Alex aka “lenky” from breadnut hill who now lives at 148 Main Street fatally shot shimece coombs four times at 148 Main Street pineapple place she got shot 4 times 3 to upper body and the another broke her left hand. Shemice is in the hospital and she said “A bike ride into the lane She heard 2 shots fired and then she ran into her friends house that’s topside an across from Jadae Guest (cookie) house to take cover, when she got out she saw Kimanie Williams aka Max on her way out of the lane and he ran off then on her way out of the lane she saw lenky with a gun point at her she said lenky yu really ago shoot mi after we grow up n yu help grow me? He started firing the gun.” There has been no justice to Shemice Coombs after being shot four time and lenky is still walking free. No attempt to get lenky has been made by the ochi rios police station to get lenky for what he has done to this young lady. Please share and help to bring justice for Shemice. #Wewantjustice #Stopabusingwoman 😭✊🏿

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