1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Did he really tuk de mink key chain for a bag and put it through his pants loop?!?!?

    1. Tell me why my idiot man tell me seh him want some fi wear pon him pants too… Didn’t kno it was becoming a trend

  2. Further check may reveal robba sport bra and panty.. Wtf as story this sender or you wan’t the world know Jodi a f**k shit hood daffy

  3. Daffy a proudly display the one ballz him have cuz we know Robert took the next one fi herself.

  4. Story no Mek no sense but Mek we run in. No yesterday a dirty Kim bday her transition a come on tho she and Caitlyn Jenner InnA the same boat man turn woman. Her face still tuff she still ugly dat can’t fix. I despise dem well we deh ya a wait fi see dem belly nd baby a hope this baby will give Kim papers so trump no throw her out of America wooi Jodi ewwww nd for fish daffy don’t even Kno weh fi stop wid u unu disgusting bad unu just a Dutty up God good earth.

  5. A very Shelly rice greetings to all.Met I’ve got a Pressing concern so can yall say if my lovliest princess star Apple has recieved a written apology for those false rumours abt her being locked up??

    I don’t give a flyin fudge abt a man who think he is a ooman and a ooman who thinks she is a man,dem can stay.

  6. In a dose party weh day me think big war did ago bruk out with them and chrissy. Pure word dashing. But a when chrissy come in front me and her friend a tell her fi done and start say kim cant talk to her cause kim cant name 2 man she deal with but on the other hand the amount man kim tek and start rinse out kim man dem name me frighten. Andrew english, the big black married man, lee rich, shabba, ray 116, Dada,passion, one next bleach out face one weh act like him bad, jaspa, her besty daliah brother and the list goes on. Chrissy never hold back nothing. Some a them use to fraid fi come a the house cause them haffi step over jodi pon the floor. I was so shocked

    1. Kim nah no pusccy principles fi true. A nuh lie. A suh she grine di man dem…..a so Jodi clean har up wid har tongue. Yuck

  7. Dem have scammer money fi do body but dem Pitney and mother a suffer like dawg. Jodi nuh badd come defend it because me tired fi hear sey inna have mattress and no box spring and it spread right down a ground. And not to mention me tired hear bout the baby dirty bottle. Kim stay cooking, drive big car but nuh ramp fi collect stamps and government assistance for the likkle boy. Unno fi pack some barrel and send down cause the hype nuh fit Unno.

  8. Rass me not even did see jodi in the pic behind daffy. But didnt they say jodi was with the apple icon st one point now a daffy. Daffy love the scamma them.

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