A few days ago a video surfaced on social media showing Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas getting visibly upset after what appeared to be an altercation with a car driver while travelling overseas.

The video clip shows Mr Vegas in the back seat of the car on the phone when the driver interrupts and asks him if it’s okay to play a song by Drake. With Vegas’ approval, the driver starts to play Controlla, a controversial single by Canadian Rapper Drake and Popcaan.

The driver then gets excited and reaches across the back seat and starts tugging on Mr Vegas’ shirt. A very infuriated Mr Vegas reacts.

Since the release of the video a number of persons on social media thought the reason Mr Vegas was upset was because the taxi driver was playing Controlla, a single which has been the topic of discussion in many videos posted by the entertainer during his MV corner series.

However when the Zee spoke to Mr Vegas today, he says it was a prank was set up by his manager as payback.

9 thoughts on “VEGAS A BAD MAN LOL

  1. Not a thing funny about it.

    5:03 shut ur ass up since you can’t read and understand human emotions and the entire post explaining the matter.

  2. This man is out of control, I just checked a few of his videos and it is stupid plain out stupid, why are you doing those things to people, I do not blame Mr. Vegas getting mad because I would, he doesn’t know you why are you pulling on the man clothes, I wouldn’t find it funny as well, Vegas sue those bastards, you can’t play games with any and anybody no sah… Why should he be upset that his playing a song by Drake, he didn’t get mad about that because he continued with his phone conversation, he got upset when the man put him hands pon him… SMFH

  3. dwrcl mi seh when him duh it to him son a morning time before school,all the cereal him lick out a him hand……:ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Vegas a raas eediat… how yuh fi rush di driva wen him a drive yuh…. tel him fi stop n den cut him a raas bax….

    Anada ting, how vegas clothes so tight… Mi surprise hin get up so fast ina da tights deh…

    Vegas bad a farrin…

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