1. What?????? Dem ah di fus one fi talk about ppl pregnant for someone else’s man what the f*** know this ship can’t be real

  2. Dean wey claim educated and well brought up with mom & pops go breed for a married man ???? . Dean where are your morals principles and self esteem that’s a suprise oh my Nello off all married man .

  3. Lol I don’t think so, I think she just have a gut. She’s a very nice girl,she may not be pretty/beautiful or the best shape,but her personality nice even tho she’s annoy on snapchat. Lol

  4. Gal weh deh wid gal will do anything so me nuh surprise wid nothing donkey mouth, horse body sadomite Dee do. She an Nello sick stomach.

  5. good Morning Met, Metters, Peeper’s nd Others……

    den inna real life why a dis pic de smaddy dig up a Dee send in, noooooooooo do over plz, send a nxt pic in unno too damn unfair

  6. Well brought up have nothing to do with anything yes she’s not a pretty girl she looks like a donkey she could be pregnant for someone else’s husband please send in the proof

  7. She and stinking mouth juicy dem always desperate fi man surprisingly juicy didn’t find a man for herself yet but D make sure she tak somebody man and breed

  8. Piece ah shit donkey looking D yuh ugly inna real life f**k man f**k ooman f**k all dwag yuh doe look good bout yuh ah breed fi Nello

  9. Lowe di BBC gyal… not everybody Have perfect body and please sometimes u too relax and they snap pic and ur body nuh look good. Not sayin dee have a body but she’s a nice kindhearted girl . I don’t hang with the girl but my spirit take to her. Lowe har mon. Smh

  10. Boy y’all wicked god know. U know the story is false and uuno still a run in just because u want to class up the girl, smh. This is why people Dont like Jamaican’s because u guys tear each other down to the 10 power, so how we expect people to like us? She drinking, so why would u say she pregnant, y’all reaching for a story so bad till y’all start sending in false story pon people. Stop it man.

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