Good evening Pinky, please hide my ID. I see people in the comment section talking about The incident that happened on Cape Cod. I work with both of them so I know first hand. The guy and the girl are a couple. They lived in the same room here. Years now dem deh. They even have child together. I’m not exactly sure if her first child is his. The girl is a ol tegehreg, she always a diss up the youth. She’s a bully. On the other hand the guy is very humble and gets along with everyone. Everyone here can attest to that. She helped him to get on the program and is like she use it to bully him everyday “a me mek yuh deh ya” kinda thing. The whole story about harassment is not true, anybody harassing would be she harassing him. She stab up the youth and locked him inside the room so no one could open the door to help him. Cruel act. I hope that justice will be served

Police been questioning persons here so I hope that the truth will be shared in the news media so everyone can see that the guy was not the aggressor

One thought on “CAPE COD KILLING

  1. Wow! Just wow! If the information you provided is true, this is indeed tragic. Some women can be so aggressive, so men have to be smart in their choices too. It’s only a pity he did not remove himself from the situation.

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