Windy moggela and duck a duck a weh unuh a wait pon fi low out keno sus moggela.all di chat weh him chat unuh wid everybody weh unuh a wait pon him fi kill unuh next? Keno every gal yuh chat to pon phone yuh chat windy and duck and den a beg fi suck dem yuh mouth too loose and mi wah tell yuh yuh wah some clothes and yuh nuh too smell right either and di gal dem a talk
Keno why yuh chat so much???????

1,107 thoughts on “DUCKS IN PHILLY

  1. One thing for sure. If u want spread news, tell Keno and it spread like wildfire lol. If u have a secret don’t mek him know. Right now him and none and the man dem ano fren. Not one not even rankin.

  2. Keno have pussy unda him longtime
    Everybody a philly know dat…walk and chat di man dem and den go a dance go drink out di man dem Hennessey di man dem fi poison yuh bcuz yuh a wicked.KENO SUSS YUH NEW NAME

  3. Keno wussa dan di gal dem a philly
    Plus him a suck all one a mi friend pussy bcuz him nah nuh hood although sucking pussy a normal thing still

  4. China Lee yuh a ask who bex? It sound like a yuh bex. Yuh affi guh repost di side chick post again. Stress nuh good fi yuh my girl. Stop cum ova yah cum read den guh post pan yuh wall. Mi inna yuh friends list. Mi see di stressful side chick post dem weh a stress yuh out. All di food weh di side chick cook a badda yuh an har bedroom activity. Di dinner never spoil yuh husband cum eat it. Yuh man mek yuh look dumb asf out in the streets. Stop look likes gyal. Cause yuh man side chick nuh worried bout yuh. Stop stress bout har.

  5. “Mogella”? Who dem a MODEL on? Y’all broke, dumb, desperate and bumps! No ambition having asses. All dem good fi do is beg fi go in free a party and beg a cup of liquor and beg a spliff damn worthless.

  6. Keno goggler bout moggela.keno neva pay a rent inna foreign fi him self yet a gal dat kotch wid
    And can’t even buy a sweetie
    Keno goggela nuh have nuh ambition and all him chat people it nuh put him nuh weh

  7. I don’t see why uno Eva a send in some man like dem ago be pon pink wall prolly some gyal wah a beg or him fuck and mad . Virus a go around and uno a chat careless things life can’t be so boring too bbc

    1. Well everyone on here ah lick out pon him so just cause some one send in don’t mean they mad cause they want him, it look like enough is enough type thing. And yes mon come on here to.

  8. They allll chat!!
    Windy, Trevor, Skilli, Carlos, Twin White, Jigga, Wukka, H warrior
    Stop it
    Duck a di only one mi don’t know if to chat but if he run with this crew I’m sure he chat too!

  9. Carlos a di biggest gyal inna dancehall. Him beat Keno by miles. Carlos chat everybody gyal and man. Him know everybody business and him man face gyal Natalie deh wid Bobby. A bet him neva know dat.

    1. Please don’t tell me is the mad yankee gal manBobby. Or is it shakera Bobby?
      No baddie no deh wid Natalie they just stop and go. Fi a young gal she look Like she past 50 and going to senior citizens age. Ghetto gal have do wickedest slam so the men keep going back but they not staying poor child. When will she learn..

    2. But Bobby a fuck shana Tina daughter so wah you really a sah that her man so bobby you a really bbc pussy cuz u and the boy jigga was friends and you a fuck him gyal and you be Carlos friends and tek him gyal you really pussy Bobby’s and sad cuz falling star bring you up likkle batty boy

  10. Shakera Bobby mi gyal. Him same one. Hmmm hmmm. Carlos how yuh Neva know dat? And yuh who everybody else f***. Yuh too fass and chat plp too much.

    1. Me don’t believe you. Bobby have little more ambition than that. Unless a Dimzi set them up cause she and Natalie a big fren. shakera please bow out gracefully if this is true cause natallie older than you and need help which bobby nah gi you. Natalie please to cool down ur front cause ur baby no reach 3 yet and you a run up and dung so. Find smaddy way can actually gi you something mummy not just pass chu.

    1. Tashana me think a Jigga did a tear out a womb wid him big hood.. even though Donte hood just as big that’s why har yankee man left har cause she think Di yankee buoy a fool chu him have 1eye..go cool ur front. Lil
      Kim wannabe

  11. Uno don’t bloodclaaaat call dimzi name on this a bloodclaaaat cuZ a one gal that wey don’t mix a pussyclaat

  12. falling star you nuh shame yu in law dem hate yuh all dem do is give bobby gal and him bring gal a yu yard when you at work fool fool gal. Him a suck the young girl dem pussy like straw abayyyyyy

  13. So waittt…. then the whole a di dancehall people dem ago get infection. No sahhhhh everybody a fuck dem one another??

  14. shakera life sad breed up with all these kids and still can’t hold a man naturally cause of love but because him a waste boy that’s the only reason why him still around on god you even know it. should of tek the free fuck instead a pay him to fuck you still and is not like you ugly so i don’t know why a man can never treat you like a queen you always end up looking stupid and dumb. still working hard and leave them kids all over the place the family dem hate yuh and welcome all the matey dem and young girls please leave now before him bring a next belly on you

  15. Watch yah! Stop gwaan like dimzy innocent. She may nuh mingle but she very mix up. She know everybody business and that’s a BIG FACT! dimzy you know know that’s the TRUTH.

  16. Then wait uno need fi go check on Rasta British look like him bruk nah go money hungry and cah rob nobody after party anymore so this man really go pon big big social media look like him wah cry and a threatened ppl if dem don’t book him basically a problem first of Rasta British who THE FUCK U BE PLEASe somebody explain and MAKE MI KNOW . Not one rass song you have make it no where , bad to bad skeeno drop a song making money from iTunes g warrior have songs who the fuck you be …. brother look like the virus catch him and a eat out him common sense cause fuckery him a chat sah then ago sah nuh fraid hump off building or jump munchie go help BABY FADA NO MAN

  17. Den wid di Corona virus a guh round plp still a guh outta road guh buy food from di round robin dem? Unnuh nuh fraid? Kae and Meesha weh always look nasty. No sah Philly plp nasty bad. Dem nasty dirty gyal deh unnuh a buy food from? Any day a stomach virus ketch unnuh plp a Philly weh love buy food a road yuh see. Unnuh wi stop nyam a road.

    1. Well dem have to sell food dem need the money bad bad bad windy nah give kae a rass dollar , meesha worst baby father dont have it and the young boy wah cah leave Tasha alone wah mi jus see together Jesus she a mind to bbc

  18. Windy, nuh rate Kae. Him dis har all di time inna party wid him fake body wife and now wid Juju Badd. Mi seh when Meesha did keep fi har Sea Monday and she pan di live inna di kitchen weh di food a cook a use har finger a digg out har teeth pan di live camera inna di kitchen weh di food a cook. Mi wah vomit. Mi stomach turn. How dem fi bruk? When dem big friend wid crusty body stay bad tiefing sea cow Veachy weh claim she rich but still nuh straight inna America. Living in har Madda attic. Veachy Girl stop call yuh self boss. Google weh boss mean. Next yuh guh live check yuh background. Boss background nuh look suh boo boo.

  19. BOOPS you really a fake ass BAGGA BAGGA gyal you know damn well you nuh like kae a bbc but well nuff up Gwan post the gyal …….afta you know sah your new Bff juju a fuck windy too bbc

  20. suh munchy no time and max, one big disgrace and cussing in front of their daughter at kae fish fry, btw ppl say the food nice bad,

  21. Boops a big dog shit. Dat bitch have no loyaty. Yuh see how she mek plp a laugh affa ladda har man. Dutty gyal dat. Di dancehall gyal dem hate dem one other chat each other. Look how Windy wife and Veachy a big friend and Veachy and Kae a big friend tuh. Dem too terrible and mix up fi. A cah stan dem. One heap a waste gyal inna Merica wid nuh status a waste tax payers money.

  22. Boops & whoring Tasha fava jelly fish. face blow up & big dem shape like capital P. Tasha need fi stop wear di stay bad wig dem dung ina har farrid It don’t look good

  23. See chy graduate from military, she soon come back and fuck down di place as usual. Lisa proud like a she graduate, I hope she stay out a philly and pack up and go somewhere decent fi har child sake. Partying and sleeping around with her baby father friends and enemy is not the way. I’m just saying.

  24. Chy I see you finish you military course dirty pussy don’t come back to philly tru move out a State for you child own good. If you do don’t return fuckin you baby father friends and enemies and partying every night. Turn a leaf and new page

  25. The whole Waterhouse massive a beat up them chest bout a lie them a tell bout flippa! And Marsha Documentary’s for my man!

  26. Bad to bad bada bada and Tasha sea food platter them look nice and money worth those kae platter dem did empty nuh bbc

  27. If anyone love watching fatal attraction and those type of crime shows. They have a show called for my man. The episode I am watching is called facing the music season 6 episode 3. It’s based on flippa and Marsha. It is a good episode. Its talking about dancehall etc.

  28. ROXANNE LEE…. STFU. Mi use to rate yuh but yuh sick mi stomach now.
    Yuh and yuh sister Tamar di biggest hoes inna di world. Unno carry yuh madda to merica for waa? Mi nuh lie Tamar uses unno madda to cook, clean an babysit di pickney dem while she with Burgs. All this fake ass energy yuh chat pon fb every minute. Yuh have di same energy to tek care of yuh madda? Unno both get suspended from Penn cause unno fuck out di hospital. Di man wife report yuh sister an she fi blame it pon yuh. Yuh nuh link back wid har until Christmas ‘19. Mi seh yuh jealous bad of yuh sister. Yuh wicked to yuself at least Tamara classy. Yuh loose gal…. yuh come online chat bout “You want a man to respect you? RESPECT YOURSELF FIRST” look how yuh run guh do body and di man still nuh waan yuh smh…yuh naaw get pick girl! Throw inna the towel now, you look crazy compared to ur matie dem! BTW, yuh yankee boy running down Toya G. Gal grow up, yuh got dupped, yuh not different yuh pussy fi same. Yuh reputation from di airport to Florida…. it nuh look good.

    1. Me think a me alone sick and tyaad a scatta teeth. Gal need fi go bleach har Finga dem fi match har body. You get too much yah now. Every day you get up a drop word and cah drop di name a who you a dash word pon . Gal walks and fren everybody then a look dem man unda Sykes.. .every video she make she a wine up di botch body like that’s her only claim to fame. HardLy see di kids dem ina di background like she ship dem way fi I tune har house ina fukkshop.. gal the body no look good ina tight pants cause the chicken leg dem worse than Sky own. The poor man look bored every time she post him ina video like he don’t want to be near her. Nothing bout ur life looks natural all forced. Gwan back ina some humbleness cause you overplayed ur self. Me like ur sister cause she a real look good gal and she humble . I hope you really no jealous of har . Come to think of it bird of feather flock together wud a fren like Chin way walk and undacova full me cah expect no better from you. Sell at a decent price not some $50 or grocery. De man dem a chat..

      1. If y’all don’t like her page why ya’ll keep watching? If she want to dance naked all day on social media it’s her business. Ya’ll sound like little ass girls and not women. Many people don’t post their kids on social media for the obvious reasons. It seems as thought this is the same person who keeps posting about Roxanne over and over. Maybe you have a PERSONAL PROBLEM with her that should be addressed either here or to her directly… (I really don’t care) but that’s how it seems due to fact that you call her the exact same names and talk about the same things all the time. You have NOTHING NEW to say. You talk about her surgery, her man, her social media, bleach, teeth, you talk talk talk…. Where’s your man/husband/people’s man? Did you forget that you took someone’s man?

      2. Omg these two is some attention hoe seeker Roxy your man a policeman you is one fucking disgrace you up on live with you funny looking sista y’all two bitch stretch out like 95 :y’all need to go get a life and you sista trying to be relevant talking about burgs you man only if you know how burgs chat you like a dog but do y’all y’all sum stinking ass whore y’all have no respect for y’all self but y’all trying to be somebody wife bye whore and Roxy your man look pathetic in y’all pic

  29. Shame both of you for your nasty ways! Both of you wukless sketel gals. Ya’ll come pon instagram and look hype and desperate and Burgs is a big clown to join in. Chin you come on live and claim Burgs. Burgs have a mistress, wife and you. Roxanne get her ways from you… you have no respect. You’re supposed to be a role model for your sister that’s probably why she jealous of you. You do your batty she go do her whole body. You go back redo your body now she online trying to reach celebrity. Roxanne your man a cop and you got him looking like a b%*&. You say he knows what you’re doing but he a have no clue. You’re an embarrassment. You’re getting careless fucks he’s not going to keep you. Yall mumma failed ya’ll bad and the way ya’ll treat her is no lie. Ya’ll nah grow like this.

  30. Shame both of you for your nasty ways! Both of you wukless gals come pon Instagram hype looking desperate and Burgs a man clown to join in. Chin you come pon social media to claim Burgs. Him have a wife, mistress and you. Roxanne get her ways from you, you have no respect. You’re to be a role model for your sister that’s probably why she a jealous of you. You do your batty, she a go do her whole body, you go back redo your body now she pon website trying to reach celebrity. Roxanne your man a cop and you got him looking like a b*%$. You say him know what you do but him clueless. You’re an embarrassment. You’re just getting careless fucks he’s not going to keep you. Ya’ll mumma failed ya’ll bad and the way ya’ll treat her is no lie. Ya’ll never grow like this.

  31. Den dutty Burgs did still a keep? Him nuh still lived di man looking Tracy. Him still deh wid di Yankee gal Lizard woman sista weh him married him and gi him papas. Him deh wid Jenienka and nuff more gyal outta road. Burgs broke like dawg. Mi nuh see weh unnuh a run dung. Dat ole man Burgs weh dye him head every week. Burgs Jenienka seh yuh love woman mind yuh and gi yuh tings. Bwoy yuh still a act like a jigaboo? Why yuh tek Jenienka tings ole bwoy and move on to Roxanne fake sista? Fake hair fake contact lens fake body. Burgs yuh nuh tired fi shame Di man Tracy and Di Yankee gyal? A wah di mad sista Keyanna deal wid yuh cause yuh always a mek dem sista yuh wife baby Madda look like idiot.

  32. Mi see Kim Spendaz African husband marry him next ooman an him still deh married fi Kim. Wedding share pon fb and ig lastnite. Him keep regular wedding fi Kim an keep african wedding fi second wife. Mek Kim look like idiot. Everyday Kim get up a walk wid fake clothes an di kids dem ina di background wid no husband. Him run dung fi second wife. Kim yuh whole life fake…. yuh nuh tired fi shame?

      1. How unnuh love talk about irrelevant plp pan yah suh suh? Burgs, Kim, Roxanne and sista irrelevant. Stop chat about dem. Especially Burgs. Him gray up old man, wash up yah now. Nuh body checking fi him. Unnuh nuh have nuh fresh story? Bout fresh new relevant plp? Mi nuh wah hear bout Burgs di gigolo, Roxanne and har sista di Hoes wid di bad reputation, fake bodies and di rest a dem. New story please.

  33. I never believed Kim marriage real. She never brought him out to bashments. She whine on men in dances like she single. She married a African sometimes they have more than one wife, what did she expect? Quarantine treat him well. Him look happy and actually smile in the wedding pics… him face not bawl up like the ones Kim post. Corona didn’t stop the bbc wedding… either she unlucky bad or pure yamahead but then again this not the first man that don’t want him family.

  34. Man please. That documentary wasn’t no lie. They had to get the story from flippa, marsha, the side chick and everyone else that was involved. The only people who would think that it was a lie was the side chicks sleeping with flippa right under marsha nose. Smiling in her face and sleeping with her man. Boy if you eva see how shauna and kelly always up under the man at parties rubbing and touching his face when their man at home. You can’t tell me they never give the man none behind marsha back.

    1. Unuh is some wicked pussyhole enuh, the whole world know say jelly and flippa a family! Fucking Judas unuh

    1. SW… outdoors. Yea it was nice…everyone kept a good distance, fish fresh and good. Music nice, not too crowded. People dem speak they didn’t just stand up and look.

  35. Wtf do y’all care if people decide to go out and enjoy themselves!! Stfu how is that going to affect u u just mad u wasn’t there!! If you follow procedures to stay safe how the fuck u going to get it!! Mind y’all fucking business!! And I hope they hav anotha party so I can be at!! All y’all miserable people do is mind people business

  36. Did you see the fb live videos? They were NOT following procedures…lol nobody had on masks. They were not 6 ft apart…they all up on each other…. dancing and all. It is NOT SAFE outside… the governor is just lifting some restrictions…. it’s to help boost the economy NOT lifted because it’s safe! Parties and close gatherings are still not permitted… People are still being infected and dying daily. Watch his press conferences….

  37. Unnu must wah di next pawti fi get report suh dem cyan shut it dung bout mek wi catch it in peace. Must be someone who can’t live without partying who you see nuh miss one dance yet kmt. This virus is killing us off and some people don’t have any symptoms. Now the government is talking about releasing a second wave. This man made virus is dangerous and made for the government to kill us. You’ll try and stay safe out here. I will be back out after the second wave lol.

  38. Tashaaaa it don’t look good fi you a borrow windy gyal juju Gucci belt Bag girl everybody know SAH it’s not yours cause would be a damn fool fi go buy Gucci bag and don’t have a car sweetie & every bbc picture juju tek she inna the RASS bag so you nuff well wah inna Gucci till you all a bottle friend things dem TPC

    1. Frighten Friday hahahaha
      All fi she really go buy Gucci bag (we all know she didn’t buy shit) she will forever look cheap she never look good yet


  39. So munchy notime did you get the check from the hospital yet? You know that’s why he’s hanging around right? He’s just gonna use the money to buy perks so sad

      1. But Donte want Veachy?
        She need fi pick up har belly
        She fava dem big giant tranny
        Face tuff like
        Body disgusting
        Shall i continue? Donte never did and never will claim that whale

      2. I’m not KC sorry to bust your bubble. No body no like onuh why a kc name call. Y’all obsessed with her and acting like a she obsessed with onuh kuya

  40. Unno can worry bout ppl life doh unno use to seh she nuh shape gud now she fix it r body fake. Unno life miserable bad bad let da gurl be. Can’t plz dutty ppl

  41. Y’all call everyone that get their batty done fake. Educate yourself. It’s a fat transfer…. The doctor take your fat from
    your belly and use it for your batty. It’s your own fat there’s nothing fake. Mi soon get mines done and won’t give a damn what y’all say. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fix yourself up. Most women want their bodies back to their original form after having pickney and even if they didn’t have pickney so what…. but the “fake body” labeling is ole and played out….

    1. She never stay bbc good .her face look real old and shaggy her hair always stay real bad and her clothes just look crawny and make up ever look bad … how kelly do hair and your hair ever look a mess and veachy your big big friend .. veachy you a gwan the most at dan dan cookout and MUMMA your hair a lift up TPC … cah SAH uno a Hottas and never stay good, uno look stink no bbc

  42. Miracle munchy yuh nd yuh crew crawny lastnite i was looking and wondering lol bet ta unno did stay in & Shea yuh tek back Jav from cherry that’s why yuh hype again ctfu

      1. Shaee a ediott aft a di boy beat har she tick him back cause she insecure. Di boy only a gi har 2fukks fi she drop di case. Him soon gone back to cherry way a mine him. Dat boy no Fava Tom a rass Let me find out say Donna pums di busy cause some a dem Kids no Fava and she says all a dem AFFI Tom. Do mix me

  43. Pretty face big head flat belly falling star go do body but forgot to get her green card first what a gal foool bobby still a feature the girls with the younger porki and natural body


  44. di gal is a whore me see she go fuck dontae in car at lightskin and lady dee and apples cuss her like dog glad mi don’t have friend enu

  45. lightskin a keep she run in dontae car and gone and the same lady dee and apples a cuss her like dog

  46. How you do you body and deh wid bobby a full American and still not straight the body money could’ve pay fi a lawyer and da paper work


  47. is she jamaican? lady d and apples can pick up some waist gal though first tasha now this unknown girl

    1. like D bench her she and apples me see ah par same way she do with tasha. D and apples nah friend that girl for long

        1. This is why I can never believe nothing I read on Pinkwall smh.. Dinky wasn’t at the cookout at skully garage so how Dinky do dis and dat and you claim.. Bitches hate her so much but the men them love her that why yall mad smh.. Shes one of the realest bitch in Philly periods yes she parr with the man them but she not fucking done yes badmind get the best of you… This what I dont get if yall hate people why give a fuck that they doing.. I’m sure the video out did yall see her and people names yall calling on the video smh..
          . Yes shes my friend Bitch so send the police are you come since you a cop smh..

  48. Which gyal boops wah fight and boops and fuck jav Donna Gucci son friend Wayne big fat black guy so she better move up and Gwah

    1. Roxy who hating on you…girl I member when u was humble n cook up yuh likkl food n bill, u n the rest of these girls that run guh do body jus Neva had attention, this a do over of a life n body they always wished they had. If a man Neva even want him shit smell pass yuh before but now cause mi do up yuh want me kmft it jus sad a lot of y’all have very low self esteem n are too easy influenced. Boops I’m tired of u I really am.. yuh frighten yuh fuck.

  49. sooo Keyshawn why uno do it johncrow , you Eva a tek ppl bbc date that don’t loook good Bobby always a keep him dance on Friday’s and uno run in pon yute date tpc a big big fuckery that yo.. sane way Teejay show at Skillibeng and dem tek bbc date . But mi wonder how falling star feel tpc dem nuh rate uno and you eve hype with them little idiot .. both parties at hot pot I guess the PERSON WITH BIGGER MONEY WIN AND WE ALL KNOW A BOBBY S0

  50. Bobby have which money??? Bobby where do you reside at this present moment? everybody a fromt like dem ha e it they dont!!! who nah drive for instacart driving for gopuff. Or woman a mind dem most of unu dancehall man a some worthless assholes! Shinning star stop doing things for show. i guet it you are heartbroken and stuff…. pick up your selfesteem and dont make nuh boy make you feel inferior about yourself. you. an tell you feel a way by the post you make on social media.

  51. Could I get a update on that Oompa Lupa body deh that shakera run go do her sister in law boo boo a walk a seh is body sculpturing which makes sense because I would definitely sue that surgeon who make mi look half human half pig. For the rest of your life you are gonna keep having to go on that table for your massage to shape the box body why don’t just pay the money and do it right. You look disturbing big belly fat hands big head and no shape still girl you hard to fix body stubborn like a deaf person

  52. But wait Tasha stop post and hype ova the likkle boy cuz meesha still a fuck him tpc.. that’s one thing she still a fuck him so stop it gyal

  53. But how meesha fi a fuck little boy and hear Say a she and her baby fada Biggs still in dealings she walk and tell everybody say that’s her man and him ever a call her phone inna late night and all these things

  54. meesha your baby fada and little boy wah you nuh stop pay him rent hate you like bloothclaat poison….. girl you do old fi a stress over man and imaginary RASS bf … the boy wah cah leave tashaaaa with you cause you a pay the rent wah every day him and Tasha in and baby fada nuh stop shame you with him young gyal TPC….. girl go hide you shame nuh rasss make two gyal take you
    Man dem ….

  55. munchie….. mi nah lie your party gwan good gyal .. it gwan but all uno big rass woman do a throw word and throw word over man wah rass hate y’all like dog shit. munchie meesha bada and ketchup too rass old fi a gwan the man empty barrel make most noise

    1. Munchie no time. Why nuh guh run round Philly and duh some EXERCISE fi get rid a di big guh in front a yuh. Yuh look terrible like. Bout “side chick where?” Yuh a wear ring yam head? Meesha just guh bade PLEASE! Why yuh always look suh dutty my girl? Mi nuh know how man lay dung wid trash bin like unnuh. Ketch up Jazz guh sung bout wife. Yuh gut big nuh rass. Boops and Tasha unnuh just look tired and wear out.

  56. Meesha Eva luk blootclaaatttt crawny nasty and wah bathe TPC….. nothing she wear and put on she look big stink and swore TPC ….

  57. but wait a minute right deso… Bobby inna the party with the same gyal wah shakky use to be friends with brown girl that she seen Bobby or hear did leave prezi party with .. the gyal ans Bobby well together tpc… shakky nah stop make Bobby embrass you too rass you have three daughter so better for them man .. Bobby well inna party with brown gyal together and all these things but thru shana not here and shakky haffi work to mind him

  58. Falling star you are 36 year old stop make bobby disgrace you man done pan you a Philly but you can move and be a fresh pussy in another state my girl. I repeat he don’t want you. That body you did is not it the young girl look better face and body wise cause yo head big like warf dog and you look Down syndrome in the face. You are mentally ill look at all your friends you the only one trap up with 4 kids that you are mother and father to wiggle the father in party a floss

  59. Bobby don’t want her now she a share him with shana who him all tek her daughter pon vacation with dem mi sorry mi nuh that lonely fi a make a bbc man diss mi so tpc…. not that serious to rass…… and now him back inna parties with brown girl wah him lef with prezi party with TPC… fi see all the gyal a hide everytime somebody walk pass she a hide like girl we see you BLOOTHCLAAATTTT Bobby we nuh give a FUCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Him nah shame we so

  60. Batty breath tanice you look like shit last year at chills bitch mi nuh know a who a lie to you lol please come out good this year. Because man stress a show pon yuh

    1. JUST Make sure you come a the people dem event looking And decent a worry about somebody else

    2. Danny why you still a stalk Neicey when John pick him wife already. You no see a di decent Neisha a beat unhu bad. John dohn have enuff teelie fu a mad 3a unuh.Let it go.

  61. Munchie why you a make fun a di people dem botch body.. you know dam well you naw go do no body.. Bubbles ur body is the main 1and you go comment..unuh really go pay Doctor fi stuff unu batty like shit up pampers and unuh titty dem far apart like snow piles. All unuh foot dem Fava chicken foot no match unuh body. Wah unuh ago do now ?pay fi fukk it up more cause dat cahh fix ova , if so dem would a do it right the first time,,,Every thing is not fi everybody, unuh a do Up unuh body fi some Brukk man way still a gi unuh bun and yeast infections. Them still ago sleep wid the gal dem way belly Fava sumo wrestler and dem pushy stink. How unuh feel now?.

      1. If people wear stockings a problem if people show them flaws a still problem. Bitch mek up yuh mind. Every gal look good Sunday nite ! Proud of the young girls. Giving the big woman dem a run fi Dem money

  62. Chills was nice no lie but there’s a few things I wanna put on blast jigga you’re a hustler not a business man we support u and you’re telling me if I buy a bottle for my self I’ve to put it on the ground‼️Three bottles for one table you’re unfair n selfish remember we d poor pple that u don’t cater to help build ur event you leave a nasty taste in my mouth n I don’t like that.u could’ve gotten some of the little tables bevon ve n give pple who can’t afford three bottles.let me add bevon I love your hookah set up it’s professional organized good job dude…now let’s get into details about these celebrities in Philadelphia that gets on my last nerve u can say I envy them but u would also b a fool..Veechie let’s start with u you’ve been doing makeup for two years n you’ve not improved it’s something you love but take pride in ur work it’s messy n all over the place my friend just came there n she’s saying how rough u was with her face the brushes was dirty broke her whole face out smh do better if ur getting support y wouldn’t u do better omg mon,I can’t even say the stuff she been thru at ur home..another I find out is everything with u Kelly n meesha is brand girl brand name things don’t make u look good you need to go on a treadmill n runnnnnn stop feeding ur face it’s a very sad n distasteful look,YOULL throw so much shade but everyone that was cheap n clean look better than ur team n stockings at a pool partyidk what kind of mirror you’ll be but break it.i thank you. Kelly you’re like a deflated ballon you’re body looks weird Asf I was so embarrassed for your husband the other night because even tho you’ll try to work pass him having a bby on u ure still jr go to girl you’re jr bit$$$ n that’s low n embarrassing y is it you’re taken out the mud but the mud looks n smell n live style is still entangled within u.meesha idk where to start with u you ve absolutely no ambition n you’re proud of it you’re A resident wat is it that stops u from getting a place sleeping on the same bed with ur brother is just foolishness At this point I’m stress thinking about it see I’m like Jada I like to fix things you’re almost unfix able n that’s d issue y wear clothes that bring u down instead of putting g you’re self together properly like a big woman not even a good support bra it looks nasty n trust me I don’t like that. Shakky you just did your body one even a week n you’re all over on the road every dance before you heal where’s your sense of understanding that you’re gonna look like a box with ur time do ur research too because bby you’ve created a double layer box body!! Chills ur behavior was just distasteful n u tia I’m sure u heard silicon is killing pple but u could resist u filled ur hips smh five years when ure in pain you’ll understand Munchy showtime every party u you take mike n big up bby dad nothing is wrong with that I think he’s a good dad but sis he never even posted u on watsapp n watsapp is at this bottom of social media status he’s never walk hands in hands at a party with u he’s never show any emotions outside with u sis he’s taking u for a yam head but that’s ok!! I don’t like that.on that note mama you’re party was nice that outfit was not your style the camera men in Philadelphia is the worse you’re pics was horrible I felt so bad for u but guess wat ure grown n u know that was too young for u. Munchy miracle smh girl sometimes you need to chill out u ve your little relationship ship shut your mouth stay off social media go sit up n shut up yu ago get a box inna u mouth .boops your body n Chantell windy woman body is the worse body I’ve seen so far in Philadelphia boops your butt is like a swollen sponge omg back liner looking ass you have disrespected your man for the humpa lupa looking ass little boy wat can he give u but di$$youre a dumb n stupid girl I hope u feel it so much n tash stop drinking that syrup you’re belly is so big omg u ve no ambition either sick mi stomach hide with a man who claim u only in the bed room juju you’re the worse yankee I’ve know you want beef over with every gal for a married but when you’re a prostitutie in real life talking to so much men in ja party’s its distasteful..youre just the darkest clout chasing person I’ve met..there’s so much I wanna say but I’ll come another day you’ll bitches sock stomach I swear oh n let’s top it off by saying foxy you looked like a man Saturday your outfit was outdated you’re belly looks big for a slim girl yu ve work or wah you’re face looks drag queen I don’t like that you’re so hype but looked so trashy.youre sister is a whole man idk y her face look like that but ion like YOULL running down hype y yyyyyyyyy anyways I’ll b back with the other sections of Philadelphia worse set of pple

    1. Whew I can’t wait to read the rest of how you feel…. lmao. Mamma read the men next… the so called music celebs and pimps

  63. The first Corona case get reported yet? Cuz onu out here invincible AF. No mask and basically a stand up pon top a each other EVERY weekend.

  64. Why Lisa would be concern with you true see the lady a post r pickney ya a come a look a buzz again you stale bitch leave lisa alone cause from when mi nuh see certain name weh do bloodcloth ya obsessed with them pussyhole di woman all make sure r daughter leave n ya still obsessed with them no sa go wash out ya plate them n return to the owner

    1. Lisa nuh Cough but you a vomit! Dirt mat rosey talk to me nice every time that oman in a party me notice you make sure you n you sour wig reach ova dah fi dem see you. We all know know sa if you do road do barrel/12 belly is not far you a di nex one ago get a box pon u mouth

  65. Time ya write bout lisa floppy ya need fi look at ya self ya look like a scare crow ya should a do ya fuckin face bitch notice anytime the ppl them events a come up ya love write up ya name fi get a buzz fi ppl think a Lisa n r daughter the people them don’t even see ya bitch

  66. Whoever write the post don’t want fi fight so just stfu and keep hiding behind a post scary ass bitch

    1. People them hide behind this page to try to upset people life. No one has the balls to come to in someone face Straightup. Nofucksgiving

  67. munchie name munchie one order. stop call her munchie miracle. she and the restaurant man leave. munchie yuh ugly nuh bloodclaat only reason why man wants you a because yuh freaky. yuh have the nerves a chat people, yuh eva stay bad. yuh hair,makeup and definitely close is a mess.

  68. Girl my name is not Lisa I was watching the pics and you look a hot ass mess . Yuh too old fi wah fight my girl fight that face ,u look like Master splinter from ninja turtles gweh !

    1. N this is not Dance hall pink youIt’s funny how this is not Lisa y u keep about is that Girl’s face?her face this her face that that’s all you have a problem with? Oh that’s right you have to keep bleaching yours to not look ugly. LOL… Next time you see a picture of her face Type UGLY under the picture

  69. Read You July 14, 2020 at 11:11 am- you real don’t have a life. Anybody that take time to stalk people and worry about other people’s business is worthless. If you were not worthless then you would be focused on yourself! You probably don’t have a man, job, money, education, family, pension, friends, etc. Get a life, grow up, and leave people business alone because it appears that you are miserable and jealous. Look at yourself before you start focusing on other and you must not be any better than the people that you are talking about because you are in the dancehall with them.

  70. Roxy the time yuh tek a chat ppl yuh and man looking chat ppl like a dog and your bussines a spoil them man dem at the garage say you give the best batty lick out girl a that batty man yuh fuck dammmmmmm y’all just fuck anything

  71. @Anon 7:19pm Y’all so fuckin obsessed with Roxanne. It makes no sense… she’s living her life, minding her business and y’all can’t seem to leave her the fuck alone. Y’all talk about her if she eat, sleep and shit! I can’t stand a bunch of coward ass miserable bitches hiding behind pinkwall. I bet y’all would never go to her face with this foolishness…. so glad I wasn’t at the pool party. Who knows what kinda lies y’all would’ve made up.

  72. Anon 7:19pm Y’all so fuckin obsessed with Roxanne. It makes no sense… she’s living her life, minding her business and y’all can’t seem to leave her the fuck alone. Y’all talk about her if she eat, sleep and shit! I can’t stand a bunch of coward ass miserable bitches hiding behind pinkwall. I bet y’all would never go to her face with this foolishness…. I’m so glad I wasn’t at the pool party. Who knows what kinda lies y’all would’ve made up.

    1. You all are obsessed with Shakira and Roxanne. Can’t stop talking about em….. They must torment y’all bad….

  73. Sharika and har man well hug up and a tek picture inna party suh the time unnuh ah worry about sharika sharika naw worry lol she’s always going to be wife abay

  74. Falling star mi just want to know why yuh rass back suh big? Yuh know mi never notice yuh back that big until yuh duh yuh batty? Yuh look like yuh play foot ball. Girl yuh still shape bad yuh shape like a square

  75. To all you Build da body groupies.. please to go start a ONLY Fans account. That’s the only way unuh ago see some profit from all the body wah unuh do up.. me affi laugh at the fact say unuh wah kill unuh self fi do body and still a fukkk broke boys wah a leach afta unuh.. Me a wait fi hear the epsticle when the government come afta unuh fi a take the fraud unemployment money a do up unuh body and a play like unuh rich. How unuh fi unemployed and unuh no have paypas how unuh fi unemploy from business way unuh no have. Unuh know say dem body deh affi go tune up fi stay firm and no sag afta 5 yrs.. ask Donna Benz why are titty dem have stone a beat Har chest now cause she cah afford fi go redo them.. Tia why u go mess wid ur nice neat body momma. Really and truly a di face u shoulda do up.. Neicey Twix shakera Ann, Roxy, Bubbles, Pretty Nikki way unuh go waste the surgeon time fan.? Me sick a unuh wid this pampas behind unuh and these clothes that make unuh look more ridiculous.. Bleachy You and ur Sisters please don’t go follow. I’m sure you learn ur lesson from the bleaching years now . Yanice looking good mama please go maintain by joining a gym and tone up now it’s about time you take care a you..

    Roxy me memba when u Fava the licked Dog ina the Taco Bell commercial girl stop it. You sware you have haters but in reality you get extra since you do ur body and that’s why people cah Stan you. At least you put ur unemployment money to use And a sell ur Products. Girl you have bills to pay you have no choice cause ur job cut u hours and people man nah buy no more ray ray market front.. ur boyfriend. Must be proud of this new you wait till di people dem way u a drop word pan start wid u bout bitches are haters. You too nuff and friendly. Ur poor baby daddy hide and don’t even wah people memba say u was his sperm collector. Him mad sister soon read out ur file again when u start past ur nest . U are nobody.
    People unuh fi go buy some house and stop live in One room wid unuh 2and 3 kids. Unuh fake rich and nobody don’t even a look.

    1. Bitch we shape bad a pressure u stay on err and beat up ur finga u ago sick a we mi can lend u some money fi go look bad to bitch

    2. But all wah gwan a don don daughter have the good cream dem so weh roxy a sell?? Gwan sell u front muma. Mi rather risk it all with the other girl cause she did black and now she well brown

  76. Falling star with so-call friends like you who need enemies why you a tell people seh tia don’t have a mind of har own? Because you duh body she run gone duh body to? But the person who you call come back and a chat yuh seh. At least tia new shape a show lol. Falling star mi just want to know if a in the dark dem duh your surgery? Cause yuh still shape bad. Yuh shape like the table weh dem lay yuh down pon to duh the botched operation lol gyal yuh hard fi fix like yuh big friend missy Di two a uno look like an apartment building.

  77. Roxy nuh body nuh hate yuh faky. Dem just point the obvious. Girl go some where wid that rainbow gut, double chin and your man face. Yuh and your sis look like two drag queen at Chill.

    1. Missy nuh have no she like eat pussy..which man ago
      Pick dat up u Eva look at her skin dat caan fix child

  78. So No new topic in Philly its all about the same people them, same story gi wi supmn different nuh bout different people and such

  79. Neicey. You go do up Body and John still no want you. Him still a sleep wid you Sannie and Neisha and many more Yamheads. Di worse part is that you ketch case fi him and him still No loyal.. you no see Neusha a boast bout har name tattoo pan him plus Him engage har You no stop beat up ur gums and di gal have u pickni a road.. but look pan John too. A jussi the teefing money a mad unuh and him nah mine unuh. Neisha have him weak and she a yankee boy mattress. She done out all a di yankee dem that’s how come she tuck John cause she think him a boss. All di freak unuh think unuh a freak John she bring him to another world. Give it up and go find a real boss yah.

  80. Falling star this not no hating shit on God, you build like a nigga now. Yuh back big nuh bloodclaat a swear to God, mi know sometimes sum ppl cum over pinkwall and hate on some ppl. But inna real life falling star’ you look like a fucking nigga, my nigga smh ‍♀️ no sah! Epic Fail ‍♀️

  81. So nobody going to talk about the swimsuit party on Sunday?..
    Mi Tyaadd a di stocking and the fake body dem mi tired a di fake rich bums. I guess there is no more Carona cause y’all partying like it’s normal..

  82. Kelly what tf did you have on? You threw that ish together. Shauna your swimsuit too small… especially on the sides of your crotch. You could’ve dressed better for it to be your event. Miracle Munchie that wig gotta go, Boops you’re always going to be ugly no matter what you do, Skeno you’re played out stay out of the bubbles please, Mgee I’m just sick of you and your monkey ass looking sidekick. The two of you gay? Your music is shot and your fb videos are boring. We know those aren’t your cars. Please quit now you’re dated. Mama I didn’t like the way you dressed… the way you tried to wrap that scarf was and epic fail. Stacy Stacy you look horrible from the wig on down but then again that’s nothing new. Idk what half the people had on. It was hot as hell in there and packed like a can of mackerel, only a handful of people had on masks myself included. Roxy your are the fakest bitch ever. You all over the party running up hugging the people you chat on the phone about. I know because I was listening on conference call the other day when you was on the phone. I’d hate to be your friend the way you chat about people then selling your cream. I’ll stay with Dandan daughter’s cream, thanks. Lisa you look a mess as usual… Chy you lost some weight but please get your life together don’t continue to waste it. Lisa you need to stay out of dancehall and be a real mother. Such a disgrace. I see some gals get their bodies done but don’t look good at all! Some were really nice… a girl in purple sheer, a girl in white net and maybe 3 or 4 more…

  83. So munchie a that really wear a party couldn’t fix up even cheap and clean uno ever look crawny tacky and DUTTY TPC .. you and your sister … meeesha this year did way better still look stink but you did better …. and Chy omg you look bad bad bad bad like drugs bad

  84. Duty sheer since me and munchy never look good why ya never lend me some a ya pandemic money so we can look good cause ya bloodcloth a go jail ya not even have social ya will never get a green card jav don’t even want ya a cherry a do it mi deh a work n see jav a call off cherry phone come suck cherry mi leave don a Gucci to you cause soon as money done she a come fi you and empty ya nasty bloodcloth this not looting this the feds ago come fi ya nasty shit house aka this dirty sisters

    1. Bad to bad meme look way better than last party she keep tho . She a get better with the dressing nuh Luk stink like she always look sweaty and stink tpc all veachy you must have RASS infection ever a wear something Wah inna your DUTTY BLOOTHCLAAATTTT!!! Fi a big woman naked nuh always look good especially body like yours look like when big momma did a run on beach plastic crawny body and kelly uno have big batty fi wah stiff nuh fuck and can’t move a rass uno batty just big and hard

  85. Meesha and her mate a party last tho ….. to how chy crck head self wicked she did a tek the gyal baby father and now dem a big rass fren what a embarrassment

    1. Chy fuck every body man she have a beating coming her way from a few ppl baby mothers & wives mi hear mi dear

      Har baby not even 2 yet and she gone bout 6 man, betta she just did stay adi post office work and stop luk strip a jump pon army wuk


  87. Chy look like the joker with her retarded smile, the weight lost and big bobble head don’t match you can’t tell her she don’t look good. All this time you was away from the baby you still didn’t time to party every night. No matter what or where you go it’s like you still find yo self back in the scene. You on Instagram saying come suck pussy this is how you represent yuh self being about of the military? Distasteful and classless. Meme the dressing getting better and lastnight did have a buzz nah lie, munchie just stay home plz smh

    1. Meme mus tried her two young gyal matey dem a out do her so she a step it up honestly luk like a did only meme party munchie just pon flyers come out looking a fucking mess like

  88. Pink and ZAN you both around 37 years old Chy only 24 both of you could be child parents so please set example but all fun and jock a side ZAN so bad step to one grand son because from last of them date and they going get married next February leave off Chy name hope when fed come get you for Harassing one they People’ you have same energy

  89. Listen Chy always a say she nuh Care wah ppl wah think of SAy and it seem like she stalk pink wall page everyday cause soon as somebody say something she write it inna caption baby girl come on man too weak minded !!!! If you care so much just change up then man if not don’t always reply everything !!!!! Girl either live your life for you & stop worrying about everything pon pink wall

    1. She stalk it riiiieeee dung! Lil chick just go back ina di shell yuh did ina & go tek care of yuh child, what are you runnin dung doe

  90. Pink keep talking cause forgot ya is a prison bud ya born at rickers island bitch ya make ppl boost ya up gone back on chy name she not even here fuckin 3 weeks good and ya back on her name chy have a future ya don’t have none ya age a show ina ya bloodcloth forehead coming like Lisa affi go at Thomas fi you n ya man and just for ya info chy don’t want bloodcloth zan chy supposed take man old bitch your days a fucking over ya ca hurt chy feelings so keep writing and just fyi time worry bout chy go worry bout ya bloodcloth mumma that’s wanted remember ya duty ass keep on send chy pic over here bout freedom of speech make sure ya save some ya pandemic money for ya bail Rucker’s island bitch and yes ya say chy should know zan 37 but him manipulate the little girl why tf ya don’t leave her tf alone and go marry him chy have her man just cause she not upfront with him matter of time them hold you n ya nasty bloodcloth man

    1. She not here 3 weeks good and she in every dance like she a dj doe. Go home and be a mother chy, I’m really starting to think this army thing was all for show ya mind still not focused

  91. Pink bitch you give away ya self over there a talk anniversary mi want give you a gift cause ya tek set enjoy ya anniversary bitch and stop over here a write go worry bout ya eyelash n furry slippers that’s not selling ya wanna be veechy so fuckin bad ya live in ppl shadow so bad ya want a buss but ya not going get it off a chy

  92. Bout ya name pink ya name should be rickers island no gal born pon prison floor ca talk to me is CO deliver you bloodcloth

    1. 12 years of bun ! babies on you! fighting ! and arguing with half of philly but ye happy anniversary

  93. Falling star you was on live talking mad shit about yuh matey kaydean now you playing broken heart lovers rock everyday saying you can do better wasn’t you the same one bragging calling her yam foot when you philadelphia biggest clean up and think bobby gonna behave for you. Girl you already started fucking on bobby and he knows he don’t want that old beat out kitty better you park up and go one side and take care of them 5 kids that you leave all about Philadelphia. You need help stop putting up yo business and take your loss in private. You are the dumbest bitch in Philly take a page from Chy book and level up and focus on your kids even your face drop you look depressed grandma.

  94. Anyone know pink cash app name want send her some money for her anniversary to do a face lift bout anniversary

  95. Meesha a really that wear a the ppl dem breakfast party though uno stay real crawny it’s a same everything naked nuh Luk Gud and Kay bleach every wah but foot dem don’t see foot dem whiter than rest of your body TPC nuh look good at all

  96. Lisa stop write long speech bout Chy don’t want Zan. Little did you know seh Chy a hide and stalk Zan. The man cah guh home in peace when di party dem ova. Chy nuh stop ring off Zan phone. This not Pink. Mi a witness cause nuff time mi a talk to Zan pan di phone a mawin time and Chy a call dung him phone. Lisa yuh look like idiot a beat up gym and Chy a shame yuh behind closed doors, smh. Suh stop hype up yuh twelve belly and double Ching. Yuh and yuh done out mix up friend Rosie guh park outta dancehall now man. Mi tired fi see unnuh old self.

  97. So these Philly people really don’t know how to dress! To a brunch smh! Uno stay bad in the daytime no sah!

  98. So dat uno really gone wear a the people dem brunch lunch or breakfast whatever thooo come on now .. meesha you keep party and a dat really gone wear tho gad everything naked nuh look good lady serious .. u couldn’t wear a dress something on a Sunday nuh so half of y’all asses shoulda stay home tho .. all u munchie what that your wearing tho god A joke this

  99. Ask ZAN what’s Chy number lol go suck out Chy pussy dog shitt one grand sone and Chy together no one see ZAN but you

  100. Stay on pink wall no sah party not over yet on here writing go get a fucker life people business going to kill you

  101. But the host did stay really bad to from hair makeup clothes not to mention di fake Hermès sandals pon her foot …. the set up was nice but did ppl dem mek it look dirty dirty

  102. The way uno come in brunch in shorts but in missy brunch a write you need a fuckin life my crystal ball say leave y’all alone cause one a uno going dead soon from a accident so mi not even going argue with uno about buy a black dress fi come a uno viewing

  103. Chy wig was falling down in her forehead, mi did nervous to how she did a turn from lef tew rite a play hype masta

    Meme yuh stayed real real real bad at the brunch

    Missy uh couldn’t real something better sine it was ur party

    Pink fava run away slave

    Lisa go retire now mon chro bloodclat mon

    Boops please tew tell mi which suregury uh say uh goh do? Try go suck out uh chin now

    Munchie uh couldnt find something more decent to real b

  104. Ugly tan bad SHAE please put down designer clothes fi pretty people that can bring it off a weh monkey a do inna balenciaga. Mumma Big woman cherry a beat yuh bad she look better inna the face and body cause when looks was giving a way and shape monkey gal you was at the back of the line. Designer don’t fit you and it do nothing for you baboon. Take a page from yuh idol cherry book simple and clean a dweet nose ole big like yuh hole weh jav chat seh nuh have no grip

  105. Shit breath Tanice guh do breast but the first thing you should of done was take a page out of falling star book and gun fix that halitosis stinking breath you have ma. You sure do have your priorities fucked up how do you have two big stiff breast but your mouth smell like a pit. Tia the only one that have sense out of the crew tia leveled up then went and did her body she actually curve out falling star you have no neck no hour glass shape just a box body with a loaf a hardo bread pon you batty your ass has no cuff same stubborn shape ass just packed with cement and steel you should of asked goals meds spa to add hips you need a refund ASAP

  106. Every fuking day you have tanice name in your mouth bitch. What the fuk she do you ? She mind har fuking business kmttt uno just tormented tpc she have har things move your bloodclat.

  107. The truth hurts bitch yuh mouth stink like shit. Any bum bitch can find 2500 to do breast. What things yuh have bitch?

    1. Sanny is not a Neicey fault why u are her permanent fallow backs. Please to go argue wid Neisha way John ago married and live a yard wid. You doing the most and the man still have you pan di back burner. Keep rubbing ur cratches and leave di gal alone you confuse no know wedda u wah man or woman yuk.

  108. U one comment about har every 2 days like you’re obsessed. Nobody nuh even ah pay u mind u just sound bitter and bloodclat envious.So much things ah gwaan inna the world but u ah worry about Mi friend kmttt sad bitches !

  109. Yes bitch sad just like you weh keep a come over here a keep up wid pinkwall. You a one of the same friends that always saying har mouth stink. Be a friend and tell her to her face bitch all di people dem talking facts duh up body and yuh mouth stink, since yuh bitch ass friend have her things, tell har guh duh har stinking mouth to.

  110. Who people you one ah chat ? Ah u she lay down with ? Does she breathe in yuh face mums? No sah uno take people business to another level . Since you well want har know next time u see har tell her kmttt . Pink wall isn’t for you only dipshit, it’s a public forum and if I come here n see u ah chat mi friend and wah say something guess wah mi ah say it. Mi done with u germs go argue with yuh mumma.

  111. Can bet your mouth stink like fi har that’s why it burn you so much ole dead gyal, di time you aguh toe to toe with mi yuh guh be a real friend to har and tell har fi guh brush har stinking mouth di man dem a talk.

  112. Psa to all unuh a Philly Jamaican restaurant . Please to cook less food since business slow than warm it up and sell.. unuh cah a sell people warm up food from the day before and no expect it not to be obiouvs. All yankee a complain bout unuh place. Fry chicken should not be rewarmed and talk bout is Barbie fry or new item on the menu.All rotten fry chicken me get cause me go too early for lunch . Next time unuh dweet I gwine put the pic over here and loud unuh up. Sugar don’t belong ina rice and peas nor oxtail. Unuh a get from bad to worse. People spend dem hard cash cause dem tired from work and come buy puss ina bag unuh fi stop it. And is the restaurant dem a Northeast me talking. How unuh fi a run out a white rice before 5 like unuh no check unuh inventory. See next restaurant go open last week now the Obeah ago start. Dash. Ta ta. Unuh betta get creative and start to act like is a business unuh a run cause a 6 restaurant ina 1circle and people not playing wid them money.. Start sell some chicken back every day and finger food is not everyday people wah the wack a rice and peas. Memba everybody a chef now a sell out a dem yard ewww, so business a get slower. Ban unuh belly and step it up. People will comeback fi good service and food.

  113. You bitches is the first set a gyal mi see duh up body and still stay bad no sah. Batty breath tanice yuh just always look cheap and you got a dirty look, by looking at you mi can just tell seh yuh stink. Tia tia you just one ugly bitch, you should have mek di doctor give you a new head while you at it. Falling star you just hard fi fix yuh aguh die shape bad. Twixx mi naw nothing bad to say about you, yuh come a long way. But mi naw come back over ya suh and write up bout you waste matter, cause mi see seh it’s getting to y’all bitches head because uno really think uno got haters and y’all bitches just really stay bad smh. Mi done wid uno.

  114. Who get shot at the garage lastnite? Who get lockup at hotpot last weekend? Why y’all wanna keep chatting about the same irrelevant dancehall people and not discuss stuff worth while. Bashments getting dangerous and all y’all wanna chat is surgery and fashion.

  115. Munchy Miracle why yuh face look suh old and dun out. Stay home and get some rest man. Nite life a beat yuh bad. Lisa Fray Tashie cream nah work nuh more? Yuh a get back black boo. Try Dan Dan daughter cream or ask Donna Gucci which cream shi use. Rosie why yuh a war wid plp ova party date? Lef Mgee mek him keep him gyal. Meesha why yuh cah stay home or bade before yuh come out. Fi di gyal dem weh duh dem body guh join a gym and work pan unuh leg and thigh because di magga chicken foot dem nah work wid di big fake tuff ass. Unuh fava red ants.

  116. Listen one thing can say tho some of uno gyal wah use to look pon down nuh rass a come up a little bit just a little bit . Tia your body look good nuh lie and don’t look stiff and like cah move like boops she ….. that batty look stiff and hard no bloothclaaattttt .. Chy Jeus go with you TPC… just haffi pray for you cuz you ever ever look a mess cah stop preach that !!!! But what a wah you have new man the amount a man you fuxk inna dancehall no sah fi a young gyal makes no sense .. Lisa you a wah African you work for cah never come out looking decent !!!! Dirty Barbie bitches veachy veachy veachy mi know you have yeast and under you skin to RASS … veachy you cah wear regular clothes everything don’t gotta be naked and look dirty and stink Jesus man ….. ever come out naked breast dem long nuh he’ll and batty and whole shape just look undecided my god ….. Uno claim have most money but one thing y’all bitches can’t dress for shit stay real fucking bad … meesha you what a way you and your dirty Barbie veachy dress up alike ATLEAST how you match out your outfit Luk way better than gorilla fAce gyal only can imagine how uno ago look at brunch it’s one fuxkin time stinking veachy ever look good when prezi keep all black

  117. Missy wat a way yu cum out trang no sah u N yu man twinning Dante can’t believe yu a fck missy fi tings yu luv sweets bad doh

    1. Missy haffi mine young boy which man ago own her up she sick stomach her leg dem bigger dan her hole body mi hate fi si har haddicap looking ass and she walk the hole Dance like she think she a happen

      1. Missy and juju Biggs a fuck. Missy yu nasty fi a fuck them clown bwoy deh but then again yu body crawny and them bwoy deh fuck any thing

    2. First y’all said she was with jigga now a donte a if a true boy veachy you must shame your friends dem ever a take a man wah you use to fuck though

  118. I don’t see how Philly girls go do body to sleep wid the same Cruffs,.then turn round a war the new gal and tell har him no want har just so you can keep that dirty dick . The whole a unuh wah go ina 1barrel and light. Me no know how man sleep wid some a unuh cause unuh look like unuh PH balance way off. Unuh Eva ina tight clothes a floss unuh pum pum.. boy me glad me bawl wid licked ambition and me no affi lay down wid a boy if me no feel like it. The worse part about it is unuh smile ina the people dem face And a help dem wid dem man. Ole shithouse. All a unuh look miserable and stress. The surgery was suppose to make y’all happpy ain’t it.?

  119. Veachy wah did a gwah wid fi yuh outfit Muma? Yuh nuh have a mirror? Kelly why you look so wash up? Munchy No time in vest inna a waist trainer nuh man. Mi wah know if a gi weh dem did gi weh di Gucci sneakers weh all dem inna Chy meesha and di rest a dem. Ladies if unuh affi wear tights wid certain outfit just wear sumtten else. It just look country and back bushish. How di gyal a New nuh dress dumb like unuh? Less is more.

  120. Every time me come out a Party ina Philly I swear mi think me ina the movie Men in Black. A bunch a Ants looking fools running around confused. Do yalll really look in the mirror and say to ur self “ mi body look good and dem grudge me”?. it sad that at the age y’all are unuh let peer pressure meek unuh go fuck up unuh body. Some a unuh cah even siding pon unu arse cause it hurts just to sit. Unuh should a teck the money and go siding wid a Therapist cause unuh face and body language show the sadness. I pray y’all learn unuh lesson and leave God creation alone before unuh loose unuh life cause some a unuh too ole fi a go do surgery is a big risk that uno teck . My next questions is why afta uno do body unuh Baffin a show everything ina the naked clothes dem leave some things fi the imagination man nah go want unuh cause the world a see all a unuh future. Man still want woman wid classs and a little mystery remember that. Me cry shame when me man fren siding a discuss uno body parts and talk how far ina unuh mouth dem a choke offf dem wood cause unuh a freak, sad bad

  121. Angella you can ease up off the Botox ina you face now man :request :request you face start to look like a blowfish dwl. The world know you a old woman not because you fucking all them little cayliss look damn ridiculous inna the naked clothes them you belly fayva box.

  122. Dirty Angela why u no leave Ann alone , is it. Because Ann surgery look better than urs? You go do surgery 4 times now and you still fail take back your money from the surgeon he made your two breast into one lol. No curve and the bottom squeeze up like when bread hot. Ann a lead

    1. Lies, cause both of y’all look a messs. .2 ole bitches fighting y’all age embarrassing y’all kids. Running around in parties looking like sumo wrestlers and swear people like yall cause they smiling in yah face they actually laughing at y’all. Unuh fi go look REAL work and spend time with y’all teenage kids y’all let grow themselves. If the 2 a unuh did cute it would be soo bad. Ann go fix ur mouth since u surgery happy , mouth long and spacious like me couch.. unuh no see trump nah play wid the scammers and the seller dem no more.

      1. Omg bitch ur life sad sad look at the time a morning u find fi a trouble ppl .. let mi address whe u sey bout ann the big Oman just buy her 16 yr old daughter a Lexus fi her 16 birthday and when was the last time u see that lady ?? She did veneer and her smile is so pretty ..u just a hating ass bitch and by the way what did Angella do to u ?? Leave the ppl dem and go get a dick in ur mouth find a life because obviously the old Oman dem a pressure u baddddddd

        1. Look at the time you a comment? You worst no have a life . Anne muss a feed you or you a one a har Mule dem. Sanny or Poochie is this yalll? Poochie you no say when you a man left you no fi keep fukking him right? Ole mattress back. Me no grudge Ann. Fi. Nothing way she runs risk and have sleepless nights fa.. you see har daughter did a try hide fi har shacklements and har own fren dem buss it. Show ofi ff bring disgrace. So what she buy har daughter a Lexus does Ann make over 60k to prove that she can afford it? Unuh Gwan fly high.. Angela choose to be a chicken head ina her 40s. Before she do har body you neva hear har name call. No she get older and careless. Unuh embarrass the Jamaican in me.

      2. Whe U know bout di ppl dem they both work what is ur problem with them their age girl make sure u look like dem when u r their age because fi old Oman as u said they both look great.. and for ur info go do a back ground check on ann the Oman life is ok I wish I was in her shoes and this is know fact u too bad mine true u Madda fuck out and no body no want her u mad leave the old Oman dem mek dem enjoy dem life

  123. Who’s all these people? Ann, Angela, Rosie…. I’m outta the loop…. I need a brief overview so I can catch up plz. Thanks

  124. Angella is the old lady dat full up r face wid Botox fi look young an a f***k off all the little young boys dem. Ease up ma u face start looking like a blow fish.

  125. Dancehall in philly remind me of the Movie Men in Black. A bunch a confuse Ants looking bitchees running around wanting attention. Unuh really look ina unuh mirror and tell unuh self say unuh really look good and people grudge unuh? what y’all gonna do when this face body mess go out a style? me feel so sad fi. Unuh cause unuh cah siding cause unuh batty uncomfortable.

  126. The veneer Mek who look beautiful? You mean she look like a horse. Two old sad seeking attention bitches . Ann Both you and your daughter go sit unno stay bad self under a rock.

  127. Aunty pink ya so excited to celebrate 12 years a cheating ya so bloodcloaat blind ya man zan in a KD party with a young hot gal pink all the shade ya write bout chy ya have a new competition bitch ya dumb ugly bitch

    1. Chyann why don’t you describe the girl so pink can cry the way How she made you cry? Every chance you get to talk about her and she’s not even writing or acting the way you do about her life I don’t see nothing on her page is where she is throwing Shade on you or anybody But you always assume this girl is worried about you. you say your life is better and happier so prove it and stop with the posting big bad officer just beat that ass and done if so be the case I know that is one show I do not want to miss so keep us updated please and thanks I’m sick and tired of this social media bad people

      1. Why the girl chy her mother and the gal Rosie. Come out looking like them just roll out the bed? hair tied up shirt wrinkle and dingy! Y’all wanna talk Shit about other people you Gotta make sure your shit straight first! I don’t think the young boy zan give two fucks about cry or the child you say is his. FYI uno need fi look a new hairstylist quick to bbc!

      2. Chy obsess wid everybody man all she do is throw subs on pink. Di man nah use yu my bitch. You fuck all the old friends to his foes even uh fren dem man uh fuk kmbct

  128. What happen at the garage yall talking bout zan pink and chy. Chy look sick, zan broke, and pink ugly as shit and i want her to stop wear the bald head with color. Fuck them they all look dumb

  129. Sandy british my girl yuh doing too much with all dem fake clothes And fake boot hun every week yuh out inna one bag a mess please to stop it because we know yuh nuh have nuh money girl get a life and stop fooling yuh self yuh look like yuh blind when yuh put on yuh clothes and yuh man clown man can’t even tell yuh it don’t look good

  130. Shae how you look like us breed u a breed so? Is that why you flingup piC wid you a Jav fi gi Cherry heart attack . Rayyyyy.
    A good fi Cherry bid ole woman go waste money fi do body and turn round Mine young boy har son age.. way you go badda waste you money twice fa drankcro.. every time me see you me affi laugh cause me no know is who a fool you say you look great.. aa betta you did stay wid Price cause at least people know say unuh did deh but the young boy have you a play hide and seek and spend out the people dem pardna money. All ur daw ta muss Shane a you cause she act like she is the adult and u are the child. Go fix ur calf dem now cause it no match the body. Ur age shows right there. And go get hearing aid cause u deaf no bloodclaat. You 2 son drm need ur money stop make Donna boost you fi mine har son and laugh afta you.cause Donna and Shae a big fren to.

  131. Chy on ig talkin about she do it all by herself nasty pussy gal uh CYAA even cook, uh muma blow up yuh spot saying how she’s trying to attempt to teach uh how to cook, the amount a man weh fuck uh and the amount a money spent on makeup and bottles uh go tek a cookin class

  132. Shae you bitch over here keep writing but please pack ya bags to join ya mom in Jamaica ya ass going down for FRAUD ya use ya mom social weh deport how much years now and get pua fi mine jav you miss thing all the baby ya want to have ya still getting deported so be prepared I call the IRS on ya ass and you TIA that took ya baby father social also you will be joining ya other combolos shortly in jail for FRAUD

    1. Bleachy Lowe di gal cause a unuh alone hate har.. so wait deh unuh mean fi tell me say people really bait up demself and go use deportee social like the govamend nah go see them pon video a use di card dem or find dem yard from the bank account the money gone to. Unuh really make chu hype unuh ado get jail time . Unuh ago maggle pon each odda ina di same stripes. Dyam fool .

  133. So u not talking about the shooting at the garage. Bag a waste man kill the yute to prove uno run things in philly. Place full up a baa waste man an batty man that waan play Don. Camera was rollin ediot waste man. The man dem a talk cause a senseless killin u think that’s how u play don or get Orda.

  134. Any Spanish town bad man me see ina di I party dem me ago call di police and. Tell dem unuh wanted a Jamaica. Me tyaad a unuh. All di cayliiss gal and wife dem wah a harbor unuh me call dem name. This is not J@mauca and me tyaad fi a run from shot. All unuh gal no see sat dem boy yah. Married unuh fi put unuh ina problem. Dynamic fool. Informa mi turn cause me tyaad a di badness a philly.

    1. call dem yes dem careless and the gal dem careless too. uno carry dem tief an ole murder from jamaica here to do the same an they don’t help u. u still a wipe shit while they take ur money an cars go rob and pick up gal. u think it look good. thats why u cant prosper.
      the man dem walk an try extort an rule man true they have one bag a batty man a follow back a dem. since uno love man company hope u get it a jail.

    1. Dirty suck pussy stay bad missy mi know a u dis because u tell mi friend dem so already what do u have leave to Oman alone

  135. Ann if u really tierd a wuka u can turn him in with the rest of the crosses an move outta that pit toilet u love park big car in front of. Me neva see big ooman do so much surgery an still big n sour. buy u kid big car with payments that value more than ur house. No matta how much surgery Ann n daughter do every spring by fall them big an stink again. Ann sell her daughta dem to highest bidda. That big white boy she have sleep with shawty. All her man friend do. No matta how much disease he give her she still waddle him dun. U see woman run from waste man n take dem outs no she. Big sad ooman. It don’t matta what part him play turn him in n get reward fi fix u teeth n body the proper way n get off that condemned box. How sum a uno act like u hot n cum america fi live in dem dutty place. Please no brag bout car buyin any ediot can go waste 3000 fi put on car but Ann web u live my gosh. Fava the worse parts of jamaica and u here so long. Geezum big ooman. U nah prospa. N don’t cum call me wicked who wicked like dem n dem man. Fire fi uno

    1. Dirty suck pussy stay bad missy mi know a u dis because u tell mi friend dem so already what do u have leave to Oman alone

  136. Bevon yuh party look nasty and dutty. It look like a bare STD dash out a yuh party lastnight. Mi nuh suprise if some ppl weh did deh a Bevon trashy dutty party lastnight have corona. Everybody a di party look like dem wah bade. Chill was a classy pool party. Bevon your pool party lastnight was tacky trashy and full a woman weh look like man eeewwww.

    1. Nothing classy bout chill! It was a dutty pool party in a junkyard. Wah classy bout that. Stop talk bout Bevon Philly party never classy yet they all keep in dutty condemn place Weh police eva a run up inna. always some trashy junkyards or alley. Or garage or basement and uno sware it classy. All uno look like walkin corona stop it. U go mongst the worse set of man an woman in the city every night without mask an waan style bevon. Delusional whole a uno wrap up with each otha n full of disease. Most a uno wipe up shit a day and wipe up some junkyard floor with ya ass at night. U all cna n go give u client corona. U sell food have restaurant n deh dance every nite no mask then go stick u hand in people food Fi serve them daily. Please no say class. That show u worse nasty n don’t have clue what class is. Stay u classy people no go dance in junkyard worse in a global rass pandemic. Kmft. Uno a talk bout dodge bullet n u go corona parties in philly junkyard. Kmrt

    2. And uno same crosses people wah a hate and a write up fuckery b the same ones inna the damn party like it’s nothing so move up .. bevon party was all fun and entertaining everybody know bevon party full a vibes and pure mad dancers the hell so wah new nobody never say a classy Beverly hill pool party y’all just bored and miserable

  137. KeishaGangsta. See Karma reach you swiftly. Now tell me was it worth it. You see tia a nyaam out the man and you get jealous and run go teck and married and di man wah back every Dolla him gi u now. Never you try spite a next woman cause all God see say you sorry right yah now. You run gone live a bush and lonely. Girl get use to it cause you plan and god a teach lesson. I pray that man. Really no take way that house from you even though a easy money buy it. Easy come easy go

  138. I just wanted to know if it’s the old man that name wuka kill the man at the garage because the feds will be right at Ann doorsteps in the morning

    1. He get 10 shots. It’s not just one man. mind u call an ur man get lock up to. call if u need the reward. when they hold one they all fuk.

  139. Bitch it hurt because mi chill was a better pool party than false teeth Bevon party? If yuh suh classy why yuh ova yah a guh toe to toe? Why yuh mad? I said what I BBC said. Yuh a muss one a him side bitch. Di pool did dutty. Di gyal dem including yuh troll face look dutty tuh. Chill keep inna junk yard but was better pool party than dat STD infected pool part lastnight. Mi done talk. Bitch stop follow mi up. Like yuh seh, mi clean di ppl dem shit. Yuh mad bout dat yuh?

    1. Y u mad, ur feelings hurt? I don’t even know the yute nor do I care to but I don’t see nothing different or classy bout any Philly party. They all same, with same set of drunkro stand up in piles of garbage. Truth hurts u waan style people but nothing in philly dancehall classy so save that. N I don’t give a shit if you waan wipe batty that’s respectable job that pay bills but i do think it’s f’d up u carry u corona self out of junkyard to go kill off the poor sick people. most a uno in Dancehall tek care of elderly n sick. U in every dance no mask n in every one face n carry back germs 2 ur kids n patients. U coulda cuss lil more but leave classy out of it cause u obviously don’t know what it is.

  140. One order man dem need fi come up outa Philadelphia! Unuh need to turn dem enn most a dem is old murdere and theif!

    1. Orda or west all same. Uno role in same dutty bungle. West man nah do nuttin orda don’t know bout or allow. we do know how it go. philly little u all mix an idle togetha. orda today west men tomorro u all can go down togetha. the man come from spanish town but orda quiet? Wuka, Congo and di set a governa uno soon link up with ya boss Placka. how much is the ransome cuz mi need a new food.

    2. As me say the one order man dem need to gtfo of Philadelphia! And me nah tek back mi chat! Since you know so much go tell the police who did it and stop talk inah parables.

  141. A must some big waste gal one a the order man fuck n leave ova ya a write uno pon a fuckin gossip page a call up the people dem name uno so brave why uno no gi report station uno a fuck with the wrong set a man then seems like philly no have any funerals in a min and one a uno waste gal see a casket uno love

  142. Katrina did you really leave the African baby dad and go back and breed for the Jamaican baby dad? Girl you Puss Is really confused. Please tell me that baby is ur son.s baby and you trying to be funny. Don’t you see Trump trying to stop welfare and you keep trying to get a bigger check. Go get a real job and stop having all these kids and not work a real paycheck. You know that can HHA job can’t take care of all those kids. You do spend time with those kids but. All That junk food feeding And buying expensive clothes does not make you a great mother. Please tie those tubes. Poor Ex husband sorry till he can’t even hold his head up from embarrassment. That African man was ur match you think they play like the simple Jamaicans you know. I heard that man don’t even like to see the sight of you.

  143. Ann please with that ur Ass is real. Real ass have a shape tha volcano looking thing is a disaster and waste of money. Go buy some chicklet teeth now to finish looking like a bison clown you want to look like.

    Shane please do not have any more kids cause you barely stay home with them. You thought the boy was going to stay chu u gi him yankee pickni. A one night stand is just that the man nah leave him woman way him love fi you way no responsible at All.

    Susan you stop do road cause ur cheerleader Shane foil unuh plan and go breed.dwl. Does the people in ur new township knows you panty stay busy and you are not a lady. Poor Biggs him get used and parked he in everybody Dm and comment and look rescue. Susan you is a wicked and you look. Stay in the house like you been doing. I hope you no gain back the wait after ur surgery wAy you did a deAd fa.

    Cash is bleach you bleaching mums? From wah day you start look cleaner me think you proud a you blackness… please to start enjoy ur money cause you warm hard and always a pick up dem boy way only a use you. Lumes gal a Cali no stop laugh and call you are bank account. You only have a type I see are you that insecure? Girl save ur money for ur kids and stop being a sugar mama. That boy never want you before him desperate and you think he do now.

    Tannica no body no want Keith but you so please stop all this drop word. Him look like you granddaddy.. the 2a unuh match. When is ur sister going to stop make that boy Markie breed gal a road and she see and no care. Look like browning ago take over this time tell ur sista no Badda come bawl pon Fb again we tyaad a it cause she nah go no where. Tell har Get a Bigga house and them all live like Africans wid many wife.

    Keisha Burgs wife. When are you going to stop living in denial. That man used you and keep embarrassing you now he out and about again and you acting like you putting ur foot down. Girl he live with his man Tracey that should be enough embarrassment for you to find one of a Lizard cous or fren and show him a payback. You a pretty girl but too naive. You only getting older stop letting that nigger waste ur time and giving you Bv and smelly coochie. .

    Roxy and ur sis what’s the deal unuh a make people pressure unuh fi be voiceless now. Unuh stop loud and proud on FB .it goes to show yall wasn’t ready for the fame.

    Sharika how come ur big sis Lisa not defending you. With all that mess Marlo sis blazing about you on Insta? That girl use to be ur Bestie so what went wrong. It no look good at all.

    Chy me loose hope fi you. Are you that desperate for a man you gone to One grand son. You don’t like corporate or Army men?. Well with a mother like urs. You didn’t have much future plans. Stay ur ass home and tend to ur child and leave these dirty boys alone. You look so lost and confused.

    Zan stop look excuse fi no mine ur pickni. Ur first baby mom said and now u still doing the same for the others. Until u do right by ur kids ur head front nah stop peel out. Me no see how Pink glad fi sleep wid u.eww. You can buy things and drop of the girl house or mail it. There is no excuse. U should be glad smaddy breed fi u sour like.

    Alll married couples please stay out of dancehall. We know y’all hate each other and the party is a escape for each other but please. Stay ur stressed assed home. Unuh look mash up, stressed, sick and one meal away from collapsing. All the acting y’all doing ain’t working. Iff y’all was so happy we wouldn’t see y’all out every week. COVID make unuh affi tolerate each other more and the hate is showing..

    Tracey you nose and ur punni match. You just left Teflon and u in love again. Gal you no have no shame. Please hide ur man dem ina di house. Tell dem no talk to you a road cause me shame fi you. No kids and you hole soo good and switch man every six months. Please go to the gym go work pon ur bang belly and ur hole.

    Until later that my summary..

    1. You so invested in other people life why don’t you write a summary about your dirty life cause ya seem to know everybody business hope yours na spoil cause only a big waste idlers would sit and write a whole summary about people who don’t acknowledge ya little irrelevant ass

  144. Is dirty Barbie wid har can hold nuh man nuh man nuh want careless pussy bitch true Kahil left u fi mi friend Lisa u big mad go get a life and go treat ur aids body and herpes pussy and leave ppl alone big waste gal u si u haffi go live back wid ur mom. Cause ur pussy fail in the tri state area nasty bitch

    1. Doesn’t this mean ur fren have the aids and heroes too since she a take Barbie EX? All unuh a edict cause certain girl me nah fukk afta. Barbie pums busier than any Airport and unuh a war ova Man. Barbie all the surgery and skin bleaching you do , when are going to get married settle down and be a real mother To your kids? You dam near 40 and still a act like a chincken head. You seems disturbed and never happy. . Girl happiness comes from within not outward appearance . When are you going to learn that you promote ur self sexually and thatts all these men see when they see you not a wife or a respectable Woman.

    2. Lisa we know this is you. Your with kahil every night and day we never see you and him wid yuh kids don’t how can you talk about being a mother ? Yuh party more than a dj, every dance yuh deh behind di man like under cover security, uh skin patch up and boil up like burnt soup weh obeah man cook

  145. Please tell me Donna Son did not get bleach bumpy face pregnant She looks like a bleach face Monkey . How u work at a hair store and your hair God Bless

    1. WHAT A WAY CHERRY A GWAN WITH HERSELF LAST NIGHT THO … cherry gwan make veachy and them hype you up and shame yourself

  146. So wuka run away I heard that the big boys looking for him now? Y’all see for Y’all self that badness don’t pay in America

    1. So uno really let wuka run whey. But is not him one fi loft up. Everybody know nuff of dem involve. Maybe he collect an run whey. Cuz I’m sure they kno that many shots come more than on gun

  147. Who write that long saga bout waste people like tannica, Ann and man looking cashless. Philly sad bad. I just come to hear bout shootin an how I can collect the reward. Uno chat everything but bout mi money. Sad set a dutty mixup drunkro.

  148. Why unnu dweet crowbate ? i was planning on the payout to do my greencard. Now unnu mek wuka runaway ! Who’s the other person or persons that involved? I desperately need the money.

    1. Move you RASS Tasha find new man and lives with her man uno stay bad ehhhhhh atleast can come with real news man Jesus

  149. Di plott up hair boy Pierre weh Boops deh wid and di next boy weh him pare wid and di one odda boy wid him hair braid back way Congo bredda did outta big yard a fire shot when Munchy Miracle keep har party. Dem and di two boy weh fire shot after Igloo weh Sunday night Police a look fi dem. People see see dem and point dem out suh dem tink a peace and safety inna dancehall. After dem a shot up people party. Dem picture get send in a station and statement mek. Dem too BBC nuff and love attention. Di Police shall give it to dem.

    1. So why man go to parties to shoot. Do they want to make people aware that they have a gun? Choopid! Look like di whole a di one orda and rest of man dem get PUA bucks to buy gun. The buss gun in party gone out in 90s. Baa lil broke wanna be gangsta an wanna be extortionist deh a philly. Dem tief and careless an 20 of dem drink from one bottle.

  150. Stinky Dinky a u ova yah a call up di man dem name true u a fuck ugly wuka from whe day u a act like u bad a want di man dem slaps in U man face

  151. So boops and Gary lef? After he laid fi di half butch body she left him ? Boops u festive bad lol. You find out Tasha did a sleep off the man so you finally run her

  152. Stinky Dinky stop call up di man dem name from u a fuck wucka u a act like u bad a u a carry di gun go inna dance fi di man dem and a u deh pon camera a walk out the man fi di man dem kill him a dat u fi out up

  153. So Igloo did festive bad only few ppl can keep dance and really enjoy yourself like Peter blacks prezi jago and few other ppl but let’s start by Tasha dah with boops little man brother so she always with him notice the lady not in parties no more a nuh everybody who just inna dance hall inna dancehall some times a break is good man Jesus boops been left Gary don’t see have her young fat chubby man inna party and gully what a way the other day you have young America gyal dem inna dance and have big woman . Munchie tho bad to bad you nuh smell yourself inna dance munchie walk pass mi and gyal green green green green green no sah .. but cherry you nuh see rass old fi a gwan with yourself so a wah true you see jav and him woman you must shame sah him finally a wife up Shae tpc. So wait shae wingie and Tanice not friends anymore ?????? Don’t seem like it like Shae and tia Tia real close . Give a better a joke mi stand up by the hookah Table and meesha walk by and stop a look conversation with her baby father all now little boy don’t look at her meesha you nah stop take shaming though you know see man hate you like poison & what a way everytime see the young wife or is that still his wife you wah inna chattingz wirh the man we all know him hate you like ever girl


    1. Windy wit my bad pretty ass cousin at every party and she will be by him side at his party you dutty bitches madddddd



  155. Jeezam peas tpc unu cya start a nex tread all now :tabrakan: mi tiad go scroll nuh mon :repost: mi wan see pitcha a di frownsy dutty Philly dancehall drankro unu chat

    1. More than one man shoot the man. Geezam. I guess it take a few of them to take down one man. that’s why they all walk in batty man group.

  156. Tasha don’t party nomore because she boops can’t give her rides to party anymore and give her money to do hair and nails Dwl

    1. The lickle gal have a man fi do that and the lickle been teck wey her self from party before she and Boops fail out . Real facts please and uno love people business and fi uno deh spoil

      1. Tasha shut the hell up. You fuck for wind and breeze not even your papers yuh interested to obtain. You’re a snake the lady put uh up, you tun round and inform all boops dirty lawnndrrrrreeeee like a snitch, the lady do so much fo yuh and yuh chat the lady so harsh. Boops good fi yuh tew,

  157. That was a long ass post but one thing I agree is Tracy pussy salt yuh fuck…every man yuh fuck get dip are locked up gramms,n flippa,teflan n more n a one crew dat , N don’t mention the hide soon as mi bredda go jail yuh fling di pussy back Pon yuh forehead , dah lickle yute Deh kemar jus act too frighten lol she A fuck Pon him right now .. pretty girl n she shape nice , but her pussy match ar foot dem BIG. N WIDE


  158. uno stay real bad and sad ehhhhhhhh the lady find a man and the man have car so uno move dutty rass , every frenz have fail out so .. & Tasha take way herself not everybody wah inna dance hall dance hall dem whole life Jesus man

    1. Which man this now ? Tasha change man like how tampon change on the first day of a cycle

      Boops hope when the man leave you you don’t call back Gary big nose gal

      1. Don’t matter atleast the lady have a man some of y’all a fight over man wah don’t want y’all asses or a hide and a take ppl man let ppl live dem fucking life not your pussy a get fuck out your life damn sheesh man

  159. Shay have man lol. JAV American girl that hangs with his family gives her ugly big nose bleach out face a run ‍♂️ for her money.

  160. Duty no Gucci a who birth for you who Tom or jerry with that piece jumpsuit ya big old lady weh bout 65 and still wearing cut up shit with ya lumpy body ya coming like some old cornmeal porridge mi granny usually mek fi the dog them bye bitch

  161. Philly denzel A di caus off alll the gunshot weh a fire in a di party dem from him switch from west to one order the ting start get way me here deh a him fire shot the other night a hot pot need for call police pon him rass

  162. So wait a who missy she with though god she not even from philly them a say but I hear it’s Jigga woman , dontae woman well cant b dontae cuz dat woulda be nasty and messy she all hype over veachy and a fuck her one time man but then again they gyal ya nuh care jelly and veachy use to deal with same man so a nuh nothing now dem a say Kemal diamon and missy but what away she all up under him last night tho but wait don’t she have her man at home too rass

  163. So sandy a so you ago make big face zammy just beat ur neice go beat her come tho ….. and zammy you think that’s the fuck cute fi a beat pon woman so all some uno boy if a man did a beat out uno MUMMA RASS how woulda like that can’t be role model to her son if a so you beat him MUMMA go and come

    1. Gully a theief furniture smh that hole restaurant dirty …they food ain’t even good. N now they chef a theief .lol

  164. Him beat di woman gyal pickney? Wait til I see dutty Zammy a road. When gunman di hol dem weh day why him neva beat dem? Watch mi and him.

  165. Nakeisha Salmon stop call up the people dem name. EVERY CHANCE YOU GET you inna mixup. You seem DISTURBED and never happy you too bbc nuff. Gal you have no shame. Nobody likes you. You get from bad to worse now. Your fren or sister need to tell you the truth. You so invested in other people why don’t you chat about your dirty life cause you spoiled long time. Your hole rotten and switch man every week your pussy confused. You got a husband, a baby dad, a man inna Jamaica and fuck everyone inna dancehall. Stay your ass home cause you don’t mine your pickni. Everytime the people dem see you wid your fren dem them a laugh cause you look like you blind when you put on your clothes. No matta how much makeup you use your skin look like you got HIV sores it sick mi stomach. Kmbt

  166. Is it just me? or do anybody else realize that katina scott named her new born baby after bones-man baby that passed away and then not even sure if it’s his baby smfh…….what a slap in the face to that mother that lost her child and then katina tried to have a replacement child

    1. The big hole gyal is disrespectful Geezam…
      Just went and see it the baby that past away name Judore Benjamin and she baby name
      Mateo judore Benjamin it neva coulda be me

      1. I’m confused…. did Judore pass away or not? Didn’t Bonesman just post that baby’s birthday party pictures? He has 5 month old twins with my fren….. Had the nerve to have my fren and her babies come to the house to pick up money only to find out it’s the same house the babymom (Judore) stay. The babymom must’ve came home early…. My fren was about to get out the car but the babymom pulled up, had her girls come out the house and get the groceries. Bonesman didn’t speak to her it seems like they had a argument. My fren just pulled off and kept going as she should…. he kept promising her he’ll change. He told her so many lies…. she had no clue who he was. She cut him off completely and changed her number. She won’t even let him come see the kids because he lies so much. He still manage to stalk the shit outta her… sit outside her job, show up at the babysitter to see the kids and refuses to leave her alone.

        1. Yes the baby did die he had two babies that was the same age the one he posted was the girl that he still with now and katina name her son after the baby that died come like she have a replacement child

          1. Damn my condolences to that mother. And he has two more… twins with my fren. They’re 5months old a boy and a girl… That babymom he’s still with knows about the twins because my fren and her had words a few times on FB. Seems like he was with all three of them… the babymom, my fren up until a 2 weeks ago and this Katina woman.

  167. No Yankee no want half of the yankee gals in dancehall that’s why they flocked to the Jamaicans. Katina punnie busier than the 76 and. Roosevelt boulevard. That gal a take Jamaican man from she a 9 . She only a hype up herself fi the man knock har Out and she send him own so she can collect the free benefits. That gal wutliss . Cute with no character me no see how them frighten Jamaican feel like she a smaddie when a section 8 and the government make she a survive. She ain’t bad like she act she love run go station when real badness move to har. One bag a mouth duppy know who fi frighten. Big ole non ambitions friendly punnie nasty sperm collector . Me no see how dem man dem kiss she when dem a kiss every Jamaican man buddy ina Philly cause she no have no price

  168. Not to be funny cause kids are beautiful. Katina I’m trying to see how ur family pics are going to look when you have 4 different baby dads and men from 3 Different countries. Do the baby dads all get along? I’m sure they all look at each other and laugh wondering how they fell victims to being attached to you for life. I don’t care how good of a mother you think you are kids needs attention and time separately you have them but it not fair to them because. You carry them to punish the dads and they have to suffer the consequences. How are you going to have hold a steady job when you can’t even afford to put them in daycare. The Gov trying to discontinue welfare so please don’t have anymore we know you were not born rich and hustlers not giving you they money like that.

    1. Went and have baby fi bones? …..Dwl he for EVERYBODY he went and had three babies unless then a year you thought you had a catch? He only a catch to y’all Americans that think he got a little coin! but the real woman know betta you should have made that man buy you a house before having another baby sweetie you have to choose who to give the pussy to looks can be deceiving



  170. I think the reason why that girl keep posting that baby is because the daddy not coming to look for the baby so she wants him to see on SM and have a change of heart. She thinks she can irritate him by posting the baby so people can tell him. Girl go do the DNA cause as far as I can see the man don’t care.. the whole realationship was a secret and all of a sudden a baby magically appeared and the dad was a 2 pumps And cum man.girl u sound bitter and trying to get a reaction out the man and his family and it ain’t working. I feel bad for his woman cause she have to stalked by a physco like you over a man.
    like u.

    1. All of them crazy. And why you feel bad for his women… she just as dumb for staying with him. He continues to embarrass the shit outta her and she stays. He keep screwin and knocking women up and she’s just a happy. The man got a heap of kids in JA, a son with her, twins, a baby just die, Katina baby and God knows how many more out there and probably women who may have aborted.

      1. I think that girl only stay because she scared. Dealing with somebody like that. You can run but what about ur family back home and kids. Katina the only one think she bad and have no idea the Devil she signed up with. With a name like Bonesman I would have been running scared not turned on to sleep with him. I don’t know him but his name indicates he collect bodies or he makes them disappear. Why would a woman that has more than 2 kids pick up an unstable man like this . Y’all or lost and confused

  171. How are you’ll doing with your kids virtual teaching? Talk about that. You would think that would keep you’ll busy and form some sort of bonding time so you’ll can take a break on anonymously speaking on people and their business.

  172. What a way the PUA money done so nuff Gyal gone back inna hiding DWRCL! Man face Roxanne and her irrelevant yam head sister. Anyway on another note, How the RedCups guy determines who gets a cup? Because some of these people him give cups irrelevant.

    1. Well say that…. you nuh make much sense in previous comment… Are you saying Roxanne new name police??? DWRCL…. her man find new ooman?

  173. So dirty munchie you a tell mi your sister veachy couldnt do your face better , lady walk pass mi last nite and mi swear a one walking dead too rass….. a sign this well uno dirty show time girls never look good so a nuh nothing your so called man party and all your matey step out and you flip , hair did look nice but the make up no Sah the grey lips gloss or stick wasn’t it mumma uno ever stay bad fi real

        1. So stone from one order what a way you can disrespect you wife so every minute you up with Rochelle rotten face friend uno sick stomach well rent house put Gyal inna and everything mi wah the wife beat har Rass and stop him 10 green card dutty man

          1. Philly cum ere. Unnuh nuh see Sandy British man and Macka Diamond deh right out. Unnuh ova IG pan Pretti don page. Pretti don all link video wid di man and Macka. Sandy how yuh feel? Yuh and yuh ugly friend Stacy chat ppl too much.

  174. Man Clown Shea! Imagine Tyesh whisper something inna yuh ears and you overhear typing about it. Why you don’t focus on the man weh do not want you.

  175. No stone from one order. Big Stinkin pu**y tyesh and Stinking mouth shea. You too love people Business. Let’s start with you tyesh with yuh big head bbc man when him a Walk it look like him a drop down. Tyesh don’t fi get yuh man a stone yes man. Yuh a Walk and a tell people yuh get 10 year green card. Congratulations to you God knows yuh need it after leaving your son behind for so many years. Girl the way how you love people business you on the phone day-and-night talking about people business that don’t even remember you why you love mix up so much God know but you need a proper cleaning in your heart But I don’t expect anything better from you because you are a abuse child. Big pu**y shea. Girl yuh ugly yuh just ugly. Yuh always on Pink wall talking s*** about people yuh need to go invest in some proactive for that cottage cheese lumpy face. Shea girl mi a funk yuh man but mi don’t want him yuh can have him Anytime mi come on pink wall and see yuh a type anything about anybody I’m gonna give it to you cause I know all your business. If Gucci only know how you really feel about her girl she wouldn’t even look at you one minute. Yuh talk about Gucci like sh*t girl. Yuh so call friend tell mi you and R love pink wall. Back to you tyesh yuh Chat too much. All mi friend yuh a tell bout Stone gal. I know everything stone do for that girl because yuh run yuh f****** mouth like water. Let me end this right here.

  176. First of all sender you sound upset nobody don’t have to talk stone business stone talk him own business mi nuh like tyesh but nobody nuh haffi talk stone business stone chat like a gal him chat everything and how the gal pickney get involved mi see she post har son and him nice and clean stone walk and look everybody and chat him wife and the rotten face gal

  177. Clarence you wussa dan di gal dem a philly. If you want spread news so bravely right now, informa mi turn cause me tyaad of you. Chat how you nuh stop walk and fuck dung the place and how many gyal you keep. You one bagga nasty sperm.. passing out pickni like you passing out flyers. You should be glad smaddy breed for your sour rass. Me no see how the gyal dem mine you cause you stay inna chatting and come like a bitch. You and di next bwoy you pare wid like unno so bad. Stop gwan like unno better than ppl and doing things for show. You only hype up yourself you wutliss piece a clown. You drive nice car but and ediot can go brag and waste money to put on car. Everyday your BBC life just a sad filter. Stop walk an extort the ppl dem cars and ooman dem money… is why you cant prosper. Me say this one time to the gyals dem is a precaution, me nuh gone come back suh bout this waste matter… The amount of ooman Clarence fuck inna dancehall for a man should be illegal.

  178. Boi tyesh yuh na feel nuh way dis a di 2nd pikney yuh big head man ave pon yuh, yet up ina stone dem life. A duh blame him cah uno reputation stink inna philly dun tuh di dawg a grung yuh nuh pass him ave a trang stomach fi tek up a phily cleaning dawg shit lika yuh. Mi here him nuh tap show di fren dem di new baby . Di fuss trang stomach man fi own yuh pity him nuh kno yuh nyam pu**y & batty tuh. A hste oh uno lub ppl life & fi get fi uno. Raw mouth shae cherry a gi yuh sum time suh use it wisely b4 shi cum back fi har property. Wingie wen last yuh guh visit yuh criminal babyfada a jail? Stone tap tell yuh fren dem yuh story cah dem tell dem mix up oman fi tell dem mix up fren

  179. Rochelle and tia you upset with tyesh so bad Rochelle you chat molly remember you tell har fi nyam out stone a through the gal build relationship you mad Rochelle,Rochelle and tia uno want a life uno mad with everybody except uno self….granny you mi nuh know how them order man you around cause you carry news to everybody cause you and all the man them woman a friends one minute you up with stone then the next gal you granny mainly talk about stone wife how she nasty Rochelle a nuh tyesh mek you stop get free entry and liquor tia you need a brand new life you a one one a the ugliest gal mi every see if all uno a dog shit a through tyesh man nah look uno uno mad mad Weha luv chat not suppose to be in relationship stone mouth a diarrhea if stone look a gal him chat him next woman I don’t kknow how them a bad man

    1. The yankee baby dada say stone buddy no mention SJSU’s him tongue. You notice how she chat way she want and him affi quit. That gal talk everything. Nasty set a fuckers bout badman. Bad pon sucking

  180. Not a soul wah da big head ole face boi deh weh tyesh tink a har man. Da boi ave ow much oman ya even yung pikney weh soon born r born weh day him n bonesman suh ow a tyesh man? Him a clown tuh cah tyesh tell shae ow shi cuss him bbymada a ny & im doh do a ting else she wud a trow him out fi guh live pon stone chair. Any boi mek a slut bucket diss em bbyma & nuh do ntn is a WASTEMAN cah a shi ave eh pikney dem regardless gi respect. Tia granny seh yo mouth stink lik batty n stone house dutty n di Yankee wife nasty. Y’all sum dirty slimy pit toilet worse tyesh weh use to eat di fat boi n r ex fren sue batty yacckkk

  181. Lol Tyesh Tyesh Tyesh this exactly what you n duty shae must get everyday y’all two musty bitches on pink wall talking shit now long behold someone come air uno nasty bloodcloth file out ya can stop gwan like ya so above pink wall cause we know ya over here a read and a write have a good day sweetie no boda stress ya self out a worry bout ya handicap man cause only a handicap would pick up a dog shit like you

  182. Granny granny granny what can I say about a bitch like you two face cutlass is a understatement you friend people fi find out them business then tek it and walk the streets a Philly with ppl business a duty gal lika you ca be trusted mi nuh know how the order man them have you round them ya mouth is like a toilet one day one day you will get what you looking for

      1. Every year fi the last 3 years a granny breed. Girl you confuse. Less than 2 years ago twin white breed har. Then she move to Tia baby dads girl God giving you a warning to leave those kids alone. Why get pregnant and not carry them. Look at you whole body to. You want to be some body in dancehall baby mom that bad?. You and ur sister just keep raw doggy breeding for everybody and y’all still broke and look a mess.go away shooo fly

  183. Philly ole long time door mat sell f**k beggy beggy Tyesh dn’t let me read ur file ova ya cause yo rap sheet well long. No cause a blind smaddy a look pon yo now ya come gwan lik ya smaddy. Stop hating on rochelle & Tia cause dem no remember yo. Granny yo neva stp till the orda man breed yo. Di orda man dem really nuh use to nothing r oman to come a Merrimack & a try wife the biggest batta ears what every man use & refuse smh

    1. Big pussy , stink arm Tyesh you mad cause you got busted. Why you over here sending messages to stone wife about yuh big friend.
      I hope stone wife see this message that you sending her and just fuck you up.

    1. Everyone inna that party look dutty. Rosie Ass look horrible like a gun wound… like a pothole inna her ass cheek. She ugly bad. Michelle looked a mess…like a big ass bumble bee wrapped in a net. She too old and need to quit dancehall. Her husband only with her for papers. Nakeisha should keep her whore ass home and mind her kids dem. Dash weh the contacts, go to the gym for her belly and pay for a real wig…. Chin just look ole in the face…surgery catch up wid her.

  184. Walking toilet bowl tyesh yo well jump a post up di man nw, yo fi glad sey nw yo can post smaddi cah di only one weh mek yo tink ya cum bucket self a smaddi. him need nuff prayers cah him cudnt ina him right sense, rosie yo lok a hot mess @ yo party

  185. Boops you are bloothclaaat and gwan you fake just like your stiff batty … under Chy picture like you miss her and when y’all was friends use to walk and dog shit the gyal and chat her like anything . Boy uno set a dancehall people some fake fake fake fake ass so called friends don’t like each other but still inna each other face like t

    1. Boops chat everybody like shit with her triple chin, she move out Gary house to go live with the man she wouldn’t even say she get her own place. After she kick out Tasha she leave real leech ass bitch. Bwoy chy yuh confident till it look bad who boost yuh up to have yuh feel like yuh pretty ? Go home to yuh kid and learn to cook useless bitch



  187. Hey geco lizard sandy move you rass a come throw wud like you and macka inna beef over that corny as nigga… we all knows know you and that man wear fake ass clothes and the big ole plastic chain him have on inna fucking bed mi weak a rasssss … sandy Mi shame so goodas gyal macka make that rass fuck her cho bbc …. you hear wah macka say mi wouldn’t be the first to take a gyal man woiiiiiiiieeeeeee mi pussy

  188. Den Sand British yuh deh pan IG a boast bout di man cah lef yuh. Yuh nuh shame Geico? Di man shame yuh my girl. Macka a happen.

  189. Sandy British woah never see macka take ya man ya busy a write bout rossie and batty ya never see old woman come take ya man ya hate rossie fi Barry D God no like ugly ya take people man mitchie boo n rossie man now a gal take yours

    1. Boy unuh Philly people a real ediott. Unuh no see say a Sandy Man a look a buzz fi him career . Him pay Macka fi di highlight and unuh fall fi it. Chivea if you talent nah get you there this mixup only gwine make it worse.
      Mi notice everybody a claim a Sandy man like they been married for years. Wasn’t he faithfully MiChie Boo man for alll those years till Sandy teck hiM and start mine him over the last 2 years, Sandy need fi go start stay in wid di bag a fake clothes and extra makeup. Bout she a tag macka. And play macka song dem.

      1. Stop it sandy not minding that man that man tek good care of her ah who bex and yuh can’t tek someone who don’t want to leave

    1. Shauna is NOT sexy. She is ugly in the face…. When I saw her the other night at the fish fry I thought she was the pregnant one… she gain a lot of weight. She waste her money on surgery but congrats on becoming a grandmother babies are a blessing.

      1. Well the whole world knows that she’s not sexy, but that’s what she call herself. There are more than one shauna, so “sexy” was used to describe exactly which one was being referred to.

      2. Shauna daughter not even 21 yet and she love talk bout people business and hers a spoil, she grow see her mom fucky fucky so she following right behind

  190. SO SANDY DUTTY BRITISH WHY YU A CLASS MACKA SO !!! a never MACKA RAPE YOUR MAN OR KNEW ABOUT YOU SO WHY MAD AT MACKA LIKe y’all was FRIENDS !!!! That’s the problem with unnno ole foot woman instead of classing your dutty man you a make it like a macka fault .. like she said a sell she sell him broke pocket sell a fuck !!!!!!!!!!! Macka nuh owe you nothing and story soon die down cause none of unnno a somebody

  191. @Informa 2:42 true Clarance him mouth too loose… him chat everybody and everything. If you have secret don’t mek him know it spread like corona. None of the men dem him fren…. dem say him long time how him walk and chat… him wicked bad! Him have 10 pickney, keep a fuck list den diss em babyma. Every gal him beg fi chat. Some unu gal stomach strong fi sleep wid him. A real non ambitious bumbass WASTEMAN… this whole crew!

  192. Unno the worse set of Jamaicans I’ve ever seen. Keisha Glama, wtf you have on lastnite? You and your irrelevant sister need to retire already! China Lee fix your side tooth, it’s not cute for a big ooman. You got so much money go fix your tooth hun and go home to your likkle cocky husband. We all know that’s why you stay inna dancehall and trick out your pussy because he don’t satisfy you inna bed! You look like a rat inna the face! Rosie and Chy y’all ugly BAD! Rosie you come like a man… masculine and rough you’re fat af! Clarence and MG old rass black and ugly bad. Unno washed up stay home mon! Nobody want your rass but the likke youth or the granny dem! No middle age pretty ooman want unno rass. I notice even twin stay home some…. not every party for unno. Skeno your just played out… Dante your sexy af you’re above all of those fuckboys. Time to move to another scene. Try NJ, MD or NY! Ladies PLEASE use condom with Bonesman and thats on PERIODT. Jago I like how you big up your ooman and apologize pon fb. You sexy af! The ooman with the orange wig PLEASE don’t wear it anymore. Unno need to do a test run before wearing bold colors not all ooman look nice with bright colors and wigs.

  193. KAe and meesha go back home plz & thank you no mi luv cant wait for these pictures mi luv .. mi nuh go a mi man party with all him gyal dem there and nuh come out strong

  194. Who remember the toy call FERBY if yuh doe rememba GOOGLE FERBY TOY’ that’s how chy look at this party rie now’chy look stress and suck out and she can’t dress to save her life hot mess’


  196. some of y’all old ass dance hall ppl really nuh wah betta inna life and it shows , rather spend 600-1200 on shoes clothes and fuckery… but no car no house nothing good in life for unnuh fucking self just to keep up and feel like unnuh a hype pon somebody y’all too old when ago change life style tpc just come a america to have nothing no SAH….. god go with y’all

  197. so now dat veachy sista have her business and things maybe now you can help your sisters get dem papers and actually start do something in life instead running down name brand and don’t have nothing

  198. So Wait Dah A Likkle Bit …. So broad back. Veachy , So Nobody Couldnt Tell Yu Say The Stiff Ass Wig Did wah Fix The Time Spend pon Prolly Fake channel Couldnt Get A Better Wig Or Ask Good Good Fren Kelly Make yu One !!! ONE thing With Y’all Bitvhes UNNUH Really Can’t Dress Either Hair A Mess But inna Expensive Clothes , Or Make Up Nuh March !!! & Veachy As A Make up Artist A Only Brown Eye Shadow Yu Have No TPC Tried We Tried We Fucking tried A See Everybody With Same LUK No SAH . then Ppl Really Go Make yu Do Dem Face


  200. Everyone had on the same thing, nothing original! There was at least 3 girls with wearing that “fuck him” outfit from online….it’s so PLAYED OUT…. Everyone wore fake labels that screamed “pick me” they may as wore non-labels and paired it with a nice brand and looked classy! ROCHELL you look a TRADGEDY! STOP bleaching, go to the dermatologist for those veins in your legs, girl you look old and washed out. The pink wig don’t fit you… you and “your man” don’t match at all hun! Windy for a man, you look pregnant…. work on that! Mesha no matter how many times people give you advise you will ALWAYS be a bumb ass bitch. Nobody’s hating on you it’s FACTS! YOU ARE A BUMB! No matter how you spin it, dress it up or wig it! Kenya, Lizzard’s wife actually looked good lastnite minus the sneakers… There was a girl in black burberry that was really cute…. please take note! Lastly…. I don’t know WHY people ignoring this CLARENCE talk! It’s time someone spoke up about his bumb ass clown. It’s like the women are freighted of him. He is a certified slut, womanizer and scam artist. Don’t forget this the same fuckboy that was fucking Clara in 2014, ran the pardner and scammed everyone, he scammed Jay Icon and had to flee NY and was fuckin Kelly Star while she was married to Owen.

  201. Time ya blood cloth worry bout Chy she na shoplift so she can wear what she want you too bad mind ya in a whole party watching girl ya batty gal I’m sure Chy outfit cost more than piece shorts ya ina thought came brunch enjoy ya self didn’t know was fashion police

  202. Chy look a fucking mess and it’s just the RASS truth .. everybody have an opinion and cock eye gyal look a fucking mess , half of y’all look nasty crawny and need a try over .. it’s a brunch .. windy stop name party brunch cause ppl come any wah . Let’s start on KAe you cah say you going to man party and look like beach party going shoulda wear that to chill how you make juju , him wife and other bitches out do yuh only thing look decent pon you a the weave … meme meme meme how yu baby father inna party and look so crawny nuh wonder the boy hate you like wow … meme look like circus show was going 80s party to do a show man clown .. look crawny stink and teeth yellow nuh fuck meme it’s time Leggo dance hall old and fuck out and cah dress nuh wonder the young gyal a beat you bad .. missy all can say better off wear shorts shirt and sneakers cause that was very tacky ….. bad to bad munchie look better at cousin party than yu did at your own baby father …… veachy big board back coulda stay inna the ocean big shark face … make up artist ans face look so hair look so better did take the money get a nice wig something

  203. So sandy you nuh see pretti don post up a video with your man and macka a fuk TPC this cahhhhh fuckin real …. no too Jesus what a planka and this video recent bcuz macka have in braids and can see so him really a buy pussy that means your own nuh good again it seems mi honestly did think a fake something but cah fake a video

  204. Lisa come off a fucking pink wall between you and your rass fucking daughter careless nuhhh bbclt everything somebody Post run gone over Facebook but YET YALL SAYING DONT GIVE A FUCK TO SOMETHING WITH DAT TIME U A WASTE OVER YA … pink wall for drama mix up and people careless opinions nuh care stay the fuck off it simple man

  205. Missy look like a sumo wrestler with a little piece a cloth at the front and a piece a string in her spoil butt. The one jigga wicked him no stop hold dung him head an a laugh after her . The cow foot dem a beat me bad every time me see are me waah vomit

  206. Missy how you do it you want fuck di whole a redcups memba say you fuck ackeem Smith and tell him turn off the light you a fuck jigga and still want a next fren girl me think you did a go do you foot dem fi come mash up philly you sure a di foot dem alone want do mammas stop walk and buy cocky stop walk and tell the man dem weh you a look bout you can get anything just send you the pic old credit card thief nuff more me know come fi me mek me done you bloodclathe

  207. Nah suh its the same Clarence that was with Clara back in 2014 and tek the ppl dem pardner money. Him run from Jayicon in NY and come to Philly the gunman knockout him teeth. Him fuck KellyStar while she marry to Owen. Him need exposure longtime suh. True Him scammer, only idiot with no sense buy car from him. Him walk and fuck bad and a wicked lie. But the last baby mutha give him jacket. From the baby born she find out the baby nuh fi him and get money from Clarence. Mi think him better the mere fact he come with designer and money inna party but him is a pathological liar. Inna real life him pathetic. The new ooman soon find out him a con artist.

  208. Missy stop mek ugly Scully hype yuh up. Yuh shouldn’t cum outta yuh house luk suh. My girl yuh luk BAAAADDDD. Meesha Kae WTF? Di man seh “Designer brunch” How unnuh cum luk suh pop dung? Unnuh is a different kind a mess. Lisa Fray way yuh always a look attention wid yuh hippo self? Yuh cah rass spell or put a decent sentence together but love social media attention. Guh tell yuh friend Rosie fi fix har ass. Chy is a nice girl but wid a Mumma like yuh is a down fall. Veachy and Munchy wtf? Unnuh seh unnuh rich but always look a damn mess. A wah unnuh nyam mek fi unnuh gut big suh? Munchie miracle, unnuh face need construction surgery ASAP, too tuff and old man. Boops yuh use and shame leadda? Karma a guh catch yuh and Perrie. Mi cah badda.

    1. But Gary a fucking fool him still inna books after she moved out and gwan move in with other man like girl be careful you have a daughter nuh look moving in different different man so nuh look good and boops man so fool and Gary nuh care cuz him still a fuck boops so

  209. Unno Sen in a pic of missy mek mi si if a same missy whe di sex tape a go round wid she a di 3 sum wid har friend man

  210. Listen meesha look like any fucking circus she going to do an appreance mi love the fuck you had on cah believe man really fuck unnuh piece a set of gyal and KAe both you matey inna dance and that you really wear mi luv sham shame shame .. veachy and munchie cah fucking rich and ever look so veachy take the bingo money and go invest in a make up class and better make up cause look like the cheap one dem wah you a use nah work ppl them look dead and how you inna channel but your weave look so TPC … y’all hoes backwards

  211. Rass a Lexx Gordon and Donte deh now? Gyal yuh lef di one odda man? How your front busy suh? Kemar Diamond how yuh hype Suh and live wid yuh Family my youth? Tashie Gopie Di amount spear tyre and cottage cheese fi body have if a mi like yuh mi would a guh put on clothes. Di filter dem nah hide dem my girl. Congo di one odda bwoy mek yuh luk like idiot a road. Di time some a unnuh inna Merica bout designer brunch unnuh would guh get papas. Unnuh pray Trump nuh win back.

    1. So wait how lexxx a fuck dontae and Greg daughter her close friend a fuck him too the fuck no TPC a so man short frens a share man too rasss

  212. Somebody tell Tia stop using the ugly ass filters she already wear 50 pounds of make up she look like a tranny
    The filters make it worse

  213. Hold on deh did y’all see when Angella was coming in the party? The woman look like she was about to tumble dung pan r face lol caw walk inna the heels fi save har life dwl. Big woman poppy show.

  214. Dog shit Clarence act like he rich when he owe the ppl dem money. He don’t have no money at all he owe alot of people. Him use his fren dem money when he party. Him teif and con him own family inna NY. Di whole family dem wicked and the sister Nicola love obeah. Mi have the full story behind that saga, full details soon come. Him cheat what he thought he won having all these pickny and ooman. Him nothing but a disgrace over and over. Him nuh realise big man him no youth. All the drama, tief, stinking living inna the man life…. him rass land himself ah prison or dead.

    1. Mi fi add him dangerous. Him lick ooman too. Mi can send pics to Met if she agree not to post out of respect for this ooman but met can verify the pics with the messages.

      1. So what who not licking and sucking. You mad mad you aint get lick @12 am.
        Go wash your pussy you might get someone to sniff you

  215. Kmt Clarence been a low budget street mongrel since NY. He come to Philly for sanctuary because of his schemes… he fuck Rosie, Clara, Stacy, Tia, Kelly Star, Sexy Shauna and a whole bungle. He has a system set up in the dances and the gals dem idiots to play along. He think he secret but he forget once a Jamaican come to Philly everyone knows you and your business.

  216. Clarence is a narcissist him dunce mind fool him. He’s a big battyman. He so basic and act rich living in the top floor of G’s house. These bitches fuss over him… True him a stalk and beat the ooman dem. The baby mutha gone court fi restraining order. Him have other complaints of stalking which were subsequently dropped. The top oomam he got mi can’t imagine why she wid him. Mi caan wrap mi head around it cause from waah mi understand she nuh rump with di fuckboy dem. She well rated inna Philly she need fi find smaddy better than dis street mongrel…. him tell the ppl dem him life private but him no secret. This all public record. Him fate is yet to be determined.

    1. He be with MummaG the ole black ugly wanna be moneyman. He almost 50 come from NY… use to run a big partner scam with Clara and now sell stolen cars. Use to be with Kelly Star and be fucking all the likkle dancehall girls 25 & younger. Got like 9 kids… 9 baby mom. He uses all the granny dem for money, no job. Brings the NY girls down here to party because they don’t know about his Philly bitches.

  217. I’m going to need all the Philly Dancehall girls to stop singing that Song “Yambella” because all y’all fit that category. Every time me see unuh a snap and sing wid unuh mate ina the background bout bestie me just laugh. Di whole a unuh Fava clown ina di same clothes same fashion a sleep wid the same man a maggel pan unuh one anodda and a cry unuh self to sleep at night. Y’all only foolin y’all self. When will this drag queen makeup phase go away? I’m sick of seeing y’all in the daytime without it and unuh face full a spots and holes. The cheap makeup from China wid the chemicals and piss in it a kill unuh natural skin. Do y’all know Chinese people don’t even use those makeup because they know that it is tainted? They don’t even eat what they sell y’all in they stores. My Chinese fren told me this. They have their Own stores that caters to them only , that they buy from. Not the cheap rice, chickens, makeup y’all dieing over. Clowns.

      1. Won’t talk for others, but no suh he skate on ice too long. Met never put my bbc commet about Clarence through… maybe it was too long….

    1. Clarence it’s seem like you fuck and duck a gal because she all up inna har feeling :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  218. Why you checking? Hun everyone knows Clarence was apart of that NY thief network with Jayicon…. they were big friends. He turned around and burned Jay. The gunman beat him bad, knock out his teeth so he come here to philly and call himself Terrance. He started the partner scam around 2015-2016 with Clara now he sell stolen and lemon cars. He fucks down the whole ny and the same philly thots… Lani, Tracy, KellyStar, Rosie, Tia, Michelle Borngood, you name it. Mumma G almost 50, and Clarence 45 they act like boy pickney in the parties. Him and Mumma want to impress so badly. From what I hear he don’t take care of his kids or pay bills. Kmbbct I don’t know what person is so damn comfortable making all of those kids and cant pay bills. He’s just a typical mixy manclown and they’ll keep fucking this nasty drippy dick nigga like all the other thots out here doing. Nothing new….

  219. Clearance him act like a big batty man. Neva see a man lie Suh…bruk n hype, him only can look gyal idiot gyal weh think him a somebody cause him eva Inna him tight ass cloths dem weh him av from new York days. All him do a Tek people money fi car n gi dem story , him a wicked . Him chat everybody n anybody like a big pussy gyal mi can’t rate him.

    Maine stop hide, tia looks a MAD yuh n yuh baby daddy naw stop fuck the gyal good body, u get another bandulu business ..girl how much things you try n it not working for you..if it wasn’t tia big back veacy wouldn’t want to do make up n these things una bad mine n watch ppl too much.

  220. Granny is a disgrace she really don’t know who breed har. She gonna say she add up the days and it can’t be Lil Paul it has to be Omar. Just because you want it to be Omar kid don’t mean that it’s gonna be his. And how no man can’t ask her for no DNA but granny you was fucking two different people you needdddd to get a DNA for the sake of that child

  221. Granny you keep saying your not gonna get a DNA because you check the days and it can’t be Lil Paul it have to be Omar but you’ll really never know until you get the Dna done. That’s putting u in a bad place with these two men

  222. Missy why your pussy busy so and you don’t look good . If you did sexy all the map a philly you fuck off . You fuck red cup and him say him shame a himself because how you look nasty naked. Now you gone go fuck sckully the Dj . A your 6 man this a Philly in less than 2 year . Your pussy too busy now


  224. Rosie and Lisa unnuh don’t slick one fucking bit y’all ole hoes knew wah unnuh did a do when make Macka cons perform at corny ass party ….. den ago hve the nerve dutty shape body Rosie ago sah oh you take man from sandy move yu dutty bloodclattt and gwah go bade you fuck out body

  225. @suckyamada why we need a cap? These niggas out here disrespecting and embarrassing women. Having babies, flaunting sidechicks, scamming, scheme and beating… why we gotta cover up what we see? Would you wanna know if it was your man? And the people that post subliminal shit but ain’t saying nothing are just as useless….it’s like throwing shade at someone but not coming direct.

  226. Do yall research on these odds man before yall sleep with them because them nasty and Sneaky. Some of them have 10 kids and more on the way but you would not know because them make them girls stay in and can’t come a road to find shit out until it’s too late.

  227. So nobody not going to talk about how Plakka come out a jail n mash up Chin n boopsie, life? Bwoy KC muss happy now. Because har man affi a hide from Chin and plakka fren dem well waan kill him. Donte have hit our pin him head fi pussy

  228. Chin and har fren dem been fucking donte n him fren dem everybody in west Philly know dat di yankee one Fucking Kemar diamond and Con to mi hear. dat a sicko one time woman and one just breed fi jigga him nuh stop beat n run she everyday she run backa him. Chin lef har pickney dem and sleep a donte yard every night she even guh to all family functions and bring plakka bwoy dem.

  229. Funny thing is Omar make granny dash weh 2 belly already. This her third pregnancy I guess she tired of doing abortions. A doe blame u granny. Keep your child if it’s Omar or Paul breed yuh fuck it God wil be the father

    1. Chin dat par wid di yankee girl that was with Sicko weh par wid orda man dem. But now she wid one a donte fren dem to.

    2. Placka was out in d Street fuckn everybody suh mi nuh understan look at boops and meesha how dem dirty N him a fuck dem

  230. All this pinkwall shit is messy so don’t come @ ing me ‼️ Y’all Bitches need to grow tf up and confront each other if y’all have a fucking problem . Writing on pinkwall ain’t gonna solve y’all mystery, these men out here sleep with anything and it’s disgusting. Men are to be blame too aswell as the female because they allow they’re self to get entangled in the rubbish

    1. Dante rather go in hiding with chin than fuck with old woman kc . Dante so-called wife. It sweet dante other baby mother because kc run go breed fi dante thinking he was going to stay with her Woman allowing youngs to disrespect them

      1. Wife and him left long time him a citizen now him did only want she fi papers and now him have it. Dats why did wife a plot wid Plaka

      2. Wife and him left long time him a citizen now him did only want she fi papers and now him have it. Dats why did wife a plot with Plakka

        1. People wicked enuh!, how Placka fi a plot with wife and him don’t even know his wife? The man not gonna do neither Chin or Donte a thing.

          1. Placka have babymother and other women who guh fuck and him never duh them or no man nothing so unuh leave offa the man name. The man just come let the man enjoy him freedom. Keep this between Donte, Chin and the wife and come off the man name.

          2. Placka have babymother and other women who fuck pan him and him never do them or man nothing, suh unuh come off the man name and keep it between Chin, Donte and the wife. Him just come let him enjoy his freedom.

          3. Placka just come out let the man enjoy his freedom. Him have babymother and other women who f**ked pon him and him never do them or the man dem f**k wid nothing. Keep this between Chin, Donte and the wife and leave the man name outta it.

          4. Placka was fucking boops meesha and the rest a dance hall gal gal dem suh wa if Chin fuck a crime let the girl be

          5. Plakka was fuckin boops meesha N others suh a crime d gal fuck look how long him in lock up she eat salt dis ya story irrelevant NEXT!!!

          1. Which part of chin look good!!!!?????!!!??
            Her face tough she don’t look good don’t argue wid me argue wid u mumma
            Or send in a pic

          2. Now i want to see a picture of this Chin girl lmao she have Instagram or Facebook????

  231. Rasss but donte was just out in a party so doubt he hiding to say how many woman this one man have so him still married ? He still a fuck Greg daughter , veachy all her friend Lexi and chin no sah them man ya a something else and all
    These females walk and fuck same man TPC

    1. Granny really make Omar beat her tho . The way she so fool a the same tyesh and them sit and chat her rassssclatttt business and then a gwan like dem happy fi her granny b careful all can say

  232. Y’all dancehall ppl backwards rather wear 2000-5000 clothes shoes instead of getting y’all shit the fuck together .. veachy munchie meesha and kae unnuh nah go look somebody fi married and get unnuh self together the time a gwan the most inna party like y’all the richest inna foreign but no citizenship at least can say Kelly do the right thing even tho she dumb nuh fuck … meesha wah happened to your prison man …… boops , daymeon , Tasha , can keep going on no papers and y’all asses been here since the fuck forever !!!!! All that time use that money unnuh a spend pay somebody first help y’all that’s what America fan fi do better and get better

  233. So shae a who you a throw yu wud pon now mumma, cuz only person yu ever inna war with over Donna son a cherry who him cah leave alone and cah stop tek your money give her so

    1. Big hole fuck out Shae need fi go sort out harself she have no ambition. A closet full of old bruck n expensive shoes and still have no papers. How yu fi breed fi man inna army n still have no papers wutless nuh rass. Yu stuck a work inna hair store cause yu can’t do nothing else. Yu don’t own a pot to piss in bout yu a throw wud. Guh throw wud pon yu useless dun out hole weh naw work good!

    2. Big hole fuck out Shae need fi go sort out harself she have no ambition. A closet full of old bruck n expensive shoes and still have no papers. How yu fi breed fi man inna army n still have no papers wutless nuh rass. Yu stuck a work inna hair store cause yu can’t do nothing else. Yu don’t own a pot to piss in bout yu a throw wud. Guh throw wud pon yu useless dun out hole weh dun out n can’t keep man

      1. Move you self she wouldn’t be the first or the last how much ppl inna dancehall was loose count wah here from when a spend all this fucking and name brand and no papers no house nothing good inna foreign so she wouldn’t be first or last jus extra on list …. name a few , veachy no papers , Donna , munchie , boops , daymeon , meesha kae , list goes on and on Tasha nuff a dem

  234. Shae Shae why you so ugly face bleached out and big with bumpy’s. You work in a hair store with no edge’s stop give Donna son money and purchase some edge cream for your hair. You have more hair on your face than the edges of your hair. Go ask Teka for advice on how to remove facial hair. Maybe if you cut some of your facial hair and put it in Donna son food he will stop fuck the old lady. How you so young and your man won’t stop fuck a old lady. Its is not just the shoe’s she buy him. Your Pussy bad like your face.

  235. Big hole fuck out Shae need fi go sort out harself she have no ambition. A closet full of old bruck n expensive shoes and still have no papers. How yu fi breed fi man inna army n still have no papers wutless nuh rass. Yu stuck a work inna hair store cause yu can’t do nothing else. Yu don’t own a pot to piss in bout yu a throw wud. Guh throw wud pon yu useless dun out hole weh naw work good! Wid har ugly self

    1. Chy is not ugly and she dress in her budget
      Some of ya’ll wear name brand and go home and sleep on a blow up bed bank account on negative

      1. Chy is ugly she look deformed her eyes and mouth chy mouth cock up and out like she did a suck buddy from inside the womb

  236. We get it Chy the sisters and the mumma ugly Jesus Christ we get it now every day unnuh a come chat bout the gyal we know she ugly , she cah dress her eye them cock she look like she nyam drugs we get it like

  237. Sandy British mi see you cuz still with the bwoy way beat her the other day but I hope your daughter man nuh cum do the same because they are fren sum a Unuh women fi get beating because Unuh fool fool ah which man could put him hand pon mi and mi a pose up inna pic inna dance fucking idiot gal but ah suh Unuh love the hype

  238. Duty ugly bloodcloth pink ya have some nerves talking bout Lisa and her kids you the only piece of shit keep writing about her and her kids don’t even see you and go worry bout ya ugly duty kids where them head want comb want Lisa two kids beat out ya blood cloth cause two them a citizens if me have kids like you me leave them in the hospital and this not Lisa writing cause Lisa ca read or write

    1. Y every time that crock head gal name call over yah this big back Philly donkey tink a pink? U a fuck journey ( sea food Wednesday owner) n pink you a worry bout? U really wah bring kids inns a dis not my god-daughter dem. You still mad a that her twins is getting the attention you drug unwanted pickey. A 3 pickey the girl have a everyday you get up you lean stinking mouth a wash pon her daughter dem. beat wa, where, how? You forgot the nite a hotpot you an you crock head dog face wire teet sis n stink pussy tyeash jump out a car fi zan n she was all in your face, uno beat her? Bitch bye

      1. I hope this is not Teaka a jump ina ppl war cause ur cabinet need fi shut. Memba a since 2 year people fight bout u. Is a relevance you a look again or nah? Stay home and do what u do best before you become the subject ok Tranny..

        1. Bitch You couldn’t wait to throw Teaka name in it. Speak your part bitch cause you been wanting to talk!

    2. Why y’all always think a pink alone can comment on Chy honestly a lot of ppl in dancehall see and realize Chy look stress and look like a crack head and this annuh pink just ppl giving opinions like everybody else

      1. Well since a lot of y’all bitches got a opinion y’all need stop be tf scary Andre bold and write y’all name fuck y’all commenting anonymously for stress I ever beg any of y’all a dollar or a night sleep go and fuck y’all selves respectfully next drugs argument is played tf out

      2. 5:12 it’s obvious is Chy that wrote that post pink hat a son n two daughters n ever time you write about har kids you talk about her girls it bun you that bad it’s funny how lest that a yr old you lef urs fi six months not to mention you never want har so choose spit n don’t give har Zan name but you would think you would gi har urs but you gi har you mother/pimp own. She spend more time wid har than you but like mother like daughter cause she send you go ja at 6 months to 15/16. You need to stop talk bout the woman daughter dem n spend time w urs

    3. Dog pussy chy every time dem type you name ova yah you think a pink. You a 24 a you a fuck like when dog call bull. You fuck m-gee, jay, rimmaz, Zan, prazzi, con, Dan Dan now journey (Shakespeare restaurant own) shay n boops a chat but you a worry bout pink worry bout the ppl dem wife was ago beat out you pussy

      1. Which wife was gonna beat chy haha what a way she a fuck people huzbaaanndd chy thread light baby gurl yuh dayz numbered

        Bad to bad pink spend more time wid her kids more than yuh spend wid urz zan look after them and spend time & love dem

  239. Lisa hole spoil then yours rotten no man never try kill me and my kids yet ya too licky licky that’s why poison ya bloodcloth ya get stale now everyday on likkle girl name ya love her name fedex nah no package fi ya thief ya over ya a write pussyhole know a you cause you want girl acknowledge ya ugly bald rat bat looking ass so bad go suck ya self

  240. So zammy gf got her body done and about & about already like damn anit yu suppose to heal and I seen her body and don’t fit her she such a small person and the batty so wide out like don’t look good at all at all

    1. I ask the same rassclat thing… the comments never post long ago… pussyhole Terrance aka Clarence a real batty. He par with Jayicon in NY and was apart of that big tief ring. He ended up scamming his own boy Jayicon then owed him money. The gunman dem knocked out his teet so he flee NY for Philly. He had that partner scam with Clara in 2016 now he sell crash up cars. He f**k down the whole philly and donate sperm… Kelly Star, Tia, Stacy, anyone that gyrates he try fi f**k.


    1. Well I guess you one of the dum bitches got play by him and now yuh all up inna yuh feeling girl bye nobody give a fuck

      1. Nickname Terrance come from NY…. par with M-Gee him inna all G’s videos. Look everything walking…. one of the biggest dancehall manwhores and con-artist inna Philly.

    1. Why you so worried about her pussy , make she gwan fuck fuck fuck she a woman and him a man .. fuck fuck fuck until find a home .

  242. Half of y’all need fi stop a buy name brand and go invest innna unuh self honestly ……. let’s start off Bobby aunty or sister whatver that big cow is luk a fucking mess and falling starr should be telling her for a grown woman luv the confidence but come on two piece nuh made fi shape bad ppl like yu ,,, dats one And then not even have on a decent fucking bra or wig take that money go buy a good wig and clothes .. same thing veachy under you luk stink and. Crawny bad bad bad , bad to bad say you a the richest but ever look the dirtest and tacky nuh bbc. Buy you a nice wig man yuh boo Kelly nuh make wig , can tell wen friendship nuh real cuz how fi have u fren a walk out inna dance hair like dat sickness man

  243. Y’all dance hall bitches don’t know who wah b frens with at all yo !!!!!! So tyesh you and granny big big frens now cuz y’all bfs frens huh , so you and tia nuh cool again it’s seem & shea Tia best best friends from wah day … look like shea winger board back wingie and tyesh nuh cool again it seem

  244. Bad to bad all a Omar baby mother dem ugly nuh fuck !!!!! Only one wah look a little decent a Tia , Maine and granny look like something from the zoo

  245. Dem shot Jonn inna HotPot lastnight. Mi seh I duh grudge unuh Philly Dancehall plp. One bagga fake hype life and so call Bad man. Di whol

  246. So wait Chy really a fuck journey cah be truuuuu fada Jesus .. Chy if you really a fuck journey you don’t have nothing the fuck about u my gyal nothing then fuck about u … boy you love fuck man wah dem and your baby father a frenss no sah have little class or something about yourself man

  247. ‘FiltyhyDelpha’ I never see a place I hate so much! This is worse than NY, FL, DC, LA , CHICAGO, ENGLAND, CANADA…… no sahhhhhhh

    1. So then move nuh Cho bbc nobody nah ask you fi stay here and prolly a nobody and prolly somebody wah hungry and ugly no bbc .. move man unnuh love talk about to other places and if unnuh go the ppl dem ago hate like bbc like poison move around man

      1. Lol right after you boo…… lol dwl. My comment insult you ennn??? It look like it strike a big nerve baby! Anyways, I said what I said with BARE BADNESS!

        1. & you stuck Inna philly we us dutttyyyt people tooo so move you bloodclaatttttt and move up germs bag fuck off

  248. So a granny tyesh shay Wingie tia shakky a them alone live a Philadelphia mi see worst ppl in Philadelphia but a these ppl always on here

  249. Munchie who the fuck yuh a talk about in a dA ppl dem party bout somebody arm green move yu rass must tour fucking self cause at boops party mi walk pass you and ketchup and bwoy stink no Bloodclaatttt like when woman a come off period so a must your self you did a talk about mi luv last night so

  250. Chy unlike a u muss shame too pussy clat last night what a way zan him a throw him word pon journey like some big pussy gyal inna the ppl dem dance tho . And journey you look slow so mi nuh and see you don’t know any better but everybody gone take up Chy tho a joke this and then all tek picture with family yeaaaa you Chy fi a likkle gyal can fuck fuck fuck tho . You too fucky fucky man

  251. So granny you playing two side why you post stone wife and him woman picture on your ig uno a wah wicked set a ppl you and the wife out eating now how the girl become uno sis uno Philadelphia ppl luv be groupie stone mi wah the wife stop you paper and fuck you over through rotten face clean and you wife nasty you rather rotten face man like uno ppl fi poison uno wait mon everything soon buss uno think granny nunu nice juju you and stone wife friends why you nuh give her the scoop

    1. So how unuh nah includ Sanny the main chic and the man heartbeat? That gal holding on and nah let go lmao.
      Mi wah know which livkel buddy bwoy cah have me like 3rd leg when mr no have no picknj. If Neicey way have 2can move him up whats wrong with her. Is tge teefing money sweet uunuh so’’

  252. Lmao yes Sanny Neisha and Neciey man. It look like a di teefing money sweet dem. A wond a if dem fine out a who shot him yet? Some dance and party plp fi nuh guh. All One odda man dem party because a bay so call badman guh a dem party deh. Live by di gun. Yuh die by di gun.

  253. Chy reach hospital it look like her stds finally reaching up on her, try show the results, about 10