Two teenage boys are among five people who were yesterday injured when a gas cylinder exploded at a premises on Jacques Avenue in the Mountain View area of Kingston.

Reports from the Mountain View Police are that about 2:35 pm people were illegally filling compressed gas cylinders from a storage tank attached to the back of a motor truck. It is reported that during the extraction process, one of the cylinders caught fire and subsequently exploded.

The explosion resulted in five people being seriously injured and major damage to several properties. The injured were taken to the hospital by lawmen who responded to the incident. They have been admitted in hospital where they are being treated for third degree burns.

Three units from the Fire Department responded and cauterised the blaze preventing further injury or damage to property.

Video link

The damage to the properties is estimated at approximately $38 million.


  1. OMG that is so sad to know that via the video you see several men burned so bad and they are walking and I’m sure in shocked and you see a person spraying water on one of the guys and they seem to be young men and to hear that one of these young men succumbed to his injuries is very hard. My condolences to his family and friends.

    1. Them fi stop thief and put other people life and property in danger as they did in this situation and most of the proceeds that they make from crime a fi fund them criminal enterprises. Them better thank god no innocent lives where lost but what about the persons who lost their homes and possessions. kmt….see him a tell the man fi stop videoing when he asked how did this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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