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  1. Rip so sad. Met can you find out if they killed brite light the funeral director ? I heard he got couple shots today in kew road off maxfield avenue. Within 24hrs 6 people got killed all over Jamaica it’s so sad and disturbing for our little island.

  2. From him picture it look like him full up a STEROIDS .steroids is no joke it can kill you give yu cancer and liver diseases

    1. shut the f**k up the man was sick you talking about steroid have some respect, post a picture make us see what you full off. Sounds like shit

  3. OMG Today is not a good day. Cancer is wicked! MET! You see this too?

    Spragga ppl who go through Chemotherapy are also put on other medications which can cause them to look “like they’re on steroids” I know b/c my mother appeared that way. Please post w/caution the man’s family & friends are grieving & that comment was insensitive to them and the deceased.
    RIP Young Man

      1. Met, we all have cancer cells in our bodies, it only becomes a problem when they begin to clump together and grow into a tumor. I learned this fact after my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

    1. Very thoughtful of you to ask in that manner. This one really hits home; may this young man rest in peace, and may the Good Lord give his family the needed strength to find solace during this time of bereavement :sorry

  4. @ebony thanks for saying that because i typed to respond n i just shake my head n left the post…he has his weights in his house…its easy to make ignorant comments without thinking

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