14 thoughts on “COTTAGE

  1. You know MEk I keep it holy inna di Sunday morning ya. Yardy T don’t stop keep moving. Yardy blessings to you and your families!

    1. Hooray Genuine deh bout!!!tonks n all the best to u n urs.sighh moretime it nuh mek sense call een @realjohncrowbelly fi dem. My only issue though is why her foot deh so far from the slipper tip.when them toes nah heng ova them a fall bk inna recession kmt

  2. Big ooman Yuh leg stay bad. A inna dah pool sumting deh she wah go inna? but dat caah hold her it ago sah!

  3. Lol @latty she need some cover up. It’s not about confidence with this one is about looking decent. Her face pretty tho lol

  4. Me teecha, me teecha!!! (frantically waving hands)….. I know the answer….. it’s


  5. Bitch every body picture u have a problem with mek sure seh u look good
    Me nuh see u but your words mek you look sick stomach

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