1. So at 13 she start take man hmm n look pon dem long ugly ghetto clip on nails i wonder if ppl eat food from her it mustt be a struggle to wash her front properly. Just as the last article about Jamaicans with mental illness this lady hear seem a bit off from reading her long ass post

  2. Somebody please Im asking… Matter a fact I’m begging you to come tell me if this is BURGS woman?????


  3. Him look like a old struggle man, wonda if a deportee n him a look a way back to fareen? cuz if him neva travel yet n been inna di ghetto all dese years, sorry fi har raas when him reach a NY.
    Anyhoo i hope is true love

  4. Best wishes to them. I did not read the epistle, but I hope they find something greater than themselves as a married couple.

    1. DWLN! they look like when chicken foot catch inna pot and bun. Look like someone went to JARRETT OR ZALES, LOL

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