. Let’s take out eyes offa the spate of weak arsed men who seemingly have no emotional shock absorbers when tings reach them, so they salve themselves by beheading folk.
    But of course, Battyism and the zeal and prurience in which it is regarded is will be the number one topic. But di Chiney dem a buy up Yard acre by acre, but the people don’t put their energy in the right place i order to protest wah dem fi protest. Unnuh carry on!

  7. Not sure I buy the photoshop story, although I know it can be done and done very convincingly. I put my brother in my wedding pics and he most certainly wasn’t on location for mi nuptials. So mi know bout it. Either way the man did look hazy or asleep. So we’d a him was rightfully in bed wit the yute or not, it is wrong to release those pictures and malign him. I don’t think ur life must be destroyed for being a battyman if ur a productive member of society. We nuh haffi support him lifestyle to recognize that what was done to him Neva right. But we fi start follow the lady above and just have pictures of the sheet set dem in ur phone. That way nutting to release

    1. Him nuh lose him job because him a battyman. It’s because people expect better from him as someone who is in charge of our children’s future. It is alleged that the other young man attends the school. It nuh matter if yuh a battyman n u pics release or you straight n u pics release, as a leader of our youth, society can’t see u in certain light so u affi tek whey uself.
      Take Milk for example. She was doing something perfectly normal in her privacy and lost her job for it and she was merely a tv host and not a teacher or anyone who should be held in high regard. If Milk a do summ’n normal and lose her job, why must this battyman keep his?

  8. It’s one thing to be gay but another thing to be married for 19 years with three kids and f**king a man on the side….. And it’s not because its a man I meant a high school boy that he is in bed with, he would have been forced to resign even if it was with a woman.
    better him did say he was drugged bout photoshop kmt

  9. I agree with liesss better him did say dem did drug him.. Can you image how him wife must be out of her mind… Him a play aid pple life…and if that is really one of his students him deserved to be punished harshly to much batty man de a rd fi him first prey pon a child… And I don’t think pple should be forced accept something that is blatantly unnatural..

  10. How on earth can this be Photoshop people? Don’t you need to have two separate pictures….one of the boy and of the principal to merge together? And…how did a half naked photo of the boy get on the principal’s phone for it to be used as a part of the picture? It’s because Jamaica is unaccustomed to modern technology, people think they can tell us anything and we take the pill. If this was a first world country, the whole Photoshop issue would be quickly investigated and exposed for the blatant lie that it is.

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