The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade this afternoon confirmed that a chartered flight with a group of deportees will be coming from the United Kingdom (UK) on March 8.

When quizzed about the number of deportees expected, officials from the ministry said that at this time they couldn’t say because the numbers keep changing so they are awaiting a final tally.

Meanwhile, a support group to asylum seekers based in the UK, The Unity Centre said detainees are speaking out against the upcoming charter flight, which are “part of the regular Home Office practice of forcibly removing people en masse on privately chartered ghost flights that leave from an undisclosed location in the middle of the night”.

The group said, “These charter flights are modern slavery”.


  1. Hmmm. Very similar to what Trump has done/will do. I’m wondering if these are undocumented immigrants who have committed felony crimes because if so I don’t see a problem with this. I don’t understand how you are a “visitor” to a country and have been a menace to society and now feel like deportation is inhumane….( I am not speaking of immigrants who have not committed crimes BTW)

  2. True @ Marie and Needleye. They aer not victims bout inhumane.

    I do argue however that it’s a HUGE problem for Jamaica when these petty criminals go up and then come back as “masterminds”, when they are deported.

    Whatever behaviour they learnt abroad, should be dealt with there. All that happens is that they land in Jamaica, do a few years in prison and then come out and teach the youths on the road what they learned abroad. We already know what that means for Jamaica.

    It’s not right but what is the alternative?

    1. The alternative was to accept the UK 25 million pound to help build that prison and start accepting these Jamaican UK prisoners. Trust me, the UK Government will start letting these felons serve minimal or no sentence in the UK and start deporting more Jamaicans en masse.

      30,000+ pounds per head add up fast and they figure it is cheaper to deport them and let them become Jamaica’s problem. Now we turn down the 25 million and these prisoners/ex-con are being release into the wilds of the Jamaican society. Look for more deportees from the US in short order. These thugs will reek havoc on Jamaica now, when in reality they should be incarcerated.

      1. DING!!!! I thought I was the only one who was thinking how arrogant we were and spewing non-sense about Andrew should not take the money and let them build the prison, Regardless or WHERE they do the crime! You are Jamaican first and foremost, I knew this is going to be the outcome, I cannot believe Jamaicans really think the UK or the US is going to use THEIR people tax money to feed these imbeciles, watch and see, They are going to deport them in droves. Yes they should be incarcerated, but here we go, brace yourself.

      2. Many of our people weren’t problems at home, and aren’t “imbeciles” @3:19.

        People getting repatriated isn’t a crime.

        All they need to do is participate in making their country just as good as any other.

        Our government need to understand that the days of wanga gut and pencil politics has died.

        1. @6:21am

          Wreck* not wreak. U make a sound likely case though.PPi think imbeciles is too strong a generalization word for the Yardies being deported. Many are not hardcore career criminals.I concede however a few will get corrupted from being among those hardened UK prisoners.

          1. The correct term is “wreak havoc” and definitely NOT “Wreck havoc”. Yardielovethug, go do some basic research and come back!

  3. Some of them may not be criminals. That is what hurt the most. This case is one that I’m familiar with.

    XYZ has overstayed. XYZ maintained a clean record except for working illegally which is a crime for the Home Office but to me and you it’s not. XYZ been in the country over 25 years with kids and grandkids being born here. XYZ applied for residency on those said grounds. In return the HO requested XYZ to sign on at a immigration office, upon doing so XYZ went to sign on. They held her in detention to deport her. If it weren’t for her church and family she would be in Jamaica now.

  4. pray wid yours eyes open no shut it or u wil lose u things, this is nothing short a bangarang, for people will put dem up but if u want barrow them things and dem say no, a outa door dem a go and dem cant open them mouth or beaten dem a go get, my friends brother was killed in vineyard town for his laptop they cut off his ear with the diamond, mi notice some get pick up in Miami, a 199, Jamaicans quietly gone home not a sound u don’t hear, anywhere they gather is dangerous

  5. The UK is going to be deporting people in droves, watch what is going to happen when the Brexit becomes final. They could not refuse any members of the European Union which they are a part of but when they leave the EU they are going to make it hard for immigrants everywhere, including their own white brothers and sisters. The polish people will be the first to experience it.

    The UK does not like immigrants but they don’t publicly say it like the Americans do.

  6. The other thing I notice, the UK deprtees are crazy! When someone from America gets deported most of them hold their composure when they reach Jamaica, but it’s like the UK ones them mad out. I don’t know why but it’s just something I have observed.

  7. Well they are Jamaicans , so they deserve to come back to their home land. Sad part they come and disrupt good , honest and hard working people life. Same thing that got their sorry ass deported…I see nuff of the love hype and flossing dem NJ I learn from Roy foul

  8. No, the saddest part is that some of them can’t buy a bed when they arrive back. Dem tan a farrin an gyal out dem money and spend it on fashions of white racist designers or bleaching cream purchased from Chiney and Coolie so that they can floss inna dance. My heart goes out to the hard working ones that keep out of trouble but are illegal all the same. A dem me really feel sorry fa.

  9. Why people fraid fi go back a dem yard i understand it might be better in some aspects abroad but unuh a gwaan like going back to unuh birth land a crime….dem have all right fi dash out all who dem waan dash out from dem place just like Jamaica have di right fi dash out dem want dash out

  10. Those of us that understand how British politics works knew it was a grave mistake to reject the prison deal.

    David Caneron the British prime minister at the time was being quite generous, because he knew Jamaica would be receiving these prisoners one way or another.

    1. You were a worthless zygote and developed into a worthless being!

      A prison is what we should accept from Brittania? Imbecile, how much time must the empire erect prisons on the little Island? 400 years of the slave system neva good enough?!

      You know Britannia (it never died!), but you lacking in Jamiaca affairs. Traitor!

  11. Anon 8:15am….this is beyond perfect I am in awe!!I was sooo confident I had u there for a moment! !I used the term recently on my Facebook so yea it’s wreak havoc…it was getting way too easy this grammar policing so I tried the reverse psychology thingy

    Thanks for rising to the challenge, maximum respect due to you!

  12. When quizzed about the number of deportees expected, officials from the ministry said that at this time they couldn’t say because the numbers keep changing so they are awaiting a final tally.

    Sound like a dodge to me. Why not say what the various numbers are with the caveat that the final tally could be different? My guess is that it is a large number and the “officials from the ministry” doesn’t want to alarm the Jamaican people. Worst, the Jamaican people will start second guessing the Jamaican government as to why the offer from the UK government was refused in the first place, without proper analysis as to the possible impact these deportees will have on the crime problem on the island.

    That 25 mill could at least build a medium security prison, instead we have nothing.

  13. When it comes on to the US deporting people, they are not only deporting criminals they are deporting anyone that are not citizens even if they haven’t done a crime, a green card is not going to hold your place in the US they have been news after news that Trump is getting rid of all so no one is safe when it comes on to the US and that’s a fact… I feel bad for those people who are working and taking care of their families who has not committed any crimes but just came over for a better life so their major crime for the US is they came over illegal so your going home, your a green card holder but you never completed the process, it’s crazy…

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