Dizzy Cess what is really happening between your legs? (Edited out)And why that young lady sleep with you knowing how under u look?



  1. place mash-up to ra$$. The more monkey climb di higher him expose. Fi her stomach strong duh fi really carry out di act, Yolanda must shame, dem rich but dem still a roten like tomato pon counter top. Woi Yolanda looks old cause him a stres her & him look/is bisexual so u can imagine how hard it is to keep up the fake life for IG. Yes unuh married but tone dung the “we are perfect & love each other” narrative, people know yall sleeping in different bedrooms. Cess spend some a di money pon your health & stop showoff pon social media, ppl have unuh file. Pinkwall mean u good.

  2. Same how me get the story a suh mi a sell it! I know this 22 year old girl say shi meet MR CESS him always a tell her how much him like her. Fi months them chat pon phone. Him tell her him have him family an how much him love him wife,but him still wah in a things with her! Long story short him book in a hotel tell her to come check him she guh check him because him help pay her school fees an buy her books. When shi reach the hotel him order food an the most expensive liquor dem chat an time come fi you know what. Clothes start tek off. She say when the man take off him pants her stomach sick instant how under him look. She say a peace a sickness take her she start say her head an belly a hurt her lol

    1. No sah it sound a way…. so him very loving wife cannot tell him to go to the doctor? Or she not sexing him? Him too out of order he need to keep his infected crotches to himself and his wife. That’s why none of them caan frighten me when I see them in the streets.

    2. i believe you. him look nasty & like him fkk anything so this story sound believable. Most man with money always have a fault or something off bout dem. Cess love showoff & gwan like him a top man, Yolanda stomach strong cause a she hafi see him every night, if yall eva know wat exactly most of these wives hafi put up with all in the name of marriage your skin would crawl. this pic mek me feel itchy & im far lol yuck yuck yuck

  3. sender sounds like u used to s**k him d***k tho…..him jus skin out so u could see under him? #thinking. and if u did u have no point sending in this story or u not getting anymore of his money bothering you..these bitches i tell u

    1. Yolanda a MR CESS you fi pissed off with an not the sender! Your husband know under him a rotten an him a look woman a road! The young lady say him nuh a fi open up fi she see it. It’s all the way on his legs that how bad him a rotten.

  4. Is not enough evidence but sumting nuh look right it look suspect like unda deh really a strip…. A coulda wah cause it.

  5. I have some tea on these three! Nichole you a call people side chick when a nuff married man yu use to f**k a trick Jeffery. Rachel your life sad bad because the Telly tubby looking husband of yours make it be known him don’t want you. Yolanda mi did like you because I think you was a humble girl,but the way how mi see uno love skin up uno nose pon people I only hope yu skin your nose when yu husband take off him clothes because the young lady say underneath him sick stomach!

  6. Nichole you don’t have a mind of your own! Only hope LC don’t come like you. It’s a good look jah cure ex start comb LC hair it fit her! I only hope like how she moves in your house she giving you a few tips on how to comb hair.

    1. But why would Kamila move in with them and go on vacation with them? They say the little girls are best friends.

  7. Kamila run guh divorce jah cure cause u want marriage like these three. When u check it out your marriage was better than theirs cause they’re all pretenders.

  8. So wait dey, Kamila nuh dey wid Yohan Blake? Him nuh have nuff place can put har up inna one a dem? Or cause him a Christian him not gonna fornicate wid her or is he?
    Dem still dey?

    1. LOL the only way these two are together is if they are bearding for each other. Two a dem funny.

  9. I see the culture hasn’t changed much in JA with these wealthy man only want to marry these piss color girls. Big up the Prime Minister with your real African queen.

  10. I bet is vitiligo the man have. Also, it is said that when a person appears way more than his age that there might be an underlying health issue.

    1. Dats why him fi keep him crotches underneath to him n his wife if under dere dont look right. Vitiligo, jock itch, yeast, frownsy cratches strippings or even if is something major as long as its curable him must go deal wid cuz him have money

  11. met I hate when pple use thing that pple cant help cuss dem.. so I am trying to enlighten them Vitiligo is a long-term condition that causes pale, white patches to develop on the skin – in severe cases these cover the whole body. Vitiligo affects one in every hundred people and can strike anyone at any time, often leading to depression and isolation – especially amongst children. We need your help in finding a cure for this debilitating and distressing disease and to support the millions of vitili… – See more at:

    1. How u know say is that? You must be his wife to raas. I am sure most people know how Vitiligo looks, and he obviously did not tell the female what it was as I am sure he could have seen the distress in her face. Whatever he has he needs to keep between himself and his wife!

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