1. If I where these female happle,dolly,shawna star etc. the way how there reputation is so bad and need bleach I would take away myself from ny completely and ny party them and change mi number come off a the gram and Facebook cause y’all only harming yourself and its like unnu Nawh wake up a rass but who am I to tell y’all what to do god go with u young ladies.

  2. Yes life in the Suburbs is good, and if you live a productive life you could do more than get a taste you can actually live there.

    1. is what ina di plate? mi mek out two ben up dumplin but is what round it? and that big pepper?? everybaddie tink dem a chef ooo

      1. Hey a sey a hate see Dumpling look so lumpy lumpy and is that ackee and saltfish, why is there a big pepper ? A wah garnish she a try garnish di dinner met. The flour never knead good mama!!!!!

  3. helloooooo is which pic dem ppl a luk pon cuz yummy an looks good neva enter my mind more like ewwww is wah dat?! :tkp

  4. But Met, it look like Shawna move outta di attic inna Rosedale!!!! Or a some man “suburbs” she deh fi a while? I hope she finds someone to wife her literally.

      1. Lmaoooo dim sum yuck tao chow bow woooooooooiiiiiiiiieeeeee
        Dem dumpling deh ugly no rasssssssss n all now mi no see mi good good ackee when me can recognize from anyway mi think mi see corn or sumting #notimpressed

        1. _____________________________________________________________ Mi waa ask if di water neva a likkle hot when di flour drop in or she put in di flour dem and ketch water pan it because mi neva si dumplin damage up suh…di water doe haffi be boiling buttttttttt dat flour was soft soft in cold water ..and dis big pepper whey nuh cook :nohope

          1. ispy di water did cold to because di dumplin ben up so when she drop it ina di pot it ben…if di water did likkle hot it wudden ben ooo :nohope: but she a big ooman so mi waa know if she nuh tink at fi har age people wudda mus expect dat she can cook..she ina har 30ties :travel kmt

          2. Metsy cook yes but cook Wat dem too busy a man market dem no familiarize dem self with kitchen mama
            Morning all my wonderful n great JMGers this day is a great one cause we are all alive so lets live it 🙂

        1. mussi aiht food oooooooooooooooo but di dumplin dem go choo a piece a damangement…some a dem love to wear nails and cannot knead wid nails but mi see mi cousin knead good wid spoon………..so dem can try it

  5. No some gyal nuh domesticated them only know bout fashion and applying makeup. I hate dumpling weh lumpy lumpy, she better mind it bind har up oh!!!!!

    1. ____________________________________________________________ and if u look real well u see like seh di water never cover di flour..some catastrophe gwaan ina dat kitchen deh dat day

  6. I was making fun seh a thai food,but uno have mi inna stitches a seh a ackee…all this time I thought I was looking at curry,woieeeeee murderrrrrr

  7. a better she did try mek roses out of the scotch bonnet pepper, before she talk bout Suburbs. Really Social media a di dead a some a unnu. nuh good yard man nuh want no constipating dumpling.

  8. And to think I thought everyone from my part Portroyalquenaville could cook……just goes to show you. Stargirl the plate is colorful and I too love Dinner on the balcony!

    Just poking fun so don’t get all up on me……por favor! :kr

  9. That’s WACK smh. “Gyal yuh betta can cook think yuh deh yah fi yuh pretty looks?” No sah wah use do oonu have to man or pickney? If u can’t even cook a descent meal. And the pepper lord the pepper smh I’m just going to ignore that one right thurrr!!! Whew!! Chile pleaaaaazzzzeee! GET YO LIFE!! :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Shawna fallen star your not suburban worthy stick to the ghetto it fits you best. Bitch always trying to be different. (Your a product of the ghetto) Shit DONT fit you shape bad gyal. I don’t know which man in dem right mind would eat from you…Not even my dog would eat that shit!

  11. me noh think a dumpling that it look like excelsior crackers steam with shredded chicken breast with yellow n green bell pepper.

  12. Hey don’t diss the ppl dem good up food up freshly baked crackers fi the lump r us dumplings! lol a weak in yah

      1. Lmaooooooooooooooo no man 2cents no mi no laff so in a min mi all haffi stand up cause mi belly like it did ago buss
        No man 2cents u did done does it today lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  13. And di oil weh a run inna di plate! Di only ting that looks good here is the plate itself. That shit in the plate is very unpalatable!

          1. what a way u mek it sound special………….. so a some special dumplin dem deh tuh? :hammer

          1. __________________________________________________________________ mi seh when mi si tumeric mi dead roun yere

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