Don Creary this morning walked out of the Home Circuit Court a free man after the complainant in the matter indicated to the court that she no longer wishes to go any further with the matter.

As a result, the prosecutor offered no further evidence.

Creary, a former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor,and his co-accused Shaneke Williams were arrested and charged in 2015 over the alleged rape a 15-year-old girl.

He was accused of having s*x with the girl in a St Mary apartment after allegedly serving her alcoholic beverages.

11 thoughts on “CREARY FREED

  1. Honest question; if they had enough evidence to arrest them for such a crime. Why is it left up to the alleged victim to follow through, wouldn’t the prosecutors continue the case with whatever evidence they use in the beginning? If anyone knows the law please respond.

    1. I’m not claiming to know the law fully.The lil part that I do know is that cases of such nature hinges/rely heavily on the complainant cooperation and testimony. The prosecution can’t proceed if the witness won’t corroborate IN court what they claimed happened.

      A statement is not worth much weight until it is really tested in court and examined. Basically if the person who was raped don’t come to court and substantiate that indeed they were raped…there is no basis for the prosecution to continue unless they have compelling evidence that doesn’t need the witness/victim to corroborate.

  2. Your sister hubby killed your mom in front the two of unno.Your sister gave a statement alleging her husband did it.She n him make up back jus as the trial about to begin so she no longer wants to continue. The prosecution can continue the case based on you giving evidence even when your sister change her story.

    Hope this helped.

  3. Him might align to the JLP but a di PNP did a work hard fi mek sure ntn nuh reach him. Cause him him did start talk di whole crew weh him role wid woulda get f**k and couple big comrades in deh (man weh all run fi mp/councillor seat) dem did haffi mek sure ntn nuh reach him!

    1. All when PNP nuh involve unnu quick fi call dem name ee? Him roll wid labourite – namely, the Obeah nephew/Minister who did also implicate but draw out himself.

      Dem used to be at Ribbi!z a night time drink up a dem ‘Young gyal table.’

      Nuh draw PNP inna dis one

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