0 thoughts on “CONGRATS AGEN SAMAR

  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyymen Samar, just like dat!!!…and Happy 30th birthday to you as well; one blessing after another…what you said Samar??..yuh pumpum bring life :hammer :hammer

  2. so thats why she run to the POCONOOOOOOOS weh nuh have one palm tree but seh she deh haviihee. poor thing, god blessed samar good good and it brought life bobb

  3. ok me nuh too inna the back and forth oil dashing argument but why everybody a attack these lowlifes when them nuh have pikney. as a matter a fact she should be commended for not having any kids cause we all know it/they will be a burden to society. at least give he props for that. we all know her occupation is thiefing and scamming so JMG should give her a prize for not producing another generation.

  4. he=her
    whatever her name bobette, bobby, robert let me be the first to say job well done. pikney nuh cheap and hard fi maintain me have 3 weh me a take care of and me nuh want to have to dweet fi nuh more a fi unnu own so thank you robbers fi nuh have nuh pikney

  5. The names are killing me..Bobby Robbas, Bobby Barren, Bobby ThiefT. Everytime I read and she gets a new name I can’t help but laugh.

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