“T.I] came to me when I was in New York. He stepped to me when I was at the jewelry store like, “Yo, let’s go outside and talk.” We went outside to talk, but he talked about, basically, “These girls tryna play us against each other.” I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re talking about your wife?” I never put up a picture of her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I was basically like, “Listen. I’m letting you know I ain’t got…me and your wife don’t have nothing…if you think so.”

The photo that started it all…..

0 thoughts on “DEM SEH TINY A PLAY WID TI MEDS =_o

  1. yuh know seh more while fans doah knw dem phuck place nd feel like dem can frighten ppl nung luk yah unda de gurl pic

    majorgirl We ain’t doing nothing wrong! My girl @me_andreag & I
    juugking7474 Bitch you ain’t shit gonna say my nigga jealous of yo duck lip ass hoe if I was ti I’ll be sending yo ass some papers hoe cause u out of line
    latishia__ @prettiash
    juugking7474 Oh and you just lost a follower tramp now go on and suck mayweather dick wit yo married ass botox made bitch
    mrshoustonhorn @majorgirl all y’all clowning and downing Tiny , TiP ass was wrong, now he feeling some type of way. What about them THOTS THAT HE F**KING WITH, what about the baby that no one is talking about with her old friend, we only know what the media puts out. Let him tell the whole story about why he cheats , A scorned women “””
    mrshoustonhorn @majorgirl love you girl, praying for PEACE AND GUIDANCE DURING THIS STROM FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Love conquers all Hang in there .
    _freelove7 Stay strong
    3xalisterelite You ugly as fk and you a bum you been a bum…no hate though just TRUTH
    3xalisterelite You got a million and 400k followers with 25k likes do the math catfish pig

  2. Just an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, especially their kids, but as the saying holds true….Bun fe Bun. If you can cook it up and serve it, you should first taste exactly what it is you’ll also be eating ( love ya Tip, but jus ride it out and let it do what it do )

  3. Love really blind. Tiny is FUGLY, plain and straight.

    Watch how she hold off di other B wid har tatoo up left hand.

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