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There is a video circulating on social media that has a video of a child estimated to be around age five dancing , patting what appears to be her private parts while money is tucked in her clothes etc., for money.

The baby began dancing after three older females, and as she was about to finish she brought another child to dance with her. The CSOA says they are unable to determine the location in the video but are encouraging people who have information to make a report . The mother/mothers of the children will face child negligence charges when caught.



  1. These ppl moral compasses are clearly broken.I have a feeling that the mom is the b*tch that was puppy tailing with her…This CHILD now knows that raunchy sexy dance moves will get her paid…good job you disgraceful set of igglers.

  2. Kiss mi b**boraasc****t. Unu nuh see say is a man give har di first dolla. Den couple more big grown ole tuff man start run in wid dem money. Nooooooo. Good God please do sumting….. Pleaseeeeeeee. Unu nuh see when she first do a likkle piece an get di fuss dolla an walk weh is dem call har back. OMGGGGG. Tearsssss. Di big man dem run in wid di money ina rush. All smiles. Smh. Mi stomach turn.

  3. Terriann Mullings (the one with a little daughter and always inna cass cass with Melissa Bailey) got dragged to the filth (and rightfully so) on facebook for supporting this video as Jamaicans having fun and cussing out people who dont agree with it. Imma find the link and post it.

    1. Jamaican children dance yes but I’ve never seen one a dem pat dem front and collect money YET! Mek hawk nose terriann gwaan man

  4. This is so disturbing,all of them standing edging her on should all be held accountable! There’s no joke in this,look at how those guys are watching her like a “predator”,she will only be another victim.The parents need to go to prison,that’s signs of early prositution!Ah boy where is the old time days?Where is old Jamaica? All we can do is pray for the children.Chills are running through my body!(tears)

  5. Met me caan see d video but d dispritive is good enough, Me meself a go do some investigation cause da dutty mumma de a go jail as a lesson fi d rest a careless mumma dem, how dare u expose u baby like dat wha u a tell dese pedophile say its ok fi come fuq off u baby?? yo Met me gone cause me must find out a whe dis mek – dem too rass wikid

  6. Watching this is like watching one of thosr abusive vidoe of children. I couldn’t watch it to the end. My daughter is seven and it would break my heart to see her behaving like this.shegets mad at me because i don’t teach her “one drop” And the other dances, but i don’t care. I tell her jumping and shaking her legs like she has epilepsy keeps her safer (from pedophile and child molesters). That video is a prime example of BAD PARENTING

  7. I could not watch the whole of this video either. This child is a prime example of her environment and I blame her parents. Could you imagine the amount of things this child has seen.

  8. Dem must give de girl madda a public beating fe dis! Come Bigga Ford, see if a your area dis. Find dis likkle girl madda fast, and siddung pon har wid yu weight fe teach har a rass lesson man! Dem tings ya nuh look good! A wah mek da likkle girl ya a gwaan suh? Nex ting now (by de grace of God I hope not), some mentally – challenged pervert see har big – oomanish dancing, wid de patting of de front, and tell himself say she fit fe tek hood. Oh God man! Noooooooo!!!! Lord, mi a beg yu fe please protect these young children from their own parents!

  9. Cover my eyes . Very sad in a time when they are rapeing and killing children especially girls it starts at home yes in the home I wonder where her mom is terry Ann u need a bloodclatt boxx don’t u have a daughter??? Careless dutty mumma a. ️Hope dem fine yu nastiness den unno blame government me vexx bad man cho rasss

  10. No words..and look how many adult women, who I am sure are mothers cheering her on,and dah dutty man innah di shorts and no shirt..generation a vipers.. :sorry. This is that likkle girl’s future..wat a messed up life dis..

  11. This child should definitely be taken from her mother. Can u imagine a stripper in training? This is a bait for the pedophiles. CHILD ABUSE.

  12. My mom did the something to me and my sister and we turned out fine. I don’t know what this child’s future will be like because I’m not God. I hope she knows her book. Dancing is a career!

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