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Uno no see how di batty man a sh*t up all the popular gal dem ina dance p**y no sah it sad just fi likkle change in dem pocket. Last time a disease body michi girlboss den big nose annika now nyamm p**y chromaz a how dem spotlight gal ya fool so. Dis man only a run ina every p**y to get back at him handicap ex gal but me like how she take the loses move on but it look like as the cock drop out her p**y it drop in a dem spotlight hore ya mouth. Last man wa me know did wa chromaz was di boy wa dem dress alike like 2 clown from dat no man nuh own her. Soon from now a dem n richkid ago at war oh so uno do forget say a Diego f**g man uno a ramp wit him cocky n him cash woooyyooooiiii


One thought on “COXY AND CUSH

  1. Michii look sicker and sicker every Instagram post I see her in, I would think that putting your dyck inside of that would be a deal breaker for any gal interested in this nigga. Michii posted on her Instagram that her puzzy is only for scammers or drug dealers, she should’ve put in parenthesis “Or anyone who can buy me a meal deal at KFC” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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