1. Nice, just couldn’t figure out what character the woman in the blue catsuit with the grey cloth was portraying or perhaps this wasn’t a costume but her actual attire

  2. @anon 6:33pm
    i see tnx. i saw avatar but i’m not a sci-fi fan no wonder i couldn’t re-call that character.

  3. lol mi back. costume party mi rass….everyday is costume parrty for these fools. bout fashion lol ….holloween party is all year round with most of these duppies. lol..mi deading ….it in wi culture still from we did a run wild a africa via johnkuno …

  4. How unu miss out scammi in a r silver suit with white hair and rocky rock star in a something me cant figure out. Look pon hosimages pictures a over deh unu fi go look

  5. pleasant morning Met …omg Kenisha you just get hot so from you a tek the ppl dem man. Seriously Michelle you need fi retire now you look done out. Tracey like seriously stay home with Paul. him nah ketch wid you now since the bm put him out.

  6. Why kanisha caan do har hair. …ewww she aways look like she a nyam shit. ….har man caan send har a hair dresser. …n always that blue shit on ur lips looks nasty. .make the gyal continue do u make up. .cayse my god

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