16 thoughts on “CORRIE DI MAN IN DI MIRROR

  1. It’s like a fishy Days Of Their Lives but with no script and no budget but you have to say the acting is velly velly good.

  2. And sender even if him have a man inna him room, who tell u sah a him man but i neva kn of this guy hide it sah him gay

  3. Dis actually lame! From Correy come pon di seen we confirm seh a batty man! Di f**ker wear makeup and highlight up him face! Wah more you need dan dat!

  4. Him still di cleanest and stylish Fish out
    Atleast him nuh fake him ting like GQ & Dougie
    Him out proud clean and unstoppable
    Bobby u and ur fish crew stop hate unnu can’t compete

  5. Okay, so he is gay. Oh gosh, thank goodness, I thought I was being judgemental. And whomever said thats sweets thats clearly a mans frame in the back ground.
    Dem gal really sleep with known battyman. All if him never gay i would have to pass. I dont like man weh look like me can kick dem down. Look too soft and weak. Fashion is fashion but to like a bitch is no bueno.

  6. First it is a dude in the reflection not sweets…. 2nd in the relection the dude look naked soooooo…. But as everyone else has said how gives a f**k bout who him wah f**k? Unno still ago mek him Gaymous!!!

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