1. Another gal clown who feels a woman is forever free from scrutiny no matter what phuckry she does, says or believes in… You find frighten men like this all over in Jamaica. If a gal shyt in her hand and slap them in their face with it, they will say “Lowe di gyal, ah woman dat” I’m pretty sure he grew up in a single parent household headed by his mother, you will find men raised in that environment tend to have a warped perception on female behavior. Footah was 100% spot on with his statement, whether you like the man or not you can’t deny his accurate insight. The same “model” who Tommy Lee is defending would probably rate him as a germs and cross the street when seeing him.

  2. Foota Hype hates women. He is nobody to criticize Kaci or any other woman. Why is he policing her body? Foota Hype is a piece of shit.

  3. Interpreter for Tommy Lee: ( I was hired )

    ” The girls are models . They are expressing their beauty . We as Jamaican men do not appreciate the way that you are sinlgling them out, objectifying them and calling out their body parts. We know you are a popular dj Foota Hype, but we are calling you out and expect more from you .

    Even me , a star and an an uncle Demon who name” Tommy Lee,” we respect all the women and girls tthem. We love how they look pretty in their clothes.

    Foota your low life thirsty comments and disrespect, does not reflect the thoughts of all the men in Jamaica . ”

    Thank you .

    Tommy Lee press release statement
    Captions across the screen words at d bottom of all his interviews, coming soon !!!

  4. Mi cyah hawdly understand him more while cause him talk like him teeth dem wired shut.

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