Hello Met,,

Mi happy fi Trabasss and proud of his journey along with him wifey a hol him down and thing… I’m however disturbed at some of the pics she posted with her and some of the Men flocking to them. Every pick she post with a next man the girl seems so uncomfortable or scared for her life. Scared enough that you see har shoulder bones protruding because she has to clasp her hands tight enough to keep from touching any of the men. I am wondering if is fraid she fraid a dem or Trabass tell har she not suppose to get personal in any of the pics. Gal look like she ina booth camp when she teck pic wid any other man beside hussy. I notice that only happen in the Men pic. Mi a wonder if she dash out some bun pon him before and this is her punishment to make sure she no stray.. No sah.. beautiful girl but she seems very scared.


  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    I saw the pics nd see ntn wrong wid how she take the many pics with dem, after all she doesn’t knw dem is har man social media famous so she is showing back love cuz dem know her through watching him..Keep taking pics dat way cuz most a dem a look smaddy fi hold up,touch or put dem dirty lips pon.

    Congrats on being number 1 on Itunes as well Trabass nd Deannee keep yuh hands in front yuh yes.

  2. Sender u really reaching with this article! D woman married she s’pose to look uncomfortable with other men who isn’t her man-if she did overly friendly unu woulda say she a dash out. In other news tho, inbeen following them for a while and Deanne has gotten VERY hype. Hyper dan trabass-cussing off followers n such. I saw her in a party and she diss a photographer who was tryna take a pic of her, i just hope she remembers that while her confidence is up now she must remain humble cause d same ppl dem weh bulld her will bring her back down. She nu stop cuss off her followers pan snap chat and talk bout ‘this is how i am’ naaa girl! U were d quiet girl hiding ur mouth from the camera all d tym now so answer the people dem weh allow u fi live better and give them respect.

    1. True I remember when she wouldn’t speak on camera. Then again some “quiet” people do not have any manners which is why they hardly open their mouths. She not really hype she’s just plain old rude! It’s like her manners chip in and out. Anyways congrats to them, far them a come from together.

  3. Leave Trabass and his wife make them survive.. congratulations to the both of you..we all have our good and bad ways.. sender me see it clear badmind is active.. kmt

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