Ms. Met,
Do you remember Nadine Willis the Pulse international model (exotic dancer turned model), well I often wondered how she just drop off the scene so, anyways I heard she went on the white lady after giving birth to her second child. It was one rukus uptown cah she kept the identity of the anonymous cah the man was very rich and married. I happened to buck up these photos of her. Anyone has the scoop ?





  1. She called in on raga show, saying she is living in florida with a man and if I am not mistaken I think she has 3 kids now.
    It was long rumoured she fell off and had moved out from uptown back to ghetto.

  2. mi did a try fe see har gum cuz dat too can detect if she was on the white lady …she luks way older dan what she actually is maybe its the weight gain

    1. Nadine is up in har 40’s, when she was modelling she was in har 30’s thats why they made her get her break overseas instead of Ja due to her age.

      She sure has put on weight. I really hope all is well with her, she had a pretty lil mixed daughter with a white man years ago. That daughter should be in her early 20’s

      1. What’s the relevance of specifying that her daughter is ‘mixed’ and she had him for a ‘white man’?
        Could have just said she has a pretty daughter or just a daughter, but no – some a unnu too frightena White people and mixed children.

        1. No ma’am mi nuh frighten fi white man, Nadine in har hey days dated only white men. A how u so hat fi mi Miss Lady???

    2. simplyyyyyy come ere likkle mama…… come ejumakate mi dere please an tonks…

      How the gum look when them deh pon di lady?

  3. I was in manor park and there was the crazy looking lady very beautiful and dark >people were saying it was Nadine as they look alike but it’s not she . Anyone ever see the lady i’m talking about

  4. Nadine is a very pretty Black woman, but mi aklways find it suspect how she just disappeared like that such.

  5. No Andy, mr Bell the one time owner of fashion cafe on trafalgar ( left jamaicn a while , hoping a suh it spell)..,,rd is the child’s father??.
    Yes he’s rich and married ..I think she gave the child his amebas middle name

  6. Yea she was on Ragga said she’s happily married n living in the USA n she says she stills play a big part in the fashion world
    She sound cool still

  7. She favah Tracy champion pon the last picture, these picture look like them take long time not even beenie look up to date!

  8. looks like beenies hairline disappear from the scene to. does anyone know the edges whereabouts?

  9. i never unerstood how she a model……….she luk average to me……skin uneven tone with scars ….head pikky pikky long time kmRt

    1. So who is really perfect – are you?

      Nobody is perfect and uneven skin tone a di least!
      I bet you believe the hype and portrayal of those models in the main stream though.

      I’ve met models such as Claudia Shiffer and Kate Moss in person and they not all that at all, in fact one looked starved and lanky the other looks drug ravaged and half dead.
      I ain’t met Naomi Campbell, but her head is nyam out, but all the above are succeawful in modelling.

      The woman looks fine and had something that got her into the modelling industry.

      1. u luddy…….me done feel how me feel aredi….change me mind since MY views hurt u suh lol smh………

  10. Di Beenie pic look recent man…jetch di hairline.Also Nadine is very pretty…check out her pics during her modelling days.

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