No rerrrrddsss. Now him a try to be funny……but why use your own pic …..especially as a man. Smfh. Now instead of dissing the bitches……yuh mek yourself look like a bitch. I swear he liked the way he looked why he posted it. Dwllll. How can a real man feel comfortable posting that shit


36 thoughts on “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL

  1. nah get no air play,Facebook notice,instagram likes or snapchat follow…tell di ppl dem a Pmoney yah snap dis tuh yuh damn snapper fish

  2. DWL….Glenrock although this is one of your betta pictures shipping and receiving always a hire….too much time on your damn hands.

  3. Glenroy?This punk ass bit8h name is GLENROY? So where the Jay comes from? Hey Bwoy GLENROY, That is some Gay Ish you have up there sir, It is not funny.

    1. I really Wonda if he think he can BUSS with a name like JayX. Jayz would surely have an issue with that guaranteed. Back to the drawing table Glenis. It naw go work :hoax2 :hoax2

      1. No Mzzzz Pickersgill upcoming rising starlet…….hahaha hahaha…..mi say him av a song called just like Diddy and him know perfectly well say Diddy lean like the Pisa tower….afta mi read what Kizzy cousin Natalie write bout him on IG mi believe say him swing both ways…she went INNNNN dwl It peppery MET. whoiiiiiii

      1. Leff room fimi and please doh figet Simply cause she tell mi fi hold har spot. ______________________________

  4. Mi seh mi did mad fi comment and seh and now u look like a bigger bitch wearing flowers on yah head faggot

  5. Glenroy yuh see him name, I think him name Glenda! Dem boy deh a bisexual. Which straight man would post a picture like that?

  6. Di fuss tyme mi suck him wood de way it sweet mi guh back fi a next suck. Bwoy wood big yah.

      1. Dwpbrcl no sah!! Met yuh nuh easy a rass…. a needle yiy him mouth deh :ngakak :ngakak…. Mi caah manij :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Yu know yu open Pandora box and let David out too? :travel

        Glenroy use the app fi come out like a fairy princess.

  7. Met mi mouth nuh small enuh. Trust mi, mi Neva si a wood suh BIG yet an curve like roun a fern gully. A jumboglena a him new name. Wood too BIG man, any ooman tek dat wicked to dem self. Dem mus have cancer cause A xxl condom him affi use.

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