0 thoughts on “USIAN YUH GI HAR BACK DI WUK?

  1. Skets, carry har dutty behaviour go a di ppl dem stoosh uptown party. Mi did dey dere n neva see nobody a gwaan so, u waan see how di peope dem did a skin up dem face n a look on har. Lil Wretch dere’s a time n place for everyting

    Sidenote, him n Christopher Martin still dey pon dem run di road flex, hush ya Cecile, gwaan babysit n get close 2 u daughter

  2. Wait till di media a foreign spin dis and say him inna lewd acc.

    Di man ah enjoy himself but she nuh have no shame a ben ova so infront of camerra

    1. Thank yu wen dem deh a carnival a show di map a dem front an a tek di opportunity fi whine up pon every body except dem husband ………..mi nuh know how dis fi mash up dem party

  3. DWFL ! Unnu off pon dis one. She is not even frm Jamaica to start. Definitely not a skets and neither parties were looking anything but a whine . Is jus a whine, it never kill nobody!!!

  4. Yeah he holds a place in sports history for our country…..other than that BOLT SUCKS.

    Hey Met….lol

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