The boy weh name crampy weh in a nah laugh crew him leave Jamaica and gone overseas and married leave him mother and him children dem behind not giving dem anything he need to sart mind his kids because everyday him deh a party and a bay brand him wear. Alicia as a big woman which his him wife need fi encourage him fi mind him kidz them look at your kids them lisa how dem big and look good crampy u is just a fool look how yuh wife take care of her kidz so why cant u do the same u have too lovely kidz so u need to start play a fathers role.



  1. Loool say wi a batty man not working so unuh a try something jahknw mi no affi prove ntn to nobody so f**k way unuh affi say the barrel weh me send a Jamaica unuh neva see it on the bag a money weh me send for mi mada and kidz monthly

    1. How b@try man argument drop in? The sender is concerned because you FRONT on social media like you have money but YOUR KIDS have yet to see the benefit. Ungrateful @$$ n!gg@, did you really financially abandon your mother, the same one that birth you and your own children, the same one created as a result of you jumping knee deep in some p_$$y without protection? Barrel and money envelope where?? Send Met the proof since you are such a great father. Guh cut yuh dutty dreads and luk a wuk fi guh mine u family a Jamaica as well as support your wife up top

  2. Hmm wife and her kids well looked after and crampy always in name brand? Well maybe you need to appeal to the wife to take care of his kids since she may be the one taking care of business overall..if you willing to mind a strong young man you might as well mind him kids cause if him don’t need to work to feed himself he sure won’t want to do it for his kids.

  3. Come on crampy stop put on a show because I am on your son mother page and each time she is bringing him out he got on a red suit and a red converse
    So was that all you send in the barrel??
    Step your game up
    That dont look good one bit

  4. Well unuh chat to she about that not me because me know me spend my money pon me kids them so unuh back up off bbc man everything unuh ago try run with now say weh unuh want to say a fi unuh mouth can’t stop frm talk hope if unuh get any unuh try take good care of them me no rich yet but soon so unuh can keep saying shits

  5. Hey a must Ms. Wifey dis please to tell u hersband not husband fi teck care a him Pitney an him mumma …who the f**ck care about u getting rich.

  6. Crampy yu too f**n lie bou mine pickney. Yu babymada a seaview seh yu nuh give yu son nothing. Ya talk bou barrel which barrel dat?? Kmt mi hate man like unu esi man. Mi know di girl personally n if she wa ntn fi d baby she affi a borrow. She a di next one to, if a man na do ntn fi yu chile go look a work n tek care a yu pickney man. Kmft

  7. Michael me and you know you dont want Alicia
    You are only doing this to see what you can get because you and your mother love likes
    Bout barrel
    How yo lie su
    Alicia you a wicked because you should look out for the calf since you want the bull cow
    Michael ave never seen you post going shopping for your kids
    Only for your wicked so called wife you said you hate so much
    Think I should send in these screenshot when you dissing her in my inbox

  8. Lisa how yuh feel fi a f**k battyman crampy and him and yuh kids them a same age are u running a day care lisa di pedified aunty lisa nah laugh supporter cause it look to me like a u mind the whole nah laugh squad,the last time mi check them seh papi a batty man and now them a seh crampy no child support this need muary a who next the all a hunnu in a nah laugh sad,the things u young boys do for citizenship suck pussy and lick out batty ,stick a bloodclot pin aunty lisa u and crampy a husbad and wife right?mi si a big ring pon uncle crampy finger weh him a use a dig out yuh bottom due to how uncle battyman crampy hype hunnu shouldnt keep nuh private wedding(thats if any keep) it should a big weh we could a view it pon youtube are it should a com pon bbc,tvj,cvm suh all him fans could a seet

  9. Now he left Jamaica and got some old looking women to marry him and get him straight, it don’t look like he have anything fi him own, his women look like she is taking care of everything, she needs to get him a work so he can take care of his kids and her and stop being in the damn club, think your flossing… Make his a** work for his citizenship…

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