Simon coming under pressure from social media for his clapback at PM Anju.Some are saying it’s classless because of time and place. Some people are defending Simon saying that the PM has been silent for far too long on the out of control crime wave.

16 thoughts on “CROSSKILL GUH SIDUNG

  1. it wasnt the right time

    but what he said is the truth

    something needs to be done

    i love jamaica so much

    so scared to visit much less move back

  2. IDK coming from simon crosskill I cant take it serious. For most uptown people I cant take them serious when they decide to comment on ‘downtown’ issues. UPT could care less about whats going on in the rest of Jamaica until it affects them.

    1. ddi you take the drugz with him kmt lowe the man, one a di realest nigger I have ever known too

    2. And him being a past drug addict is irrelevant, doesn’t make what he said any less true. PM find him voice when everybody else in power…buts it’s on overdrive out of control and has jj othing of substance to add. Kind of like your comment

  3. Kmt and again when will the people take the crime wave serious? When will they move on from mouth talk and marches to action? When will they value lives other than their own n them family. No matter what the government do, how much more police n soldiers NOTHING will change til the people do. Everybody talking abt America, if americans were so comfortable with lawlessness it would be the same and is the same where the mentality is the same as it is here. We need fi put pressure pon the people dem now man.

    Dem bawl seh him nuh call nuh zone, him call Salem n the people dem up deh a talk bout it nuh needed and is not so much murders is just 6. Six? dat too much. Hat mi fi the people dem bcuz dem cant hold dem self accountable how dem waah hold dem officials

    1. What you want him fi say whey no say over the decades, by him and others ?

      Action is what a go do the thing…no mouth talk and ZOSO is a start.

      You should be condemning those who see, blind, hear and deaf right there in the hotspots.

  4. Jamaicans will never put up a very serious protest about crime n criminals.. Come on now only when it’s at some people doorstep they will say 1 maybe 2 words. Remember sloving crime depends on the community as well as the law. STOP PROTECTING TO CRIMINAL and Murder cases will go down!!

  5. Simon, that’s what you call a clap back on overdrive. Andrew didnt see that one coming. The sarcasm is real. Simon:1; Andrew:0.

  6. 1000! A nuff ppl dat dem affi clean up di ting from di inside out cause majority a dem killings deh a cause from di sed corruption weh dem put out.

    1. Latty, no matter what, corruption isn’t the single cause and at this point it far down the scale.

      Majority of the killings are due to pettiness. Major crimes are linked to corruption and they aren’t in the majority.

      People use the term corruption broadly…it isn’t only associated with law enforcement.

      Crosskill point is bais. Our crime wave isn’t aaboutthe government in abilities, but the citizens aiding and abetting criminals willfully.

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