Met I just want to shout out this young man, Raheem who will be entering the prestigious Washington University on a FULL scholarship this fall. Friday night his parents Dahkia and Dave had a graduation party for him, it was really nice to celebrate a young man who have accomplished so much. As his mom said in her speech, “being s good parent is about sacrifice anf commitment, and not about name brands, every child can do this.” Congrats again to the future Dr. Graham.










11 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS

  1. Big up Dave real yute from calabar high school days and thank God that you made dat sacrifice so that Raheem know what it takes to succeed thru hard work

  2. For all those ppl wid dem nose up in the air who act like JMG is a one trick pony who only post ppl business. Big up Raheem again, I am so proud of all you have done, what you are doing, and what you will do.

  3. Congrats Raheem, I’m happy for you and ur loved ones. I wish you all the best with your studies and whatever career u choose. Lord cover him under ur precious blood. Guide his steps in Jesus holy name, Amen.

  4. Congratulations to this young man and his parents. Education is the key to opening so many doors. Continue to strive and break those barriers! I love how the mother explained parenting is not about giving children name brands. Nuff need fi tek a page outta har book.

  5. Big up n congrats young general… Show dem seh its cool n ok to be smart… And congrats to the parents who laid the foundation for this young man to cast the blueprint…

    Comgrats Yute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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