14 thoughts on “CORN SWEETS

  1. i dont see any corn on the girl feet. i would assume ah deh plastic from the shoes press up gainst her toe dem… sender u mus very bored under quarantine, go to bed please.

  2. REALLY?!? Sender this IS A REACH. I suggest you find something to do with all this free time u have on your han hands. I’m not even a SWEETS fan! Think the girl just a down low whore but man! I am not watching her feet! And hey, I actually like her sense of style.

  3. She has a corn on top of every toe except her big toe and that’s fine. Nothing to really discuss here. Get a life.

  4. But let’s just say she had corns, bunions, and twisted toes den dat would be summen fi even talk pon. Dem ooman was live eena high heels all have fckd up feet after a while. It’s the price dem pay fi look fashionable. Me not trying to wear nutten over three inches, but I not knocking those who want to wear dem five and six inches.

  5. Sweets foot dem crawny bad fi a hot gal unuh blind if unuh nuh see d corn! Dah gal yah is a dirty bus crawny asf

    1. Which part you tek your two eye dem and ever sée Sweets dirty and crawny looking? Talk rass truth! Me is an equal opportunity offender and I would never class Sweets so at all.

      Be mean but TRUTHFUL at the same time.

      Rock on wid yu corn yah Sweets.

  6. Some people really make themselves sound ignorant. “A hot girl with corns”.. so what, a hot girl is still not a human with the same biological features as everyone else???
    You wear heels/ tight shoes regularly- you will develop hardened skin- simples!!! corns do not discriminate lol

  7. It nuh look good man, her toe dem look terrible. Nasty . Just like how she buy or thief clothes, she can do the same and freeze those nasty things off

  8. bare hypocrite ova yah those toes look nice to yell for a gal weh suh hype r toes fi look nice too!! A dem like class pple mi sure d gal dem weh u class n tek d man toes a say 1!! Lol

  9. A nuh di corn dem you fi chat bout a di fact seh har toe dem is always overlapping each other no matter what kinda shoes she have on. If you neva pay attention before pay attention now. Mi always notice seh da girl yah toe dem ugly but who cares we cant all be perfect. I dont think its nothing to put her up on pink wall about.

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