7 thoughts on “SOME WOMB FI TEK OUT

  1. ppl bb is just always making jokes in reality she mean no harm to anyone…on the other hand if she want to dash weh belly so be it,i would rather she do that than follow her other friends that have kid for the system to tek weh…

  2. Stop the belly dashing? What’s the point in carrying the baby if she clearly not fit to be a mother? Condoms should be used and no abortion isn’t a form of birth control but in the event a child is conceived dash weh dat. The World have enough children suffering at the hands of unfit mothers

  3. Anytime I see things like this it hurts my soul knowing I’m not able to easily conceive & I really really would love to, I have married friends & family members who cant conceive & have to be paying specialists to help them & these people are taking it for granted. Smh

  4. Bianca ah dutty bitch she don’t have nothing bout har that’s why nobody nuh want har she f**k briggy an even him still don’t want har sad story well I heard her pussy don’t good so I understand why

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