1. I don’t get it, if u r so happily married y u have to put up a certificate to prove wat to ur mate r u just frighten if oonu shit it deh pon social media no sa.

    1. Sll when some ah dem divorced dem still walk and tell people seh dem is still married fe try cova shame and embarrassment :ngakak…all the same, congrats to them both..very cute couple :kimpoi

  2. Congratulations Gladys Knight. So she an di sweet pepper nose bwoy leff already??. The way how she neatly move up unda Sharon Rambo man, an tek him weh an dash belly pob him, mi nay know dem cudda leffted.

  3. Young man still looks wet behind di ears. How old him be? Him looking papers or she be minding him. Mi nosey mind wants to kno???

    1. Yes him look velly yung. But u know Keke is not owl eeda. Is jus di night dew an di fast living but she doe reach 35 yet (a tink) Keke, yuh an Kat ova yah reggla so pls come ansa cause mi see di excitement a gwaan pan u page wid dis yung man from when but di certficate shock me. So pls come talk.

  4. Wait a the same 3sum running hoe dis! Dis a real proof you can tun a hoe, skank, bitch into a house wife rayyyyyyyyyyyyy. SHE AFFI POST IT BECAUSE THE SAME KNIFE CUT GOAT GCUT SHEEP, SHE TEK PEOPLE HUSBAND HERS IS WELL UO FOR GRABS…..KARMA UNDER YOU BUMBOHOLE BITCH BAYYYYYYYYY

  5. Lil boy next time read the enture book before you committed to it, ni just look at the cover, the ibside more interesting. This hoe not loyal. Read the damn application before you sign next time. Gyou marry a hoe son smh poir poor thing. She tek har own fren man, DONT TRUST THAT HOE AS FAR AS YOU CAN THROW HAR

    1. Hate on who you? Girl please you life boring like you hole ask the stinking breath creepa and all the other recipient who turn you down befire you go trap this lil boy. Honey moon my ass hope he bring a lock and key for your hole and mouth as soon as hes turning his back on you. Hope he know you cant tame a mutt

  6. Im giving him all the f**king bedroom styles now and he loves it our bedroom is not boring anyways thank you all for all of your well wishes and thanks met for your support we are going to be doing bigggggggg next year !!!! Met I will send you the invite have a nice day

      1. Mi would rather go get government cheese atleast I know I have a small chsnce of getting an infection from it. Go eat at your own risk lol

    1. Hhhmmmmmmm you giving him what new style? You did a spit before so now I can assume you a swallow. To him thats new yes he got a pro on his hands. The man must be more expierence not the woman, you can teach that young dog all your old tricks more power to you

  7. this has got to be a joke. lmao creeper been leff keekee since she a breed and from then she a try everything to fuk up the man life especially with the yung ladii he with. 2 monts ago she was claimin to still f**kin creepa eventho him nuh stop deny har a mont ago she was f**kin the ppl dem husband Jerome weh keep red n black. now she married hoe mek up yuh mind. this boy mus want papers or he jus don’t kno weh he getin into. GOOD LUCK

  8. Kee kee hope u invent a new style cause u already gave out those position in all borough poor young buck see hard fowl & think a egg . That’s all u can come on JMG & tell us girl shame shame on u what about a future sex sex sex 3some .

  9. Suck pussy KeeKee find a man weh want har. Him must don’t know the duty Drankooo him pick up. The whoring gal is loyal to no one not even har mother. KeeKee Sharon pussy still deh pon yuh breath. The dutty tampon still stuck inna yuh pussy. A nuh me say so a yuh so call cousin Kat weh yuh a par wid a night time. One f**king slut box u are. Good luck to that fellow

  10. But give har a chance to prove herself nuh. How unno a guh so hawd pon her? Regardless, wi all have our skeletons in our closets unno nuh haffi do har up so bad man. Maybe she decide fi turn ova a new leaf, maybe she find Jesus and have a spiritual awakening.

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