1. A bang di gal belly bang kmt
    Bobby belly GABA say she drink after the goat dem all di time or Battambang daffy over deh a feed har casava water not a no breed unnu Neva hear say daffy tie off

  2. Lol her sister put it up bout 2 weeks ago and write say she hope its a girl and shes gonna spoil her neice or nephew more than how bobbette spoil her son but by the time me click pon screen shot it tek dung to rassss.

    Congrats guys

  3. Morning MET a hope a breed she a breed cause d cycle must continue – nex year dem time a fi head a go hurt her when d man move on to d nx fool n d new step mumma a have her baby LMAO

  4. Yuh know summen, Bobby is not a bad looking girl, although everytime I look at her, she reminds me of Groucho from Sesame Street…. Hey ma girls ( Metty, Chuetty, PPL Business, Goodas fe Demmmmmmmmmmmm) :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  5. U know me kinda like bobbette still. People always a cuss her bout tiffany but people and people lef everyday and tiffany neva think daffy would a move on. Tiffany use to f**k wid di baby mother a england before she breed wid her daughter so a just life

  6. congratulations guy’s, more blessing’s and happiness. I love to see beautiful couple like you guy’s live happy, don’t worry about the haters, they just mad it ain’t them.

  7. @brooklyn whats so beautiful about two ugly ppl in a relationship?? I’m pretty sure if me and everybody else wanted a baby it easy fi conceive not every woman feels the need to try and trap man wid Pikney not in these hard times cause when ugly face daffy pick up and leave ah see one left wid the baby.

  8. @Fashion Police, you need to STOP! We aren’t even exactly sure if the girl is with child, and if true, the poor baby not even form properly and you start criticize it’s looks. The impending birth if this child or any matter of factly, should be celebrated, irrespective of who the parents are or however disgusted you might be with their lifestyle. Every baby is beautiful, they might not all have pleasant looking face, but they’re all beautiful and bring joy to their families and everyone around them.

  9. :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: mouth mek fi talk right?? @ we nh pet ppl. Bobby and daffy ugly bad and so will dem off spring end of story. :fuck: :fuck:

  10. Mi haffi see the big big big belly before mi believe because me never know sey man can breed….KMFT

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