Met me see a story on your site say nishie instyle a breed and a junior Hennessey a the father I need some confirmation from the metters because me and junior Hennessey woman a friend so people come talk up please


  1. good Morning Met.Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    “me and junior Hennessey woman a friend” :ngakak

    1. __________________________________________________________________________ :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Sender don’t leave your man just yet, Hennessey may have mixed in it but Boom name ah call too!

  2. Morning Met tea I’ve heard she’s pregnant look at her pictures from l the parties in Miami memorial weekend u will see. And junior woman either blind or f**king fool Nichie and junior been everywhere together over the last 3 years him beat him pon road after dance and drag her drive weh with her inna car after boat ride him catch she and Ian shy shy lock up inna her place and did wah war with the youth weh she f**k from Long Island them deh pon flyers together keep dance and at his party them a kiss up inna Lorna so if him woman nuh see say them deh and junior willingly or voodoo working in love with her she need a rawtid eye surgery

  3. @9:41 you know a true you a talk because me go peep on her ig page and her name on there is sheboom and she and boom really a f**k to it look like so a who really breed har ? This Is Really A Raffle belly

  4. morning met and meters sender really u take met and the meters fool if u wants answers please go o your man and if u can get the answers then send it on to met in man court about u and the his woman a friend please look like u him have all a question if u a one person or two

  5. Dutty nasty gal nichie that all you do is go to dance and look man
    But the man them so fool who would want to f**k nichie and wife that up
    She only a look man fi pay her rent and give her things that all she knows her madda don’t teach her any thing just to walk and f**k just like her nichie how you reach Florida and you don’t even have a valid ID…this gal never look good yet if you see her in the day she look beat out nasty nichie you need to get you shit together
    Stop make the man them use you for freaky sex them don’t want u

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