So tell me how this home wrecker shari aka (prettiii_) run gone breed fi Germaine aka cry baby ! Like the whole a Florida know bout this bitch whole lifestyle she f**k man woman wat doesn’t she like I just wanna know what his baby mom got to say about this new edition to the family I hope them beat ar rass . She is so wack n try to be wah she not bitch always broke n in need of something but run gone breed like dat ago hold di man

14 thoughts on “CRYBABY, BABY ON THE WAY

  1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak oh Jesus! Di babymadda breedings neva hold him needa lmao…. boy di mate dem a give hunnu a waam time doe lol…. sumtimes mi wish mi coulda have dat mentality fi just tek di man knowning a next gal have him tuh cause mi naaa mek nuh gal win yea…. but not a bloodclaat!!!! fimi head nuh good an ano everyday latty deh yah sumdays a diff ppl wake up….. an mi naw lie dem seh it inna man nature fi cheat dont at least society seh suh dont…..well yuh see chu dem bible seh mi come from di man ribs… boy yuh waah bad mi a bloodclaat bad tuh…. yuh get bun till yuh weak out an dead lef mi an di man…. when mi dun f**k an suck yuh commit sueweeside… cause wah ooman fi undastand seh man weak tuh ooman dat hunnu fi know yea. Dem dish it but dem cyah tek it yea.

  2. Why her baby a bother unu so it’s coming not going and this innocent child did ntn to u hating ass bitches mind unu f**king business his girlfriend has to deal with this fact that there IS a new diction to the family secondly if he wasn’t really into Prettiii then there would have been a condom involved

    1. A wah ansa u bout diction, but cho…u come a defend smaddy weh a take smaddy man so bleh…whatever.

      1. OMG, “diction!” I’m not a troll but stumbled on this page. Wondering if this “diction” in the posts and most comments is the accepted type of English. Like, is this how you are taught in school or is it just acceptable? I’m not getting much of what you are all saying. So, is that the point?

  3. She suppose to breed she a nuh mule. At least she have n know who her baby daddy is . Sender y u mad thou u wanted her for yourself. She doing fine let her be. Yeah that way!!

  4. That baby mother act like bun couldn’t catch her lol not only but a baby now to rass but she and him did left after the little boy baby crybaby dis her up regular for a baby mother Don’t let ig fool you guys

  5. us woman blame every body under the sun but neva the lying cheating man who made the promise to uno..emancipate uno mind from those foolish way of thinking and know once u man nu get rape, he is just as responsible

  6. Who ever send this inn , dem need a man fi gu breed them too so dem can make sure dem a nuh mule … unnu sad bad sender … my fren a hurt up unnu dry head . Ole long time sadamite sender why yuh mad ? Wish i knew which crawsis this then again … a muss a sell f**k , man dun pon dem send this inn .. kmt go worry bout unnu own sad life weh a f**k ppl man too and taking care of him and his or her wife … ole nasty duppy bat dutty sender

  7. BIGG up dem baby is a fkd up thing fi know seh him ago deny the baby just cause ah him careless Babyman’s and har cousin dem.MEK IT BUN THEM ANO FI her fault alone is your SO CALLED husband/man fault

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