Ragga posted this on his website- My Son …. Zion Stewart …. A Life …. My Life

The world looks different now…….

And from us-

May your lovely little one
So beautiful and new,
Bring a lifetime full of love
And happiness to you!
A new little boy
To love beyond measure,
To add to your life
More joys and more pleasure.
And may each new day
Hold for baby and you
The joyous fulfillment
Of dream that comes true!


  1. Ntn nuh happen b4 it time …reminds mi a tyler perry congrats to u nd de mother

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Beautiful baby. Congrats. Ragga reminds us of Tyler perry for real.
    I so happy for these secret gay men who continue to reproduce. Run but stop hide.

  3. Congrats Raga and the mother. The forehead and the nose, Maury not needed right here, caz this yah one fits perfectly. God bless the child.

  4. I’m happy for Raga. I know he’s gonna love that child dearly. U see how he’s looking at his dad, as if saying I bingoed.

  5. It funny how Ragga always Ina ppl bizness but when him caller dem a ask ah few question pertaing to the baby conception him shut dem up. Mi feel seh is sorrregate him use.happy fi Ragga still With Ragga busy schedule the mommy must be a patient woman..

  6. this baby is very cute, may God bless and keep him
    safe and happy. Even though dutty ragga did cuss me off i still wish him the best with his bundle of joy

  7. congratulations kingsley on the birth of your bouncing baby boy. Raga business is mixxup, him a no fool him no want people up inna him and him baby mother business. But when I listened to the announcement I thought he was going to announce he was getting married. I am very happy for him I know he will love and cherish this little boy, look how him a look lovingly on the baby who is without a doubt a Stewart.

  8. As news bout woman baby get cut outta her belly mi see raga wid brand new baby…..A really a gwaan yah suh??? :siul

  9. Congratulations Raga! Your bouncing, kicking, bundle of joy is sweeter and purer that the best batch oh honey!!!!! I admire the love and adoration in you and Zion’s eyes! A picture tells a thousand words, and yours, proud papa, is telling a NEVER ending tale! Omgggg look how happy and comfortable the baby and his dad are, gazing in each other’s beautiful eyes! Beautiful is and understatement as it pertains to King Zion, his skin is so RICH with moisture, texture and colour! Raga, I am in LOOOOOVE with your love, a life, your life! Welcome to parenthood, and I pray our kind and good Lord continues to shower you and yours with his wonderful blessings, and that he grants you the wisdom, patience and understanding you will need as you begin your amazing journey!

  10. Congratulations raga tho all your true listeners know who’s the mother puss buss it last yr b4 raga cut him off da likkle christian girl mle weh used to work for him him breed she have baby in january..they tried to keep it a secret but him mixup and ppl mixup too..raga love inna ppl business but him nuh like wen ppl inna fi him..biggie did buss him secret from long time too but raga denied and so did the girl but ppl weh listen to him show hear and knew seh mle and raga did a screw secretly and once story buss seh she a breed raga stop big her up all wen him deh a jamaica inna December she never showed up cause she a hide seh a true seh she a breed …I was shocked fi hear she a breed cause she act like a goody goody christian weh cant mash ant but I was always suspicious of her and raga way before biggie buss seh she a breed question I wonder how dj crisscross feel cause him use to screw mle too and him and raga a screw so I’m wondering how him a handle the news lol ..mixup mixup can’t wait fi raga finally cum out a da closet and admit seh him a kingfish

  11. Bwoy some unnu Jamaican fi fraid of before unnu just congratulate the man unnu haffi inject negativity inna it…..all a chat bout the man gay…..smdh! Unnu sure know how fi tear dung people.

    1. dem get buddy ooooo
      mi nah lie Ragga doe suppprize mi..Virgo man bad wid dem buddy from dem born dem cyah tame but who a carry feelings fi di cocky dem wrong times ten because is a set a man whey ooman run dash demself pan and they will be nice to all but love one..Mi nuh supprizeeee

      1. so met look out 4 1 mo’ baby mixup bout raga inna him ole days,,,,,,,,,,heheheheeh mi baddie mi waan hear all a him dirt cause him luvvvvvvvvvvvvv ppl bizniz,,,,,,,,loloooollllllllllllllllll ahhhhhhhhhhhheeehehehehe

        1. Mi cyah laugh oo cause a di sed ting people hudda seh but mi jus a forum and people like to chat people and a suh di market open- supply and demand..Mi hear bout the next baby and when it doe rain it pour mi glad him get baby still because kids are a blessing.ah doe like how di woman dem vex because dem nah get dem way and dem a bawl out ieyeiyeie now and when dem did a get cocky dem neva a bawl out..If u and a man a f— under secret and u breed although it cyah hide but if di man decide fi still keep it as secret doe vex because that was the nature of the relationship in the first place

  12. Mle is in he early 20s she sneaky bad wen story buss seh she a breed a bare head pic and back way pics she tek a try hide… her madda muss shame cause dem a Christian and she cum from good home wid both parents… raga Bex wid puss cause puss buss seh she a breed and cuss off puss bad bad smaddy weh luv mixup him gwaan like fi him life fi star secret .I haven’t listened to him show in a while since him chat bout revivalist cause I thought it was fkry and he was on it for a while but Monday new miss mi, know in him tho him probably nuh seh nuthin and seh a lie ppl tell. . Moral of dis if u live inna glasshouse don’t throw stones

    1. Havent listened in a while because sometimes it so hard fi concentrate while doing work and other things on the computer but to how she used to act when I listen..She sounded very immature and thats all mi a go seh because I don’t know what else to say.

    2. Miche Le getting the ultimate ghetto THOT babymadda treatment.big up those of us that can call we babyfada n baby madda name

    3. Raga lose nuff fans bc of him hypocrisy. Want gossip bout others but want to hide him mucky deeds. Eventually a marsha n karen alone ago listen lol

  13. Mi hear from good source seh some more pics soon buss out . Raga corna dark yow. He too damn hype and careless thats why dem pics buss out.

  14. no is true becuz that’s what I was saying to myself him seh a family him show about (tam fam) an him couldn’t tell d ppl dem dat ,,,hypocrit

  15. Who wait 2 1/2 month to expose dem bundle of joy? Raga need fi know that’s not newborn & M’le fi thank god fi court else all now him wouldn’t even look @ she & her baby. I wonder if Sudeen aka Thesurperb Midwife ago lef him

  16. raga **k off d whole wall & a bcuz Biggy Buss d mixup y M’le never dash Weh Zion like d last 2. Raga say mixup but hide,site & dodge when it reach fi him business. Him a f**k har 5 years now from she a 18 & deh pon church choir.

    1. Dats why dutty michel le nuffi style people wid har doorKnob front. Love gwaan like she decent to u see.haha n affi breed n hide no get nuh lower thn that

  17. Soh a really Cross likkle girlfriend him goh breed? Notice sey Cross neva congratulate Raga pon him show Saturday and when de calla call in to congratulate Raga Cross did sound kindda way still, mi naw lie! It was really ackward. There’s definitely more to this story. it come like sey smaddy did really a threaten him fi buss de secret mek him come announce it now or a de DNA result him did a wait pon. A dis yuh call mixxup to bloodclaat.

  18. My gawd dem nuh bad like Raga(Gully Bop voice) dwl. Ms. Met, can we get those emojis with d eyeball & glasses alone dwrcl. Mi a pawk pan dis tread all day! Ah ya suh sweet 🙂

  19. Cross vex cause him can’t believe Raga did a f**k him & M’le. She Neva tek Cross yet but she did deh wid Vegas. Raga bad no rawse how long him think him could a hide d baby for?

  20. Soh Raga pull a “Larry” pon Cross. lol….Mi can hear Cross now “Raga, sey him love mi not M’le” him soon send Cross fi pretty car to….grung to bloodclaat!

  21. Funny how the parasite dem know so much bout raga..bcuz dem deh pon him cock like fly pon shit…chat bout him everyday but stay on his page and stay listening to di show…lame ass badmine bitches

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