Dear Met,

Plz join me in congratulating Bridgette n her hubby Mr.hylton. Truth be told they as a couple really took a beating with ppl saying she married him for his money. He is like a gazillionaire and haven’t we all heard how double ugly he is??


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy and your union. I hope you have an uncomplicated delivery and healthy baby.

  2. They were on the brink of divorce about 5 years ago, bridgette start win diamond league and get popular so him run go back fi har.

    But anyways Congrats

    1. Yes, mi never wrong the man then, cah he wanted a child and she was all bend on her carrer, think she a forty something now so a guess after she realized that the running career ova..a it that why not secure the pot….and Anon 9:57am

      Bridgette money and status is not even half Patrick own so weh yuh a try imply..them man is the CEO of NCB bank his salary is like $100 million or more per year my dear

  3. Bwoy every time I read the comments smh , people cruel Patrick Hylton is not ugli or after nobody money . The man work hard to get where he is and he is from a decent family. If people don’t know people or situation don’t comment

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